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ChangeLog of package labplot-data in eoan of architecture i386
labplot (2.8.0+git7803-d0573f64a-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: d0573f64a0edc64b2167a9ce86f2064b8f781299
  * Date: 1605038347
  * git changelog:
  *  d0573f64a - GIT_SILENT Updated Changelog.
  *  e5a934870 - Fix full screen mode on macOS
  *  373fc93e1 - Fix full screen action
  *  0cfbf73a9 - [textlabel] Fix regression
  *  680dc4605 - Opimize drawing text label
  *  f7683f04a - GIT_SILENT Add icons for Windows store
  *  4840579c4 - Add option for reproducable builds
  *  7d170193a - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  30c06bad1 - Don't crash when doing drag&drop between different main
  *  d6f0b31b5 - Fix changing font of text label for newer Qt versions
  *  437a3e547 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  27bdb848f - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  7efdf6aa9 - Code style
  *  00fc63b46 - Fix datetime add/substract operations
  *  9193bd86c - Fix add/substract datetime values
  *  ce3b45b1f - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  8d78da661 - Typo
  *  61edd3e60 - [spreadsheet] when pasting values into the spreadsheet,
    convert to the proper column mode also if the whole target column
    was selected, i.e. clicked on the header.
  *  644d51fc7 - Use qint64 instead of quint64 in AddSubtractValueDialog
    when converting from the Unix epoch to milliseconds.
  *  3976d0c8f - Replace old syntax in all standard actions
  *  3e9519f00 - [spreadsheet] unified the handling of the column
    context menu generated in the view and and in the project explorer.
    This also fixes a regression where it was not possible anymore to
    add/subtract values in a datetime column.
  *  f119ace69 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  53aa1ced7 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  3082e81d1 - Improve standard actions and fix missing Preferences
    menu on macOS
  *  dd2af1987 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  ced921c05 - Minor improvement
  *  7b1bf1faf - Put double comparison into NSL
  *  5f1678bc8 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  8bfda6a8e - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  eee041498 - In the previous commit a signal was removed in
    ProjectExplorer::load() to avoid calling the update of windows
    visibility multiple times in MainWin. This caused a regression with
    the views not being shown after the project load. To address both
    problems - show views and avoid multiple update visibility calls - a
    new signal is introduced and the update of the visibility is done
    only once after the project was loaded.
  *  8a6de1100 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  77a95ebba - GIT_SILENT Minor changes
  *  791eb64b5 - When loading the project, handle the current aspect
    changed signal only once after the project was completely loaded and
    some minor refactoring in MainWin.
  *  039edb1b5 - Handle the change of the windows visibily settings.
  *  b1b228734 - When openning a project, set the project file name for
    all supported formats and not for the navive format only.
  *  fab541817 - [worksheet] avoid potential division by zero and one
    more index==-1 case.
  *  7c399a879 - Remove sub-window shadow remnants when closing the
  *  95cd6ca15 - More handling of the index == -1 cases in the
    comboboxes in Axis and Worksheet dock widgets.
  *  57dc9d83b - GIT_SILENT improve build scripts
  *  e30684b88 - Fix build on FreeBSD
  *  ebcbf6124 - [AbstractCoordinateSystem] Replace legacy round()
  *  f549042fe - [spreadsheet] when loading columns, don't call the
    setters for the numeric formats and digits if the saved values are
    equal to the default values of Column. This removes some overhead
    during the project load.
  *  4879c2d10 - In the event filter in ProjectExplorer only react on
    mouse events in the tree view to avoid wrong casts. The issue is
    reported by UBSAN.
  *  c745baf3e - When populating a comboboxe with pen and brush styles
    via GuiTools, the items in the combobox get deleted first and the
    current index is -1. Don't react on -1 in the corresponding slots
    otherwise we convert -1 to Qt::PenStyle or Qt::BrushStyle which is
    wrong. This issue is reported by UBSAN.
  *  1e831a259 - Updated the version in the splash screen and in the
    Changelog file to 2.8.1.
  *  d502b1aa6 - [worksheet] user the icon for xy-curve also for
    convolution and correlation curves since we don't have any dedicated
    icons for them yet and some minor layout improvements in the
    convolution dock widget.
  *  93449579a - [mqtt] properly set the status of the widgets
    (enabled/disabled) in the last will message widget.
  *  5d2261a8c - Use qPrintable()
  *  264db0764 - Fix crash importing JSON (regression)

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 13 Nov 2020 01:15:40 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7754-75cbee6f1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 75cbee6f1ad40a9a9ec08498b9b59ca3eded23b9
  * Date: 1602830169
  * git changelog:
  *  75cbee6f1 - [ascii import] save the timestamp option only if it's
    visible, i.e. live source is used. Use the default setting in the
    ascii filter (false) otherwise for non-live source.
  *  5cc7f3222 - Properly propagate the "create timestamp column" option
    to the filters used in the MQTT topics and some minor cleanup in
    ImportFileWidget to avoid unneeded casting between int and enum
  *  593bda498 - Fix build without MQTT and indentation
  *  fd6973da6 - [mqtt] when switching from mqtt to another source type
    in the import dialog,  make sure we disconnect from the current
    broker, if connected, in order not to get any notification anymore.
  *  5921520f2 - [mqtt] reduced the number of dynamic casts in
  *  7b3084655 - Change the project author in an undo/redo-able wave and
    also set the project to "Changed" if the author is modified.
  *  962a14448 - Minor improvement
  *  340ff7a0a - [mqtt] explicitely disconned the subscriptions to be
    unsubsribed from in order not to recieve updates for them anymore
    and some further code cleanup.
  *  5075a5ff5 - New signal-slot syntax in the analysis curve dock
  *  5b6d3c43e - GIT_SILENT Changelog
  *  e94992321 - Fix size of dock widgets when changing between docks
  *  755bf52b8 - [mqtt] more cleanup in the mqtt code.
  *  b6d162e54 - [mqtt] moved some pure MQTT relevant code out of the
    ascii filter.
  *  53997d94c - [live data] properly handle the timestamp column for
    live file data sources.
  *  bd91f8085 - [live data] properly show the pause reading status in
    the LiveDataDock when switching between different live data sources
    and some minor UI improvements in the dock widget.
  *  15cd0810a - [tests] Make tests run faster
  *  2c0edbabc - [worksheet] allow to copy the plot cursor cordinates.
  *  662d88483 - Fix focus in save template
  *  76433fb2f - [live data] set the aspect comment pointing to the file
    name for file and local socket data sources only, no need to do this
    for other sources like MQTT, etc.
  *  20dcb8d1d - [live data] don't crash when removing MQTT
    subscribtions in the project explorer, properly pause the reading
    from the broker prior to removing from the project.
  *  401595131 - Minor code fixes
  *  0e70770a1 - [live import] in case a wrong host for the MQTT broker
    was specified, the error QMqttClient::TransportInvalid occurs.
    Better handling and error message in ImportFileWidget for this case.
  *  de121f034 - Ignore hint for trailing return types
  *  632c50354 - Fix more issues found by clang-tidy
  *  bc350886f - More code style improvements
  *  a5ed05a79 - [build] clazy script update
  *  2ba5b69dd - Code style improvements
  *  23c78ece6 - [import] use message widget instead of the message box
    also for the MQTT error messages and minor layout improvements in
  *  791feb000 - GIT_SILENT Changelog
  *  80cae9af0 - [live data] properly reset the arrays for the column
    names and modes when doing the preview of the data coming from a
    live device.
  *  8cc136a91 - [axis] Fix color of tick label in HTML mode
  *  6cf0d56ec - Fix drawing lines between datatime data points
  *  f8c069674 - [live import] don't show "use header to name vectors"
    option when reading from non-file sources.
  *  6fb435439 - Updated ChangeLog.
  *  1e236ec16 - [ascii import] more code reuse and unification in
  *  ba32a167a - Fix compiler warnings
  *  d4b9b5b63 - [ascii import] further unification in the Ascii filter:
    use a common function to set the values in the data container when
    reading from files, live devices and from MQTT topics.
  *  9f9a68074 - [ascii import] unified the parsing of column values for
    the preview of files, devices and MQTT messages.
  *  94109d486 - [parser] Finish extending function list with argument

