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ChangeLog of package labplot in focal of architecture amd64
labplot (2.8.2+git9231-1fb3dd080-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 1fb3dd080d56a1ec25eae77cd7a5f851e5021870
  * Date: 1642172486
  * git changelog:
  *  1fb3dd080 - retransform must be done at least once, because the
    ranges change anyway even if no autscale is selected.
  *  8cfd45a0e - Fix minor typos
  *  0a41a9287 - Fix out of range error in x/y data changed
  *  64044a21a - Fix desktop file removing %i
  *  0d51fc4e4 - Reduced the scope of some temp variables in Column and
    simplified the logic to determine the bounding rectangle surrounding
    all visible sub-windows in MainWin for the project preview
  *  cb6407703 - cache the availability of min/max in own variable
  *  807f726ba - GIT_SILENT Updated README to use the last version of
    the description of features that we want to promote.
  *  5a5c79426 - reading must be done as in the Variableparser, because
    some dates are only valid in the UTC timezone
  *  bddbd7160 - Added the note about how to reference and cite LabPlot
    in literature to the README file.
  *  9c57457bf - Added new screenshots to AppData and added the note
    about how to reference and cite LabPlot in literature to the README
  *  6e5376d41 - macOS: try fixing resolution
  *  75f3f5e67 - If previously the text was empty, the bounding rect is
    zero  therefore the alignment did not work properly.  If thext is
    added, the bounding rectangle is updated and then the position must
    be changed to consider alignment
  *  aba77ffa6 - add missing ampersands
  *  34a4ed70e - retransform plot after changing type
  *  64471d13b - rename variables. So TODOs can be removed
  *  28555f8f9 - removing not needed comments and general cleanup
  *  810115fd5 - - extend function to work also correctly for nonlinear
    axes - use last point always as reference point. If a point on the
    same pixel occured, don't use it as last point, otherwise it is not
    possible to draw a vertical line and a connection line to the next
  *  32a0acd88 - do not draw first point, because there last Point is
    still NAN
  *  a251897a0 - add last line
  *  a2d5dcc75 - do the calculation only once
  *  2326ac999 - optimize to make function much faster
  *  eb898d9c9 - WIP
  *  1d81579a0 - make addUniqueLine() static so a unit test can be
    written for it
  *  993e5f59e - fix increase curve drawing again
  *  74a24b3a1 - move addLinearLine content into addLine function to
    reduce code size and because addLinearLine is not a big function
  *  70f47a0e9 - revert improvement
  *  9e1f3c0bc - auto scale: use default fullRange and add missing fix
  *  aa04bd525 - remove retransform from all scaleAuto functions,
    because of the multirange it makes no sense to suppress every time.
    So do a retransform only when needed. It is a big performance
  *  375700289 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  0e54a024e - tests: more data change tests
  *  afc78c059 - tests: add cartesian plot test for data changes
  *  c6e48efc0 - tests: multi range comment fixes
  *  cd79f4132 - when setting the cSystems in the dock, do not
    retransform every time an item was added.
  *  c61a62fb7 - do not forward QGraphicsItem::MousePressEvent when zoom
    selection is used. So the selection does not change.
  *  1c095ecb1 - m_data in the init() function will overwrite the data
    pointer from the constructor.
  *  71e714f7b - Updated the README file:
  *  bd1b8fbe9 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  c25b3a652 - plot: Fix updating ranges on data change
  *  68dcce078 - code style fixes
  *  f8504b287 - Fix compilation for older Qt versions
  *  8726543de - minor code style
  *  2d167b61a - Fix unnecessary typedef and variable order
  *  6c43ecceb - rename formulaDatas into formulaData
  *  bb447a70b - Remove assert, because it might happen that column is
  *  118ebdce5 - columncommands: cleanup
  *  76bd2fdf8 - cleanup
  *  ce020b849 - add const
  *  37a25ee80 - remove brackets in one liner
  *  10a55d09a - - rename formulaDatas to formulaData, because it is
    already plural - remove access to private member m_formulaData,
    because it makes no sense to access it.
