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Package: leechcraft-core ( 0.5.90+dfsg-0+nmu1 )

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Core executable of LeechCraft

This package contains the main LeechCraft executable, which connects all the plugins with each other, routes requests between them, tracks dependencies and performs several other housekeeping tasks.

LeechCraft is a free modular "Internet client" application.

LeechCraft allows one to browse the web, read RSS/Atom feeds, download files via BitTorrent, HTTP, FTP and Direct Connect, automatically stream, download or play podcasts and other media files and much more.

Features can be easily added via plugins that can be integrated with each other with no effert while staying abstract from the exact implementation.

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  • dep: libboost-program-options1.49.0 (>=1.49.0-1)
    program options library for C++
  • dep: libc6 (>=2.4)
    Embedded GNU C Library: Shared libraries
  • dep: libgcc1 (>=1:4.1.1)
    GCC support library
  • dep: libleechcraft-util0.5.0 (>=0.5.90+dfsg)
    Common library for LeechCraft
  • dep: libleechcraft-xmlsettingsdialog0.3.0 (>=0.5.90+dfsg)
    Dynamic settings dialog builder for LeechCraft
  • dep: libqt4-network (>=4:4.5.3)
    Qt 4 network module
  • dep: libqt4-sql (>=4:4.5.3)
    Qt 4 SQL module
  • dep: libqtcore4 (>=4:4.8.0)
    Qt 4 core module
  • dep: libqtgui4 (>=4:4.8.0)
    Qt 4 GUI module
  • dep: libstdc++6 (>=4.6)
    GNU Standard C++ Library v3
  • dep: libqt4-sql-sqlite (>=4.6.0)
    Qt 4 SQLite 3 database driver
  • dep: libqt4-sql-psql (>=4.6.0)
    Qt 4 PostgreSQL database driver
  • dep: libqt4-svg (>=4.6.0)
    Qt 4 SVG module
  • dep: oxygen-icon-theme
    Oxygen icon theme
    or tango-icon-theme
    Tango icon theme
    or nuvola-icon-theme
    Nuvola icon theme
  • sug: leechcraft-advancednotifications
    Advanced Notifications framework for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-aggregator
    RSS/Atom feed reader for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-auscrie
    Screenshooter for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-azoth
    Modular IM client for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-bittorrent
    BitTorrent client for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-cstp
    HTTP client for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-dbusmanager
    D-Bus side of LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-deadlyrics
    Song lyrics finder for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-gacts
    Global Actions provider plugin for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-glance
    Provides a quick overview of tabs in LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-gmailnotifier
    Notifications about new mail in GMail for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-historyholder
    History keeper for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-hotstreams
    Radio streams provider module for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-kbswitch
    Keyboard plugin for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-kinotify
    Fancy notifications for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-knowhow
    Plugin for displaying tips of the day about LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-lackman
    Userspace Package Manager for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-lastfmscrobble scrobbler for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-lmp
    Music Player for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-monocle
    Document viewer for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-nacheku
    Clipboard/download dir watcher for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-netstoremanager
    Manages network data storages for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-networkmonitor
    Network monitor for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-newlife
    Settings importer for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-otlozhu
    (Getting Things Done style) TODO manager for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-pintab
    Tabs pinning for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-popishu
    Plain text editor for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-poshuku
    Web browser for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-secman
    Security Manager plugin for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-seekthru
    OpenSearch-support plugin for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-shellopen
    Support for opening files with external apps in LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-sidebar
    Sidebar with quick launch, tabs and tray areas in LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-summary
    Quick summary of what's going on in LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-tabsessmanager
    Tab Session Manager for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-tabslist
    Displays list of opened tabs, with navigation between them
  • sug: leechcraft-vgrabber plugin for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-vrooby
    removable storage devices manager for LeechCraft
  • sug: leechcraft-xproxy
    Advanced proxy manager for LeechCraft

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