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 16 Oct 2020 14:05:23 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7715-d949e182a-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: d949e182ad9fa750816ace9b2ea4d2e6080b7630
  * Date: 1601673344
  * git changelog:
  *  d949e182a - Use new function argument functions
  *  f3542c932 - Helper functions to expose function argument string
  *  eee509398 - Minor edit
  *  fdd6551f8 - [parser] Extend function list with argument count (to
    be continued)
  *  884dbe91f - [parser] Fix crash in parser when used locale is not
  *  57e1522a2 - Fix compiler warnings on non-MSVC systems
  *  356d9eec1 - [worksheet] fixed the positioning of the filling
    rectangular for axis labels if a background color was selected. This
    finalizes the fix for Bug 426440. Background and font colors still
    need to be fixes for axis labels where html is used (powers of 10,
  *  fb9373e36 - [parser] Disable locale test on FreeBSD (to be fixed)
  *  d35d6a892 - [parser] Enable debugging on FreeBSD for failing test
  *  ae2004d47 - Fix Windows build
  *  374db360a - Try fixing Windows build
  *  8e18da21b - [parser] Add test for parser
  *  10fbd6109 - [parser] Extend operators and default return on error
  *  420550ef6 - Header cleanup
  *  a741c1a68 - Bump version to 2.8.1
  *  4a7d5f847 - Minor cleanup
  *  96450d93e - [parser] Fix locale on Windows
  *  1e4e1ef55 - Enable using locale in parser to detect numbers
  *  9e8788161 - [parser] Prepare supporting locale
  *  755ed516e - GIT_SILENT Changelog
  *  0e8fb2535 - [parser] Disable debugging again
  *  b1f2e7531 - [parser] Add remove_symbol() and proper remove
    variables in ExpressionParser::isValid()
  *  7476d6235 - [parser] Fix parser function usage and disable
  *  7a402c3b9 - [parser] Code cleanup
  *  497f7165c - [nsl] Remaining missing castings
  *  09043806e - [nsl] Another missing casting
  *  d3bf3583f - [nsl] Add missing casting
  *  28dc15c90 - [parser] Fix bug in assign_variable and minor edits
  *  fcd01cdd9 - Minor edit
  *  5f73d5557 - [parser] Better debugging and minor improvements
  *  5cc05cf21 - Allow to change the background color for axis labels.
    Initial commit, the positioning of the fill rectangular with the
    backround color to be be fixed still.
  *  7fc691505 - Don't try to update spreadshets on spreadsheet settings
    changes if there is no project yet available.
  *  9db976f25 - Refactor ExpressionParser
  *  0caa1f9cf - [json] fixed the preview for json files and more usage
    of macros in JsonFilter::load().
  *  583bd43b6 - [import] adjested the failing ascii and json tests to
    the new logic for the auto-detection of datetime formats.
  *  a8199ee57 - Use default =operator in Range
  *  b4f44e1a1 - Add stepSize() to Range
  *  f8762d8fe - Minor editing
  *  cbf4bd2bb - Fix build
  *  0a1cb21da - Clean up and improve documentation in
  *  59534171c - Fixing the build.
  *  d01998bf6 - [live data] improved the error handling for MQTT data
  *  2e3f0889d - [live data] show the error messages in KMessageBox also
    for file/pipe sources.
  *  68785dc8e - Fix minor typo
  *  611c92dc2 - [live data] show the problems with connecting to the
    network socket in a message widget in the import dialog so the
    problem is directly clear and visible to the user.
  *  627616e8a - [live data] unified the naming convention for columns
    created for MQTT and network sockets, as well as the indexing in the
    index column.
  *  aec712ca2 - [spreadsheet] better auto-detection of datetime format
    for values pasted in the spreadsheet.
  *  bb0164d16 - Default ReadStat support disabled until needed
  *  0790ec77e - [live data] allow to add the timestamp column for all
    live sources, not only for MQTT.
  *  13d87ea0f - [3rdparty] Fix compilation for paths with spaces
  *  d281221bc - [cmake] Try fixing install path with spaces
  *  a3370d11f - [3rdparty] Build ReadStat if not available
  *  d938b9b47 - [cmake] Find ReadStat library
  *  30c1fc231 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  db6760584 - [cantor] 20.08 will not get the new interface
  *  4255438c9 - [cantor] 20.08.1 still uses old code & minor formating
  *  2ede3988a - Removed the Socrate data set collection. The URLs don't
    work anymore and the page is going offline soon.
  *  d8f896357 - Updated SLOC statistics for 2.8 and added new file