  *  c3187b38e - remove argument, because it is already the default
  *  0c4b9dd69 - instead of using three Vectors (formulaVariableNames,
    formulaVariableColumns and formulaVariableColumnPaths) Which have to
    be synched, use a struct and store the data in there. So it is much
    easier to sync
  *  37623e449 - remove template so there is no need to include
    ColumnPrivate header into Column
  *  3062cc392 - add init function to avoid writing duplicate code
  *  41a8032d5 - do not include ColumnPrivate but only AbstractColumn
  *  8ead70c54 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  43fae62a2 - [worksheet] similarly to drawValues() in XYCurve, use
    QPainter::drawText() instead of QPainter::drawPath() also in
    Histogram. drawText() is faster. This committhis also solves the
    problem with the wrong brush used to draw the values.
  *  916145974 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  150cae19a - [worksheet] removed the border and reduced the margins
    of the LaTeX preview image in TextLabel.
  *  9debd5f89 - Minor fixes.
  *  3a97d9529 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  a8bd1f781 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  55adefaa9 - About: Fix author email address
  *  94e84fc4c - column: improve availableRowCount() by adding option
    'max' to make it faster when only max values are needed
  *  fdd8c705e - GIT_SILENT minor fixes
  *  38fb7519b - Added Dariusz Laska to the list of authors/contributors
    to be shown in the About-dialog.
  *  ff2f796df - Extended the tooltip text for columns in the project
    explorer and removed the some debug output in MainWin that was added
    in the previous commit by an error.
  *  9131dab09 - Added a new option to create a new spreadsheet on
  *  b5f30f199 - GIT_SILENT typo
  *  f5560a933 - column: add wrapper for columnModeString() and
  *  743517b61 - cleanup
  *  27e6a96b1 - position.point returns the position in scene
    coordinated and not the logical position which is stored in
  *  04de97127 - - remove xPos, because positionLogical exists -
    supressChildPositionChanged if the position of the custom point will
    be changed by the infoelement - move connects to the end, otherwise
    position changed of the custompoint will be called
  *  48fc6a7bd - - do not retransform, because it is done already in the
    Cartesian Plot. Retransform will crash labplot, because in
    retransform the plot datarect is used. - Check that setText does not
    call texlabelTextChanged of the infoelement, because this leads also
    to a call of retransform and the application will crash
  *  95933998e - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  a4c0155bb - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  ebf684c4c - column: simplify plot designation string usage
  *  de4425ddd - column: Add convenient method to get plot designation
  *  422c8ac90 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  1fb71a281 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  d77dd3e0c - Fixes a crash when moving over an item which is not a
  *  8bd3bce43 - tests: better handle fails (don't crash) in Notebook
  *  659e130f9 - [examples] added new project Mathematical Functions.
  *  4074e7158 - Fixing regressions introduced in
    eb21f0067273fd03ad70d476220fcf2e8da173f2: * recursively retransform
    all children when loading the project. This fixes projects like
    SameStats having folder structures that were not read. * when
    copying/duplicating an object, retransform only this object and its
    children and not all children in the project.
  *  5f1464b0e - scale axes on data changes in curves and better debug
  *  0a0c4452c - [examples] added new example Data = Smooth + Rough and
    some minor improvements in the already available projects.
  *  c1f76fa7e - GIT_SILENT Discount in INSTALL
  *  8325131b2 - [worksheet] avoid adding an entry to the undo stack
    when selecting a box plot in the project explorer and added a couple
    of missing updates of GUI elements when the line color, etc. is
    being changed in the boxplot and in the histogram properties.
  *  25718a926 - minor improvement
  *  9afb38df7 - QDate::startOfDay is available from Qt5.15 on. For
    older version use the old method
  *  cfa7353cc - plot: Fix calculating inde range of curves
  *  4c3c33985 - [examples] new project SLOC History.