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 03 Oct 2020 01:23:01 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7657-7e27a6d4e-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 7e27a6d4e5e96bdc610b97e3753162ff816065f3
  * Date: 1599678357
  * git changelog:
  *  7e27a6d4e - [macOS] Fix selction of toolbar items
  *  cb55b075e - [import] use QFINDTESTDATA in all import tests.
  *  87b292a2b - [import] use QFINDDATA in json tests to find the test
  *  a5618b6f8 - [cantor] set the current path in the CAS-session to the
    path of the project file.
  *  f040e29b1 - Added some debug output to JsonFilterTest to understand
    the current test failures on CI.
  *  235ebeeab - Save and restore the status of the visible columns in
    the project explorer.
  *  2ef7c2c5d - [cantor] Show version in cmake
  *  ad2d74e7b - [cantor] Fix problem with version 20.08
  *  25d74faf3 - [fit] Save user specified eval range
  *  d7355422b - Fix using KCONFIGWIDGETS_VERSION
  *  995dd5377 - When notifying the user about wron file name entered in
    the text field (background picture for the worksheet background,
    etc.), we changed the background color of the LineEdit to red. This
    doesn't look nicely on windows and on mac. With this commit only the
    font color is set to red.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 12 Sep 2020 23:11:49 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7646-23ad5e48f-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 23ad5e48f3b91c2738f01407f674ed7bc8a6ac1c
  * Date: 1598270924
  * git changelog:
  *  23ad5e48f - [worksheet] added a safety check in
    AxisPrivate::upperLabelsPrecision() for the case when no tick labels
    are available. This avoids crashes with some project files during
    the project load. The reason for absent tick labels at this stage
    still to be understood.
  *  0365171e0 - [import] in the options widgets for the import from
    ASCII files and from SQL databases allow to save custom datetime
    formats specified by the user. Reported in BUG 425337.
  *  b2a685ec9 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  2df9703d2 - Save and show the last used SQL query for every
    connection in the database import dialow.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 28 Aug 2020 08:28:28 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7642-790960a8f-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 790960a8f9b336fad62a6e649e29a2c2d8a667b1
  * Date: 1597131691
  * git changelog:
  *  790960a8f - Removed the "show memory usage" from the settings
  *  d00c904ba - [worksheet] if we have double values for axis tick
    labels, we don't want to show them as integers, keep at least one
    float digit.
  *  947380736 - Moved the option to show or hide the memory usage from
    the application settings to the main menu "View".
  *  67978e765 - Save and restore the position of the dock widgets
    (project and properties explorers).
  *  d43360756 - Fix attribute name
  *  fcf1787c2 - [worksheet] improved the calculation of the plot ranges
    with auto-scale option active: 1. don't take the size of the error
    bar caps into account, the current algorithm is not complete and
    it's ok if we ignore the caps and plot them on top of the axes. 2.
    when calculating mi and max values of a curve, ignore the values in
    the error columns if the error type is NoError.
  *  85e083a2d - Removed the actions to toggle the properties and
    project explorers from the rc-file. This is done now manually in the
  *  c0a19b8be - [worksheet] properly handle asymmetric error bars for y-
  *  9c9d9b8c2 - Moved the actions to show/hide project and properties
    explorers to the main menu "View" and added also an action to
    show/hide the status bar.
  *  68b444118 - [import] minor improvements in the ImportFileWidget: 1.
    showing the content of the file can be expensive, show the wait
    cursor here. 2. clear the privous content of the model in
    JsonOptionsWidget when a new JSON file is loaded.
  *  f6819f91f - [json import] further fixes and optimizations: 1.
    create QJsonModel in JsonFilter when executing the tests since no
    model is available in this case. 2. use the already available full
    JSON document in the prepare step when the root element is selected,
    no need to re-create it again.
  *  95072f26d - minor fixes
  *  1df3dc04b - [json import] create the QJsonModel only once and use
    it in JsonFilter and in JsonOptionWidget to reduce the memory
  *  1661b51ff - [worksheet] don't draw the caps of the error bars when
    the length of the error bars itself is zero.
  *  dfa907867 - [worksheet] allow to choose a column in a workbook
    spreadsheet as a custom column for the position of axis ticks.
  *  677ef400d - [worksheet] fix the mouss press event in Axis. This
    fixes the regression with axis being not selectable via mouse click.
  *  670f5e959 - [fit] Check if chi is zero instead of chi^2 to avoid
    precision problems
  *  e37cefcd9 - [fit] Improve cases when chi^2 gets zero
  *  8ec710c68 - [axis] fix crash fitting data with zero y range
  *  790f9f06b - [fit] Improve Debugging and fix showing data x range
  *  c8683edd5 - [locale] Show actually used language in about dialog
    when changed in 'switch application language'
  *  6b6fb4a6a - [json import] further optimizations in QJsonModel.
  *  ca1780ec3 - [json import] performance optimizations in QJsonModel.
  *  178a44fad - [json import] use only comma and point characters
    instead of different languages for the decimal separator and added
    the missing changes from the previous commit that broke the build.
  *  52e42917c - [json import] avoid copying internal JSON structures
    where reading data or generating the preview. Much faster import.
  *  b1f0789a1 - [json import] take the number of lines for the preview
    specified by the user also for JSON files.
  *  cbd71a551 - [fit] Calculate and show correlation matrix
  *  65c9a8844 - [macOS] install datasets
  *  e07716b73 - Fix compilation with older Cantor installed
  *  59c78fa6e - No need to check for Cantor presence in
    CantorWorksheet.cpp. This is already done in CMakeListst.txt.
  *  ee32369c0 - Cleanup
  *  63ce7336c - Make Qt5SerialPort optional
  *  7b7d1f98c - Fix missing cantor message and missing QFile include
  *  33f454618 - [cantor] Set minimum version to 19.12
  *  58e973189 - [cas] properly set the python backend name when
    openning Cantor projects (native or Jupyter).
  *  f302ab617 - [worksheet] don't crash when a zero size for the image
    element was provided.
  *  3f6231251 - [cas] react on requests to show the panel for the
    integrated help in Cantor.
  *  54a190aad - Added missing signal-slot connection for changing the
    visibility in the analysis curves dock widgets.
  *  9544ffd5a - [locale] Only set automatic when default
  *  8ca10f860 - [cantor] header fixes
  *  506cbc4f5 - [cas] new signal-slot syntax in CantorWorksheetDock.
  *  da5f20635 - Added missing changes in CantorWorksheet.cpp.
  *  9a7207370 - [cas] adopted to the recent changes in Cantor where the
    panel plugin handler is not part of the KPart-component and needs to
    be created separately.
  *  e0ad3ee3c - [xycurve] Improve debugging
  *  103d81e87 - Fix typo
  *  6ec3fe8f6 - Avoid compiler warnings using newer Qt
  *  c5014a924 - Fix a few Qt 5.15 deprecation warnings
  *  dfb5bc832 - Allow to change the visibility of worksheet elements
    with the blank key.
  *  09f7ba9cd - [locale] simplify setting locale on filter
  *  29243f35f - Moved the common locale specific code in the filter
    classes to the base class.
  *  50141c1b7 - [spreadsheet] update the locale on locale setting
  *  3ace91b64 - Locale updates in Datapicker widgets.
  *  5e22cb8bd - [worksheet] further improvements in the handling of
    locale setting changes: 1. initialize the locale in the constructors
    of dock widgets and update it later on setting changes. No need to
    set the locale every time the the selection in the project explorer
    is happening - settings are changed less frequently than the
    selection in the project explorer.
  *  659eb2a8c - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  e91fd94b6 - [locale] fix generate equidistant values
  *  4dafee795 - [worksheet] drag the plot axis to change the visible
    data region.
  *  37eede8ec - [debug] clean up
  *  b20872ffa - [locale] more fixes in spreadsheet
  *  50059f9ee - Avoid plot range changes when making the plot invisible
    and visible again.
  *  5f168a585 - Avoid the selection change in the project explorer when
    making plots invisible.
  *  6a51387c8 - Properly update the locale in QLineEdit widgets in Plot
    and Axis properties widgets.
  *  3ace9550f - [locale] start using number locale in spreadsheet
  *  4d8b5e24d - [locale] avoid missing group separator of C locale and
    problems related
  *  1962d6727 - [settings] don't crash changing settings without a
  *  35061007b - Capital letters in the spreadsheet settings page and
    better TAB-ordering in the histogram properties widget.
  *  cb91006d6 - [worksheet] allow to zoom along the axis with the mouse
    wheel if the axis is under the mouse, no need to select it anymore.
  *  876a35001 - Automatically update locale dependent widgets in Axis,
    Curve and Label properties widgets on settings changes.
  *  50827d7b3 - Don't crash when copying the fit results.
  *  51b6b612f - Automatically update locale dependent widgets in
    Worksheet and Plot properties widgets on settings changes. Needs to
    be done similarly for all other properties widgets.
  *  65d9e0e04 - Update the spreadsheets on header settings changes
    directly without restarting the application.
  *  0ffcaa2c3 - fixuifiles
  *  3d752fb8e - Only save the settings in the different pages of the
    settings dialog if there were any changes done there.
  *  a98bdcae0 - Settings page for Spreadsheet to allow the user to
    modify the appearance of the spreadsheet header (show column type
    and plot designation or not).
  *  977489b91 - Removed the additional if-statement in
    SettingsGeneralPage::decimalSeparatorLocale() since this case is
    also handled later in the switch-case statement. This caused the
    selection "Comma" being not saved properly.
  *  802cbb532 - [locale] show arabic decimal separator
  *  2bb5ea08c - [locale] Improve number locale settings and usage
  *  b65f506aa - [locale] show current number locale in about dialog
  *  dc16327eb - [locale] Add automatic option for number locale
  *  6bd96bf50 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  7e2b89adf - [mac os] updated kdmactouchbar to a newer version to
    make the code compile with Qt 5.15.
  *  ee9c34666 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  a495f557c - [locale] Number locale in random values dialog
  *  fafa93f61 - [locale] Use number locale in most dialogs
  *  260ce708c - Switched from QMap to std::unordered_map in the
    calculation of the column statistics.
  *  40b12032a - Don't block the UI when showing the statics for big
    columns in the Statistics Dialog.
  *  a38645dac - [locale] Use number locale in double spin boxes of all
  *  5384d04fa - [locale] use number locale in more double spin boxes
  *  bf2efb37c - [locale] Use locale in spin boxes of cartesian plot box
  *  4098be089 - [locale] Use general decimal separator for axis tick
  *  0b8318301 - [locale] Number locale fixes
  *  1d3e2d428 - [locale] use number locale from settings
  *  c2ec5abdc - [locale] use number locale in axis dock
  *  4c541beb2 - [settings] Add decimal separator selection
  *  9da04c544 - Changed the order of "Export" and "Import" actions in
    the project toolbar to be more consistent with the order in the main
    menu and also with the order for "Open" and "Save" actions.
  *  a46f3fb96 - [about] Extend locale info
  *  bbcbf98ce - [sql import] fixed showing the data type in the preview
  *  49a001aac - [spreadsheet] instead of asking the user to provide the
    locale in the export dialog, ask explicitly for the decimal
    separator (point or comma).
  *  14fc2f1b8 - [spreadsheet] properly determin the last row to export
    if we export a spreadsheet with integer column(s).
  *  a2a6e9714 - [sql import] instead of asking the user to provide the
    locale, ask  explicitly for the decimal separator (point or comma).
  *  bf4e9fbc8 - [ascii import] instead of asking the user to provide
    the locale, ask explictely for the decimal separator (point or
  *  708a25d07 - [locale] matrix, etc. and analysis docks
  *  ef98d4d91 - Improved the wording for newly created objects in the
    plot data dialog.
  *  e0e46e862 - [locale] axis and histogram dock
  *  f9866b4e9 - [locale] fit dock and plot dock fixes
  *  928e7506c - [locale] Fix in fit parameter widget
  *  45309a1f4 - typo
  *  c6c8bc1c4 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  81f8b5fca - Fix locale of line edits in fit options widget and
    related improvements
  *  0b274be2f - [backend] Improve Range class
  *  4de64b345 - [plot] Fix using system locale in range line edits
  *  0617ab9e3 - [about] show system locale
  *  3f01893f8 - Better calculation of the fixed side of ThemesWidget.
  *  105908783 - [test] help MSVC to deduce correct type
  *  39b896c5e - CID 202495
  *  4f2ff300e - Range.h
  *  4c0119f2b - Add Range class and use in fit
  *  7151383b6 - [coverity] CID: 211328, 211326, 21330.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 15 Aug 2020 22:41:39 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7525-d0b0eaa46-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: d0b0eaa466e21a26167e40ff8641955ab281b657
  * Date: 1593759478
  * git changelog:
  *  d0b0eaa46 - [worksheet] implemented a better logic to handle the
    selection and deselection of items in the worksheet view when
    objects are set to visible or unvisible in the properties widget.
  *  6e74ec553 - [fit] handle zero eval range
  *  fd33b51ff - [fit] avoid error message when progress in below
    machine precision (perfect parameter fit)
  *  902e55b26 - [fit] avoid error when fitting with all parameter fixed
  *  a29d0e76e - [fit] Fix naming in result display
  *  8427b89af - Add build timestamp in about dialog
  *  28b16ef3d - [worksheet] fixed the loading of the default colors for
    the text label.
  *  866ff0c7b - [tests] fix NSL tests for percentile smoothing
  *  e7fa6088a - [tests] Add percentile smooth test
  *  eaf1bd51f - [Smooth] switch to method 7 as default to be consistent
    with median smoothing
  *  ee99aec3b - [worksheet] when changing the visibility of the axis,
    also change it for the grid item.
  *  20f534417 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  1264d1d7c - [worksheet] always draw the plot legend on top of other
    plot objects.
  *  a0e9a69e2 - doc: remove CLI chapter from user documentation
  *  dfdb60b76 - doc: remove download/build instructions
  *  2b12b7900 - When creating a new worksheet with many plots in the
    plot data dialog it can happen the place available for the data in
    the plot is small and the result created here doesn't look nice. To
    avoid this and as a quick a dirty workaround, we increase the size
    of the worksheet so the plots have a certain minimal size.
  *  d23ea2945 - [worksheet] save the layout type as part of the
  *  4402d2e0d - [worksheet] properly reset the container for the
    visible curve points when doing retransform.
  *  bd533e95b - In the preview widget for themes in the settings dialog
    allow to show multiple theme icons in a row to better use the
    available space. Limit to one column in the preview for the theme
    widgets shown in context menus only.
  *  8f99e4b70 - Properly reset to the default worksheet theme in the