  *  181c3f342 - fix datetime lighttime issue
  *  663e274b5 - Fix regression
  *  e6dadae76 - fit curve: do not change plot range to custom eval
    range automatically
  *  53bb5739b - [examples] minor fixes in the already available
    examples and two new projects - Maxima Tutorial for Beginners and
    Basic Plots.
  *  b1b75e897 - Renamed Datapicker to Data Extractor.
  *  6b533c215 - Fixes and improvements: 1. don't try to initialize the
    variable model in the notebook if the backend session is not
    available (backend is not installed for example). 2. renamed
    Datapicker to Data Extractor 3. allow to paste the column data via
    the context menu of the column similar to copy data 4. allow to
    paste the column data into a column via CTRL+V in the project
    explorer 5. delay the initialization of actions in Column until
    there are required
  *  160e123d9 - Retransform all elements after they were copied or
  *  1fdb54a5d - [notebook] only execute the unit-tests for Notebook if
    cantor libraries were found.
  *  77e3a1b14 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  cb065a340 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 14 Jan 2022 19:54:12 +0000

labplot (2.8.2+git9130-54aef72ae-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 54aef72ae6cb5d060cd72440858f41ed9a3fcd8c
  * Date: 1641040589
  * git changelog:
  *  54aef72ae - [notebook] apply default settings for new notebooks.
  *  ce27d235b - [notebook] added a new page in the setttings dialog for
    the notebook.
  *  a9e63696f - [notebook] don't try to parse numpy's arrays of arrays.
  *  5b68a6c16 - [notebook] parse string lists in Maxima and double and
    string lists, tuples and sets in Python and added first unit tests
    for the variable parser.
  *  486b925ba - [notebook] switched to the new parse values function
    that can handle different data types for all backends and moved the
    for-loop into the case statements for performance reasons.
  *  108ebf617 - [notebook] fixes: * when replacing the values in the
    column, always resize to the size of the new array otherwise we end
    up having more elements in the column vector than the number of new
    values that were set. Relevant for the case when the count of the
    new values is smaller than the count of the old values. * added
    missing cases for all data types in dataChanged() slot * don't use
    any NAN for invalid integer values. It's not a correct int, we use 0
    right now for invalid integers until we have a proper solution for
    invalid/missing integers * fixed indentation
  *  369b7eb6d - Fixed the info element in the Helium example project
    and new actions for the notebook and more cleanup in this area.
  *  f839cbe41 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  6ce2004e5 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  d3feba332 - append is wrong, because it was already preallocated,
    so assigning is enough
  *  f8f62952a - an array with only two elements do not have two commas
    in it. So assume if one comma exists, it is the separator
  *  b4282a72f - fix numpy array datatype extraction regular expression.
    There can be whitespaces in it.
  *  e8baf13f1 - implement parsing numpy arrays of different datatypes
  *  e67b85318 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  cd35a2bc4 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  20df3cd4d - Fix setting range (\!43)
  *  a1acc25e5 - fit: allow equation curve as data source
  *  523666e0a - xy curve: fix off-by-one bug
  *  ab163e0ce - [notebook] more cleanup in the actions.