    settings dialog.
  *  871aa1034 - Properly load the last opened project if this option is
  *  5e2d23474 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  c1d9fa350 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  68630e3b5 - Improved the determination of the unique name for
    aspects. This should also fix the failing tests.
  *  6859a72c4 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  6428f85f3 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  5cb99b0b6 - [fit] fix regression loading fit results
  *  528ae4627 - [cmake] remove duplicate line
  *  f9923ccd0 - Add system info to about dialog
  *  cc7842ab7 - Add "Changed" to  the title bar already after the very
    first change.
  *  3360ba161 - Introduce an option to determine what should be shown
    in the title bar - file path, file name or project name.
    Furthermore, fixed the regression with the window mode being not
    applied after the settings were changed.
  *  9e557c33b - [xycurve] code cleanup
  *  f0ce69177 - When determining the unique name for the newly added
    aspect, ignore the digit characters in the names of other children
    names that are part of the original name. Look for the combination
    of space+digit that is added to the names to ensure the uniquness.
  *  b1d9ea19e - Properly reset to the default values in the settings
  *  36a3606cc - [worksheet] added missing double validators in the text
    fields for plot ranges in the plot properties widget.
  *  4687f849d - [xycurve] further code improvements
  *  5b5e65994 - [xycurve] fix previous commit
  *  56b38cb5b - [fit] show warning/errors only after recalculate was
  *  68f522ffc - [xycurve] Improve plotting for many data points
  *  60073a536 - [xycurve] more code improvements
  *  b7ee403dd - [xycurve] code improvements
  *  370c15d65 - [fit] close the message widget showing the message from
    the previous fit if the current fit was successful.
  *  20cef2e85 - [fit] show fit warnings and errors more prominently in
    a message widget.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 03 Jul 2020 10:43:27 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7481-1a47853a6-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 1a47853a678dadd68f8f634c2fcb2e1c23562e2e
  * Date: 1592657844
  * git changelog:
  *  1a47853a6 - [histrogram] improved the handling in the histogram
    properties widget for text field where numeric values are entered.
  *  3b782adb6 - [cartesian] simplify code
  *  438b50a42 - Improve using basic math functions
  *  874938891 - Improved the handling of the focus in the project
  *  56a05bf58 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  65b74da26 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  507b1614a - [xycurve] code style
  *  b6502d30c - [histogram] fixed setting the auto bin range option and
    the update of the bin ranges in the properties widget.
  *  259eb5ca8 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  2e4b2a41d - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  ec044d25b - [histogram] fixed the positioning of the drop lines
    also for the horizontal orientation.
  *  5fa71f84d - [histogram] fixed the positioning of the drop lines.
  *  5305e0d1d - [spreadsheet test] improve code style
  *  2ab788c3d - [fit] CI is the same for all parameter
  *  865e2f764 - [spreadsheet] deactivated the shortcut INS for the
    action "insert row below" since it's colliding with the logic in the
    event filter to handle the addition of new columns.
  *  687bc8829 - [xycurve] minor improvements in plotting
  *  e87621eb0 - [histogram] react on mouse press and hover events only
    if the actual shape of the histogram is intersected and not its
    bounding rectangular.
  *  08695d8c5 - [spreadsheet] resize the newly added columns to fit the
  *  5ba663ffe - [spreadsheet] resize header sections to fit the content
    if column names or plot designation was changed.
  *  57200bb33 - [worksheet] improved the wording for some actions in
    the worksheet and plot toolbars to save space in case the text is
    shown alongside the icons.
  *  71a26f74c - [histogram] improved the algorithms for the calculation
    of the filling polygon for zoomed histograms. This should fix all
    glitches with the polygon not being calculated/closed correctly when
    the user zooms or moves the histogram.
  *  3450562e1 - [xycurve] code style and avoid rounding problems
  *  ecc31cb0c - [fit] more digits for confidence interval
  *  ad9925fc8 - [spreadsheet] deactivated "fill selection with" actions
    in the context menu - this feature is not complete and doesn't fit
    to our current column-based workflows.
  *  b59bdeb4a - [spreadsheet] faster clearing of the cell content if
    the whole column is selected - clear the column directly instead of
    iterating over the row values.
  *  830474556 - [spreadsheet] minor improvements and debugging
  *  afbb10a7b - [coverity] CID 202495.
  *  7244fbeb6 - [coverity] CID 185453.
  *  6bf6c66a1 - Added missing null-pointer member initializations.
  *  244ea3ce0 - Re-set the focus in the project explorer after an
    object was selected there (focus is set to the properties widget
    after this) so we can react of key events.
  *  0b0ebfc6f - [histogram] don't crash if the min value of the bin
    range is bigger or equal to the max value.
  *  18ef3df12 - [spreadsheet] allow to add a new column by pressing INS
    key if a column is currently selected in the spreadsheet.
  *  07d2d2c53 - [fit] fix model selection for context fitting
  *  3b6c4e8d0 - [fit] use double value for confidence interval
  *  626c3d965 - More deprecated warnings fixed
  *  c590e659e - QFlags::Zero is deprecated in Qt 5.15.0, use default
  *  c6340685e - [spreadsheet] deactivate the "Clear masks" action for
    the spreadsheet if there are no masked cells in the spreadsheet.
  *  659192327 - Don't show any scrollbars in the plot data dialog if
    one single column was selected for the histogram.
  *  d073c3ed5 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  47473da88 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  c5040a4e1 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  43a960873 - [spreadsheet] when using "go to cell" use one single
    dialog to provide the coordinates instead of two input dialogs.
  *  774145d68 - [spreadsheet] minor wording improvements for the
    actions in the spreadsheet context menu.
  *  712a8f819 - [spreadsheet] fixed the log10 power transformation.
  *  477aff269 - [spreadsheet] INSERT key shortcut to add a new row
    below the current row.
  *  474ea2d98 - [fit test] Fix F value accuracy
  *  92a54da3a - [fit] Correct F test and fit tests
  *  c065ae7e4 - [fit] Fix F test
  *  12c4a945b - GIT_SILENT typo
  *  84dcfb827 - Update all available template handlers in all
    properties widgets when changing the tool button style (icon only,
    text only, etc.).
  *  52f2d02a9 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  a2afe5186 - [spreadsheet] don't crash if columns of different
    column modes were selected and the mode is changed. Don't allow such
    changes at all if columns of different modes are selected.
  *  ef58d455a - static casts in connect can be replaced with QOverload
  *  2c7a440f9 - [fit] Add configurable confidence interval
  *  851ab78d1 - Implemented context menu in the tempate handle to
    change the position of the text on the tool buttons (icon only, text
    only, etc.).
  *  3b547749b - [fit] split confidence interval in result table
  *  e83141a19 - [fit] CTRL+C copies only the last cell in the selection
    in the result tables. We want to copy the whole selection. Install
    event filters to handle CTRL+C key events properly.
  *  6c7f5af9b - [fit] when copying the results to the clipboard, copy
    the header of the parameters table if we copy everything in this

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 20 Jun 2020 17:55:29 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7422-54febcd61-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 54febcd61d34754bf5f13a6f67540315a4457731
  * Date: 1591391435
  * git changelog:
  *  54febcd61 - [fit] fixed copying of the fit results to the
  *  5bce29d58 - [spreadsheet] deactivated "normalize selection"
    functionality. It's not complete and not useful.
  *  d2c5de528 - Properly handle the derived XYAnalysisCurve classes in
  *  bd3e89ff2 - [MQTT] minor fixes
  *  acf8dec6a - Avoid warning in release build
  *  c8d67282d - XYCurve enum part 2
  *  42b7d0de1 - Properly invalidate and calculate the column statistics
    if masking was changed.
  *  4444186b6 - XYCurve enum
  *  59feaebe5 - [analysis] in the comboboxes for curve data sources
    allow to select analysis curves as data sources for analysis curves
    (e.g. to do a smooth of a smooth, etc.).
  *  add5dfcfe - More enum changes
  *  2a809f18a - CartesianPlot enum
  *  8564b049b - [fit] improve loading from project
  *  7b87cf22a - PlotDataDialog::PlotType
  *  f2281a98d - Fix usage of Orientation enum
  *  35ccdaa32 - Axis enums
  *  423c6edbf - Axis enum class
  *  c749a63f7 - Use Qt::Orientation
  *  cd148ff1a - Fix previous commit
  *  e011e6d48 - Fix compiling
  *  387c4632e - [spreasheet] simplified the logic in ColumnDock for the
    handling of format widgets for different column modes. The code is
    more closer now to a similar logic in XYCurveDock or value labels
    format. This change also allows to change the datetime format in the
    combo box directly by modifying the text and wihout hitting RETURN.
  *  d126301ca - Add missing member
  *  ac2de9f12 - Avoid infinite resize event FitParametersWidget.
  *  f13e5ec4e - [spreadsheet] avoid unwanted changes in Column during
    the initialization in ColumnDock.
  *  2e55d7c82 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  0ece9ed83 - WorksheetView and DatapickerImage View enum class
  *  d5e9b4ab2 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  0fe338755 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  da061daa9 - [fit dock] Minor ui changes
  *  2dec19032 - [fit] use two columns only for the goodness of the fit
    to save place in the properties widget.
  *  55d722032 - [worksheet] new signal-slot syntax in
  *  0e3d593b4 - Fixed the broken layout in CartesianPlotDock that make
    the properties explorer expanding to big sizes.
  *  7a36e74ea - [fit] similar to the previous commit, also fix the
    minimum size of the table in FitsParameterWidget.
  *  f461683f5 - [fit] in the fit parameters widget show the vertrical
    scrollbar if we have more than 5 rows and limit the max size to 5
  *  73e13ecd6 - [fit] propertly calculate the size of the table widget
    FitParametersWidget on size changes.
  *  705dd0921 - [worksheet] fixed the reset to the default theme for
    axis line properties.
  *  66708dde1 - [worksheet] fixes in CartesianPlotLegend: 1. fixed the
    save/load of border corner radius property 2. fixed the reset to the
    default theme 3. more usage of macros in load() from xml.
  *  8b968210d - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  e3d6d29d8 - WorksheetView enum class
  *  bc74d004c - Use Qt enum
  *  056d7d258 - Several enum class changes
  *  591da9cb1 - In the fit parametes widget set the size of the table
    to the minimum possible.
  *  dc9d1a03d - In the properties explorer hide widgets for line
    properties that are not relevant for analysis curves.
  *  f1e8a0f48 - use QRandomGenerator in Qt >= 5.10
  *  42afb20ae - [spreadsheet] improve sorting single columns and add
    tests for it
  *  f878fd9f7 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  dfab0c88a - [worksheet] fixed the usage of the enum Qt::Orientation
    and react on text changes and not on return press in
  *  de1d49c06 - [tests] use portable qrand()
  *  4ceed9ab4 - [tests] fix unknown random()
  *  b58c479e6 - [spreadsheet] improve sorting speed and add performance
  *  c18044571 - [worksheet] better initial values for the axis grid
    settings and simplified logic to initialize the default plot types.
    This also fixes the problem with the reset to the default theme and
    the grid lines not taking the proper properties.
  *  a613935b6 - CartesianPlot enum class
  *  647e0d694 - [worksheet] introduced the property "default" for axes.
    This property will be used in the code to decide whether we have one
    of the default axes created when a plot is created or one of the
    axes manually added by the user.
  *  838f4ae7f - [spreadsheet] added "cube" to Tukey's power ladders and
    reversed the order of action in the menu for power transformations.
  *  72098539b - [fit dock] enable horizontal stretch of last section
  *  a9c188c39 - [fit dock] improve expanding goodness table
  *  264ffecde - [spreadsheet] implemented Tukey's ladder of powers
    tranformation in the spreadsheet.
  *  c612e6c4b - [worksheet] layout improvements in xy fit properties
  *  cce12a35c - When switching between the different properties
    widgets, scroll up to the top so the user always sees the settings
    of the currently selected widget.
  *  b10d94bca - [workshete] don't use the backing store image of the
    plot when exporting to a file, draw directly with the painter. This
    fixes the problem with non-rasterized results when doing the export
    to vector graphics formats SVG and PDF.
  *  a6345d02d - CartesianPlot enum fixes
  *  8e04ced0b - XYAnalysisCurve enum class
  *  15076e2f1 - XYInterpolationCurve enum class
  *  a7cffd520 - Replace enum with Qt::Orientation
  *  8a82787dd - [worksheet] properly handle the position wrapper when
    changing properties of multiple selected labels in one step. Modify
    only the relevant part of the wrapper for every single label.
  *  8e916498d - Fixed couple of minor inconsistency issues in UI.
  *  f4db60212 - [tests] add datetime sorting in spreadsheet
  *  db22aa755 - Minor layout fix in LabelWidget.
  *  acfdf0601 - Drag&drop of workbook children in the project explorer
    doesn't work at the moment. Disalow this for now.
  *  f013c1207 - [spreadsheet] Improve sorting with empty/invalid values
  *  9035ded8c - [worksheet] show the line styles in the combo box for
    the plot cursor line.
  *  353210d87 - [spreadsheet] fix corner cases when sorting
  *  2afd14590 - GIT_SILENT Extend code style
  *  7f70be34a - Fix composing file paths for Windows
  *  a294abc2d - Minor improvements in dock widgets.
  *  520c8ad14 - [spreadsheet] use Count instead of Size in the
    statistics dialog to be more consistent with the usage of this word
    in other places in the spreadsheet.
  *  cd76287f5 - [worksheet] show the properties explorer by double-
    clicking on a worksheet element if it's not shown currently.
  *  5ca176ec7 - [test] sorting spreadsheet columns
  *  5d2395328 - Typo
  *  16927a0a8 - [windows] fix saving LastOpenDir
  *  70d23f7da - Improved the logic in the plot data dialog to set the
    current object in the project explorer after the curves are created:
    * if more than two curves are produced, select the parent plot of
    the last added curve in the project explorer * if a custom fit is
    being done, select the last created fit curve independent of the
    number of created curves
  *  940e70397 - [fit] consistent submenu name
  *  c62027e92 - Symbol and CoordinateSystem enums
  *  f36ee3251 - Root filter enums
  *  229b87c5a - Fix test for previous commit
  *  1fd9a27a6 - enum class in AbstractFileFilter
  *  c1bab50c2 - [spreadsheet] improve export path
  *  9dbc2ba19 - [spreadsheet] when updating the column data defined via
    a formula, avoid circular dependencies. The current column cannot be
    part of the variable columns.
  *  498332907 - Filter enum class changes
  *  5b097ecf1 - Debugging and minor fixes
  *  03d2b0df5 - [spreadsheet] when loading Column, read the autoUpdate
    attribute only if available. Older project files created with <2.8
    don't have it.
  *  b77086596 - [enum class] PlotArea.h