  *  d53c5b6ea - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  728c577fb - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  3b461d08a - [notebook] further small improvements: * more renaming
    Worksheet -> Notebook * don't show any name and comment in the
    properties explorer when multiple notebooks were selected * cleanup
    in actions shown in the notebook menu
  *  00ee4573d - OPJ import: use text font size and color
  *  2f61e6c3a - reduce debugging output
  *  55c7fb17d - CI: fix cantor dep
  *  bd0089dd9 - CI: fix cantor dep
  *  520246fd5 - CI: fix cantor dep
  *  2d37bab09 - CI: try cantor dep
  *  d0b13c827 - [notebook] multiple minor improvement: * renamed CAS
    Worksheet to Notebook * don't show the export, copy and duplicate
    actions in the context menu * restructured the context menu a bit *
    removed the dependecy on KParts/ReadWritePart in
  *  6be5ef332 - gitlab CI: mode deps
  *  c4c9d619c - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  b1573fa6c - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  d7f69ef24 - gitlab CI: update
  *  7ff60d3f2 - gitlab CI: all frameworks dependencies
  *  94bc9d17e - gitlab CI: add kde dependencies
  *  794d726d7 - Add CI files for gitlab
  *  9201ef1a9 - Update desktop file and About info
  *  51b407ae2 - Minor updates in INSTALL
  *  406eeeac0 - Update AUTHORS (see About LabPlot)
  *  99d5b36c6 - Update README
  *  b352a5eea - Update appdata file
  *  7823f7da9 - Fixes: * retransform all worksheet elements after the
    project was imported (Origin or LabPlot project import) * don't try
    to adjust the plot area padding for newly added curves during the
    project load
  *  d475e7ddb - minor improvement
  *  a0e93c9fd - Fixes&iprovements: * avoid flickering in the worksheet
    and plot toolbars, don't re-populate them when the worksheet was not
    changed when switching between its different children. Same for the
    spreadsheet. * show loading ... message in the status bar when
    openning a project which is helpful for heavy projects taking long
    to load. * change the current aspect in the project explorer when
    doing undo/redo. This was done differently in the past to avoid
    unwanted changes but it causes more problems, e.g. add Workbook,
    undo this step, add new Spreadsheet -> the spreadsheet is created as
    a child of the workbook... * use capital letters for the
    descriptions of the different sections in the overview tab in the
    column statistics dialog.
  *  7b6ba8559 - Minor fixes: * resize the datapicker window to fit the
    view size when initially created * copy&paste bug in BoxPlot *
    layout fixes in CartesianPlotDock
  *  799787bea - Performance improvements: * don't call
    Column::dataChanged() twice when changing a value in a spreadsheet
    cell, this triggers the expensive retransforms in the curves also
    twice. * no need to raise warnings during the XML-parse and when
    empty strings were encountered. String parameters can be modified by
    the user and an empty string is a valid input parameter. * skip the
    initialization of objects (and especially reading the themes from
    the hard disk, etc.) when doing the preview of the structure of
    Origin projects.
  *  9b2f08c06 - simplify function
  *  1137a1a34 - remove not needed includes
  *  15d4883cf - simplify
  *  243ab1ac0 - item can be casted to WorksheetElement and then
    directly the type can be used.
  *  86346d1ec - handle also reference line
  *  236c67da5 - count also analysis curves, because the AspectType is
    not part of XYCurve
  *  febeffca8 - fix data type of QGraphicsItem: set it in a common
    place instead in every class which leads to errors
  *  4c7ede93d - [worksheet] delay the initialization of ThemeWidget in
    the context menus of plot and worksheet until it's really required.
  *  93644f56e - Avoid too many updatePixmap() calls in the curves when
    openning a project that are caused by the initalization of symbol
  *  9ceaed97f - [worksheet] when adding a new curve to the plot and
    changing the ranges and the axis tick labels, adjust the plot area
    padding if the axis title label is outside of the plot area.