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 06 Jun 2020 10:12:59 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7327-49e131d54-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 49e131d5427e199328b2c906dacd220f189a0145
  * Date: 1590347643
  * git changelog:
  *  49e131d54 - [spreadsheet] use smart pointer when sorting
  *  2bc4a27d5 - [spreasheet] improve sorting
  *  3523e3bb3 - [spreadsheet] add a new row when hitting RETURN in the
    current last row in the spreadsheet.
  *  6841add18 - [spreadsheet] fix copy-paste bug
  *  99b834a71 - [spreadsheet]  use KConfig instead of KConfigShared in
    Spreadsheet::init(). The later seems to require the restart for new
    values to become re-read and active.
  *  9b8457d7c - Allow to delete objects in the project exlorer via the
    DEL key.
  *  ad1905ca2 - [worksheet] re-added the null-pointer check in
    CartesianPlot::childAdded() that was removed in
  *  c9555e6fb - [fit] use default precision for R^2 and R_adj^2
  *  fd6e8c49c - [fit] improved start parameter A for gaussian and
  *  ac864f940 - [worksheet] 1. consistently apply the theme settigs
    also for for histogram filling and for the color of curve values
    labels. 2. simplified the logic for applying the theme settings for
    newly added objects in the plot.
  *  f639a7ebd - merge clean up
  *  ff6b9d9d7 - More enum class clean up
  *  0f7e9f5c1 - Fix build with MQTT enabled
  *  c2c8e8611 - Fix build with MQTT enabled
  *  89e8ac3aa - [worksheet] theme reset in Histogram.
  *  354912b30 - Minor layout improvements in "drop values" and "random
    values" dialogs.
  *  1f77f8ee0 - Fixing the build with MQTT enabled.
  *  a2923a2e8 - More enum class clean up
  *  3b46c5c7e - [worksheet] properly handle the numeric and datetime
    formats in case a custom column is used for value labels in xy-curve
    and in histogram.
  *  2162dccdf - enum class TextLabel::Type and TextLabel::BorderShape
  *  ac893c932 - [histogram] properly show/hide the values format
    related widgets in the histogram properties dock widget.
  *  4755fad08 - enum class Matrix::HeaderFormat
  *  006718f65 - Fix the build with MQTT enabled.
  *  5b215ba7b - enum class WorksheetPrivate::TreeModelColumn
  *  a45d9c2f5 - enum class SpreadsheetModel::CustomDataRole
  *  accfd8d76 - enum class PluginLoader::PluginStatus
  *  1cdb8a677 - Fix tests for previous commit
  *  61778c21d - enum class AbstractColumn::ColumnMode
  *  4676a801b - [xycurve] improve basic math functions
  *  cebf657ad - enum class AbstractColumn::Properties
  *  183875fcd - [worksheet] don't crash when changing the values type
    in XYCurve with no data source columns set yet.
  *  26e8a2c39 - [spreadsheet] properly update the widgets in the column
    dock related to the column mode (precision, etc.) on column mode
  *  6da9a5a03 - minor change
  *  020316cd1 - Added the entry "All supported files" to the open file
    dialog and remember the last selected filter in this dialog.
  *  39899b9a4 - [fit] fix setting model degree limits when using a
    curve as data source
  *  2a320c7c7 - [worksheet] allow to change the position/order of plots
    also for worksheets having an active layout.
  *  7abb6852b - [histogram] allow to use smooth rough data as the
    source for the histogram.
  *  a1f24278e - Simplified the logic for handling the key events in
    Matrix and Spreadsheet views - handle the key events directly
    instead of registering/unregistering shortcuts. This also solve the
    problem with spreadsheet and matrix not reacting on delete/backspace
    keys when being child of a workbook.
  *  c56626e65 - [fit] limit degree for Fourier fit depending on
    available data points
  *  2ad85a971 - [analysis] Simplify getting valid data
  *  478d31545 - [fit] simplify getting available data
  *  f9e3ba394 - * add availableRowCount() for Column to get number of
    valid and non-masked rows * [fit] limit polynomial order (degree) by
    number of available data points
  *  ee0180832 - [fit] Fix problem with manual specified zero evaluation
  *  c6ebba63d - Allow to delete the selected cells in spreadsheet and
    in matrix via the backspace key.
  *  463857700 - [worksheet] theme reset in XYCurve and Axis.
  *  980d997fb - [fit] Fix switching between different fits
  *  8855deeeb - [fit] Fix parameter detection for custom model
  *  67d8739ed - [worksheet] simplified the handling of theme properties
    in worksheet and plot area.
  *  e46788bc9 - [worksheet] selection of the theme "Default" should
    really reset the properties to the default ones. Implemented this
    logic for worksheet and plot area. This also needs to be done for
    all other children of the plot now.
  *  4e9e3c2de - [analysis] data reduction with DateTime x-data.
  *  c21921221 - Fix build with JSON test
  *  4ab5ac2bd - Fixed the build with enabled MQTT.
  *  e750af0fd - enum class PlotDesignation
  *  48b196fc3 - enum -> enum class
  *  d5d4e2e5a - [spreadsheet] when doing the revers of values in the
    column, determine the last row containing a valid value and ignore
    all following rows. This works for numeric columns only at the
  *  24a5903c9 - [spreadsheet] reverse values also for integer and big
    integer columns.
  *  0956aa359 - [spreasheet] when selecting a column in the
    spreadsheet, properly deselect all its parents to avoid multiple
    selection in the project explorer.
  *  b8b747852 - GIT_SILENT coding style
  *  90a75f559 - use strongly typed enum
  *  1fd02d495 - [spreadsheet] properly drop/mask values also for
    integer and big integer columns.
  *  598bad414 - Update Generic Name (T12810)
  *  b8d47623f - GIT_SILENT minor change
  *  67ae94229 - Use enum with switch-case instead of int if-else
    comparisons in DropValuesDialog and proper padding for the class
  *  6ea5b06d0 - [worksheet] improved the handling of the offset for
    axis tick labels (absolute distance to the axis line + tick length).
  *  89a96dcd8 - [fit] Fix crash when fit fails
  *  931569ecc - [analysis] properly initialize the pointer to the rough
    data vector in XYSoothCurve so we don't crash when recalculating the
    already saved smooth and rough data.
  *  16a7a31c9 - [worksheet] added additional handling for export of
    worksheet to png.
  *  e2b58e66b - Fix the windows build.
  *  3d3cc78b7 - [spreadsheet] minor fixes in DropValuesDialog: 1. fixed
    the wording 2. save and load the last used operator and properly
    show the relevant widgets on dialog open.
  *  c973b7449 - Minor layout fix in XYSmoothCurveDock.
  *  f8a6dc9c0 - [analysis] calculate and expose the rough values as the
    result of a smooth (data = smooth + rough).
  *  3eab84d65 - In PlotDataDialog call CartesianPlot::dataChanged()
    instead of CartesianPlot::scaleAuto() to cope with cases where the
    min and max values of the new curves to be added are equal to the
    current plot ranges, otherwise no curve retransform is called and
    the curves are not shown.
  *  ad7fbeebb - Don't allow to click the Ok-button and to close the
    export dialogs if the specified directory is not existing.
  *  85764f236 - Fix previous commit: no isnan for integer; they are
    always valid
  *  b59699f82 - [smooth] Fix maximum number of points for datetime data
  *  5ce3f2d80 - [spreadsheet] notify the user if wrong export path was
    provided in the export dialog.
  *  1234717a8 - Fix compilation
  *  1eac5e149 - [spreadsheet] show the trimian also in the statistics

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sun, 24 May 2020 23:21:44 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7248-f77924bf6-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: f77924bf69b01be955be359b4f7ff731b5a75729
  * Date: 1589320003
  * git changelog:
  *  f77924bf6 - Fix compilation with clang
  *  d0d28faaa - [column] Calculate pow() more efficiently
  *  512a90a17 - [spreadsheet] fixed the normalization of the standard
    deviation and added Turkey's trimean to the column statistics.
  *  c51999644 - [spreadsheet] properly invalidate the column statistics
    and other properties when data changes are undone/redone.
  *  f330cfc85 - Revert "[spreadsheet] removed unneeded header refreshes
    in SpreadsheetView as"
  *  2d2e33409 - [windows] try to fix color-scheme installation
  *  35e312546 - [analysis] improved the layout for padding values in
  *  34c17d91c - [spreadsheet] added the missing "Rescale to [a,b]"
    normalization method in the context menu again.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Wed, 13 May 2020 19:35:08 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7240-1688a5424-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 1688a54244eaba15c59626036f8f274e657a6f22
  * Date: 1589182059

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Mon, 11 May 2020 12:56:05 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7188-6a547031c-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 01 May 2020 15:38:52 +0300

labplot (2.7.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 4.4.1, no changes required.
  * Add the configuration for the CI on salsa.
  * Add the libkf5kio-dev build dependency for the new upstream version.
  * Bump the debhelper compatibility to 12:
    - switch the debhelper build dependency to debhelper-compat 12
    - remove debian/compat

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Mon, 28 Oct 2019 07:54:36 +0100

labplot (2.6.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Update the build dependencies according to the upstream build system:
    - bump qtbase5-dev to >= 5.6.0
    - add libkf5crash-dev, libkf5parts-dev, libkf5service-dev, zlib1g-dev, and
    - remove libkf5kdelibs4support-dev, and libkf5kio-dev
  * Update install files.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 4.4.0, no changes required.
  * Update copyright.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Thu, 11 Jul 2019 06:21:34 +0200

labplot (2.5.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Make the testsuite non-fatal, since at least one of the tests fails on
    almost all the architectures different than amd64.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Sat, 23 Jun 2018 19:18:33 +0200

labplot (2.5.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Switch Vcs-* fields to
  * Bump the debhelper compatibility to 11:
    - bump the debhelper build dependency to 11~
    - bump compat to 11
    - remove --parallel for dh, as now done by default
  * Switch from dh_install to dh_missing for --fail-missing.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 4.1.4, no changes required.
  * Update watch file, no more "-kf5" variant is needed (it is the only one).
  * Update the build dependencies according to the upstream build system:
    - add libqt5serialport5-dev, libkf5syntaxhighlighting-dev, bison, and
    - bump cmake to >= 3.2.0
    - bump the KF5 build dependencies to >= 5.16.0
  * Make sure the test suite can run:
    - add the xauth, and xvfb build dependencies
    - run dh_auto_test using xvfb-run
  * Ship the upstream examples.
  * Update copyright.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Sat, 23 Jun 2018 09:59:56 +0200

labplot (2.4.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Update the build dependencies:
    - bump cmake to 3.2.0
    - explicitly add more frameworks packages: libkf5completion-dev,
      libkf5config-dev, libkf5configwidgets-dev, libkf5coreaddons-dev,
      libkf5doctools-dev, libkf5iconthemes-dev, libkf5newstuff-dev,
      and libkf5textwidgets-dev
    - add libcfitsio-dev, for new features
    - explicitly add gettext, and pkg-config
  * Update the patches:
    - upstream_cmake-do-not-hardcode-libdir-for-hdf5.patch: drop, fixed
  * Update install files.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Sun, 18 Jun 2017 09:04:00 +0200

labplot (2.3.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Backport upstream commit 3b69133fcf5a62f46d33a1e3adc8e44c854517d7 to fix
    the HDF5 detection on architecture different than amd64; patch
  * Add the libhdf5-dev build dependency, explicit and which should now work
    fine on any architecture.
  * Replace the deprecated kio-dev build dependency with libkf5kio-dev.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Sun, 02 Oct 2016 12:18:23 +0200

labplot (2.3.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release:
    - fix build with newer libstdc++ (Closes: #830454)
  * Update Vcs-* fields.
  * Update the patches:
    - upstream_Include-cmath-for-std-isfinite.patch: drop, backported from
  * Add the libfftw3-dev build dependency, used by the new version.
  * Update copyright.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Tue, 26 Jul 2016 07:27:31 +0200

labplot (2.2.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Re-add back to Debian.
  * Backport upstream commit e3b55c7f8ff492e2db27794af53a8ad36fcc3c79 to fix
    build; patch upstream_Include-cmath-for-std-isfinite.patch.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Sat, 21 May 2016 07:51:45 +0200