  *  644c18633 - Fix previous commit
  *  e404d4f14 - Make it proper json
  *  516d9e5db - Fixes: * don't crash when the user is setting the focus
    in the spreadsheet by calling the context menu * removed a couple of
    unneeded retransforms in the plot when creating it via the plot data
    dialog or in the column statistics dialog
  *  6c1c98460 - issue warning when parser evaluates NaN in
  *  b82c36ea3 - minor macOS fixes
  *  4cd239546 - the numpy array can contain also the type of the array
  *  fff2e7a46 - attributes must be read, because otherwise the previous
    are stored
  *  990702c0b - Improve string problems
  *  3221c6c8b - Fix a couple of raw strings
  *  b28b87b54 - Fix signal/slot handling of check boxes
  *  918940608 - use macros Q_SIGNALS, Q_SLOTS and Q_EMIT to avoid
    future conflicts with Qt libraries and applications using LabPlot
  *  cf0ba78fc - code style: pedantic fixes
  *  89e741455 - Update CMakeLists.txt, TODO: enable Qt definitions and
    compiler flags to fix problems
  *  ee8a75251 - parser: add fallback with default locale to be more
  *  0ca1949b1 - omit default value
  *  2cd85f9be - Ranges: better rounding when showing values
  *  0d0476e85 - Merge branch 'master' into EnableNiceExtend
  *  5e70782ba - enable by default, update plot range list and minor
  *  38491bf71 - [worksheet] call retransform() in Image every time the
    image is rescaled so the proper bounding rect is calculated.
  *  80c118990 - Add ability to turn off niceExtend fix #17
  *  7a28d534a - [worksheet] reduced the number of
    QPainterPath::moveTo() calls when calculating the line path in
    XYCurve. They are obsolete and seem to break the vectorization of
    the line path.
  *  71f688a32 - fix mimetype for projects
  *  0cba2a426 - [worksheet] keep the original image in Image.cpp so we
    can use it when rescaling the image later on size changes.
  *  0ac4add0e - axis label: fix rounding in log scales
  *  4bc3d9b40 - improve log scale example
  *  41dc83fab - changelog
  *  e3b873f6f - [examples] added three new example project: * log-
    scales * non-linear regression * Duffing oscillator calculated in
    Maxima and visualized in LabPlot
  *  e1cb0691d - tests: add test for histogram fit
  *  4d169750a - settings: add option to save projects in a pre 2.9
    compatible format
  *  82c5e230a - don't overwrite imported OPJ projects when saving
  *  b79cef39f - [box plot] allow to specify the parameter 'k' also for
    the whisker types SD and MAD.
  *  81995382a - use new default colors
  *  a20bacb6b - another override
  *  725552845 - do not shift if an object different to the plot is
    used, because for example the infoelement catches also the key press
  *  4685fea92 - Added missing override keywords in the new code.
  *  ed6d95f8a - set text should not automatically convert to html if
    the Textwrapper argument is string
  *  142a35155 - if the text is html coded, it makes no sense to set the
    FontColor, because it will not have an effect, but instead change
    the QLineEdit Text and then store this text in the Textlabel
  *  a0834b0a4 - clear selection after color is set
  *  53ba2a899 - Not necessary to set position every time. Only once is
    fine enough
  *  8fd106b0e - use the plot rect instead of the datarect as bounding
    rect. So the area of the textlabel is bigger. But for the vertical
    line still the datarect must be used
  *  d3230b76f - fix position issue of the infoelement
  *  088ed09df - after everything was loaded call dataChanged to scale
    all plots correctly
  *  9f87f576a - fix wrong index is scaled this might lead to a crash
  *  1f1c9e549 - OPJ import: correctly import symbol interiors
  *  7a8066cda - symbols: are more types
  *  9c1f57965 - fix compiler warning
  *  17ad64835 - symbol rotation: fix direction
  *  dcf0e7e3d - remove assert, it is better to just return than
  *  2b8861cf1 - CartesianPlot: No assert
  *  80ac69358 - - remove retransform from CartesianPlot::load() - add
    child after text is set, otherwise retransform of the infoelement
    will be called, because text was changed and the signal slot
    connection is already there
  *  c221d8c9c - ReferenceLine: remove retransform()
  *  f1429d8ec - Custompoint: remove retransform()
  *  a475e3cfb - Image: remove retransform from scaleimage. So it will
    not be called during load
  *  d4dd440f7 - loading is already done a few lines above. No need to
    retransform again
  *  eb21f0067 - do a retransform also on elements directly in the
    worksheet not only the plots
  *  4604ad551 - set isLoading for all childs to false, otherwise no
    retransform is executed
  *  e0918a245 - no isloading check in
  *  b3f9abcb5 - Do not give a chance to retransform. Retransform after
    everything is loaded
  *  60da5a8f2 - remove D_OBJ macro, because it is unintuitiv
  *  d77d6f941 - remove dead code
  *  d773aba75 - before xmlVersion 6 the custompoint position was always
    a logical position
  *  74ebd4346 - fix filebrowse problem. Fixes #15
  *  28085b0dc - emit positionChanged signal, otherwise the dock will
    not be notified
  *  8cc207297 - ItemChange is already implemented in worksheetelement
  *  e22d97f3c - limit infoElement exceeding the limits of the curve. -
    The info element stays at that position, but the logical value
    changes accross the limits of the x axis of the curve
  *  7b5689728 - Fix custom point wrong position shown in the dock
  *  601c2ebdc - if the keypress is used, do not pass it to the parent,
    otherwise two actions will be executed at the same time. - So when
    having an infoelement and the label should be move with the mouse
    cursors, the infoelement moves too, because it handles also the
    keypress event
  *  78ede95be - draw bounding rect if desired. For debugging purpose
  *  7dd94d1ac - use plot rect only if the direct parent is a cartesian
    Plot. If not (for example the Custompoint or the label of the
    infoelement) use the parents bounding rect
  *  6620290e9 - set visible correct
  *  cf198b473 - retransform when rotated which calls
  *  887e81f4a - boundingRect() instead of boundingRectangle must be
    used, because the Legend does not use the boundingRectangle variable
    and then the align is always zero
  *  7b167105d - Legend: Set correct initial values
  *  34326c046 - Align custompoint, legend and textlabel dock to look
    like the same and implement alignment for custompoint and legend
  *  a867804dc - Fix position issue of the InfoElement Custom point.
  *  93918f96e - Use WorksheetElementPrivate class in every Element
  *  3c09e9212 - Create WorksheetElementPrivate as Base class for all
    Worksheet Items.
  *  b57665af3 - [worksheet] when loading TextLabel we need to call
    updateBoundingRect() instead of retransform() to properly calculate
    the bounding rect for stored PDF content, adding the actual change
    in the cpp file now.
  *  7dc242a93 - [worksheet] when loading TextLabel we need to call
    updateBoundingRect() instead of retransform() to properly calculate
    the bounding rect for stored PDF content.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 01 Jan 2022 20:21:50 +0000

labplot (2.8.2+git8995-8d1b569c2-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 8d1b569c2882b5db594fa488082ff6b7c9328172
  * Date: 1639566899
  * git changelog:
  *  8d1b569c2 - OJ import: update symbols
  *  cc07d2e0a - Fixes: * restore the pointers during the project load
    before selecting the current object in the project explorer so the
    proper information is shown in the properties widget * work with a
    reference and not with a copy in InfoElement to properly assign the
    selected curve during the project load.
  *  58ca29300 - [box plot] when determining the max and min adjacent
    values, check both edges (min and max) for every value in the data
  *  b0425055d - OPJ project import: Fix curves with data in workbooks
  *  aa5907b00 - [box plot] allow to modify the parameter 'k' controling
    the whisker range and update the box plot example project.
  *  6ece48f31 - fix clang++ problem
  *  d4d3e138e - [worksheet] added the missing action for box plot in
    the worksheet view.
  *  fc446efc2 - [worksheet] introduce new shortcuts in the plot to
    navigate to the next/prev curve.
  *  77c0c8b4c - copy/paste: better handle numbers when group separator
    is a space
  *  b0b5d7712 - [worksheet] properly undo/redo the resize of the plot
    when it was done manually with the mouse.
  *  31530b0a7 - fit: better wording (uncertainties instead of errors)
  *  7926825fb - cantor: improve on macOS
  *  1bedcf7f8 - [worksheet] generate one single entry on the undo-stack
    when manually resizing the plot with the mouse.
  *  95b6866c4 - Fix reading older projects with custom fit models
  *  e30e73e1b - code style fixes suggest by clang-tidy
  *  069b2df1a - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  40de11c6e - [examples] fixed the positions of the images in the
    Space Debris example.
  *  3d10a3d04 - [worksheet] removed some a couple of coordinate
    mappings in TextLabel that are obsolete now.
  *  c8a4ca4e6 - example: fix a few settings
  *  6d878faef - plot dock: avoid updating locale and plot range list
  *  155c130c8 - remove doubled defaults
  *  07c6dc061 - plot dock: minor ui fixes
  *  0f9f849c0 - [worksheet] adjusted the positioning of Image on the
    new logic in 2.9.
  *  9c5877220 - [examples] add a new example Space Debris showing the
    usage of reference lines and image elements on the worksheet.
  *  ab631fc07 - axis dock: fix combobox for label text type
  *  38c4f9c1a - [worksheet] simplified the usage of
  *  e4c56e90f - [worksheet] simplified the usage of
  *  48ea7e679 - [worksheet] moved parentRect() function from TextLabel
    to WorksheetElement so we use the same code also in other objects
    like Image.
  *  c11497d45 - macos: build script simplification
  *  ae189b7ee - enable debugging infos on macos
  *  b9aa43a66 - Bug fixing: * fixed the separator for a data set in the
    JSEDataArchive collection * don't show the statistics dialog if
    there are not columns with numerical values available * read the
    'embedded' property in Image * don't save the placeholder text if
    there is any in TextLabel
  *  39f44cc6e - avoid macro and delete pointer directly

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 16 Dec 2021 20:17:07 +0000

labplot (2.8.2+git8963-c3344a3bf-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: c3344a3bf4be1f0f9734b00445cef73831bbc435
  * Date: 1638618538
  * git changelog:
  *  c3344a3bf - [worksheet] ImageElement - allow to embed the image
    data and save it in the project file.
  *  c137563f1 - use macros
  *  92476cbe7 - readme: Cantor details
  *  695b80088 - When an axis is selected and the mouse wheel event is
    triggered, the corresponding ranges should be used to zoom
  *  6c0f94c82 - [spreadsheet] when hitting Return in the search field,
    navigate to the first cell matching the current search string.
  *  df0484bf0 - [spreadsheet] don't draw any border line in the plots
    in Column Statistics Dialog and react on 'find' and 'cut' shortcuts
    in the spreadsheet.
  *  b55f21624 - windows: enable certain debug messages per default
  *  c872ccf91 - Even more symbols added
  *  3b9bc37b5 - More symbol styles
  *  586dd885f - Resize the height of the comment field to fit the
    content and minor layout fixes in ProjectDock and updated Tufte's
    example project.
  *  e406c3100 - Reduced the number of cast in the analysis curve dock
    widgets and fixed a copy&paste bug in ExamplesWidget.
  *  d31737bb7 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  1a9c3aacc - symbol: add symbol order to freely sort symbols in UI
  *  c3f57ac7f - Explicitly use C++11
  *  75a7c60ef - Further fixes for coverity issues.
  *  480de3384 - Fix more coverity issues
  *  a7c22c6b5 - [examples] add a new example - Same Data, Different
  *  b782c8784 - Fix several coverity issues
  *  a87385824 - Bug fixing: * reverse y-coordinate of the text label
    when reading from the older (<2.9 format) to properly position the
    labels in the old projects * potential memory leak in
  *  575a695c0 - [examples] two new example project files demoing the
    info element and Hilbert transform.
  *  d8ab85463 - [worksheet] bug fixing in TextLabel: * properly set the
    text color in LaTeX mode * reduced the number of retransform() call
    which is doing more than needed in many cases and where LabelWidget
    is reacting in slots. This also solves the problem with the jumpting
    cursor when entering some text in Markdown mode.
  *  267980521 - Properly read the example project files that are in the
    old format compressed with Gzip.
  *  6d7680c60 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  d7a787aa7 - Symbol: rename and prepare adding more styles
  *  e3be033dc - Minor fixes and improvements: 1. use an empty string as
    a value label if the value in the custom column for value labels in
    XYCurve is masked, don't skip it. 2. don't recalculate the logical
    points in XYCurve when the data in the custom column for value
    labels was changed, it's only changing the labels and not the
    positions of the points. 3. renamed Apply Theme to Theme everywhere
    since it's consuming a lot of space in some languages. 4. added an
    icon for the select theme button in the ThemeHandler.
  *  50b8a5763 - Improve debugging
  *  580c75546 - symbols: Fix count of symbols
  *  23e65c68f - random values dialog: Consistent handling of
  *  69ca6e1d4 - [worksheet] position plot' title label relativ to the
    plot bounding rectangle and not to its data rectangle.
  *  da8df2014 - cantor worksheet: Improve debugging plugins
  *  cf8a79fa7 - Prevent crash on Windows in Debug mode
  *  4562c9000 - Improve Debug build on Windows
  *  de653f164 - Rename macro due to name clash
  *  83331b578 - More debug portability
  *  81d541c59 - Improve debugging on Windows
  *  22a915763 - minor fixes
  *  b32128056 - cantor: try ixing problems with new paths
  *  947359958 - [worksheet] re-render latex images from PDF according
    to the current zoom factor in the worksheet view.
  *  a10205751 - histogram fit: fit various distributions via context
  *  3d65f5049 - histogram fit: make fit via context menu work
  *  7171d1675 - [worksheet] used a dedicated aspect tree model in the
    combobox for value labes in XYCurveDock to allow also the selection
    of text columns.
  *  cd5c7a39e - [worksheet] when LaTeX mode is used, work with the
    produced PDF file in TextLabel and produce the image out of it. The
    PDF-data will be used later to generate a scaled version of the
    image when the user is zooming in or out in the worksheet view.
  *  2bf77020c - [cas] in case we fail to initialize Cantor, show a more
    specific error message in the CAS worksheet.
  *  fc044eb72 - [spreadsheet] properly show the overview in the column
    statistics widget.
  *  ee073dd0f - [box plot] properly read the save settings for the
    median symbol.
  *  826d17554 - axis tick label: fix crash without tick label
  *  9f88ae044 - [histogram] improvements for the new distribution fit
    feature: * don't always create the columns required for a
    distributin fit, only create them when there are requested for the
    first time, i.e. when a distribution fit is performed * added
    Analysis/Distribution Fit action to histogram's context menu
  *  d8386779c - Fixed the resizeTo() function in Column and better
    handling of the switcht between the different source types
    (spreadsheet, curve or histogram) in the fit-curve properties
  *  604cc46fc - [worksheet] restore the saved data source histogram in
    XYFitCurve and added missing slot in the dock widget.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 04 Dec 2021 13:05:27 +0000

labplot (2.8.2+git8914-40e3844b5-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 40e3844b58274e55ec19311bbc900e2eb57f6254
  * Date: 1637337740
  * git changelog:
  *  40e3844b5 - histogram fit: fix function evaluation
  *  daeb5fb72 - [histogram] initial implementation for fitting to the
    histogram values, still a couple of issues needs to be addressed and
  *  da24b2042 - axis label: minor fix for multiple of pi format
  *  0b2b7c4f9 - axis label: Fix minor problem with Scientific format
  *  796ea1a8a - axis label: Fix multiple of pi format
  *  1f4ea348f - Another try to be portable
  *  286f05716 - define and use exp10
  *  aa5af61ce - Fix compilation on non-GNU systems
  *  f50113e57 - axis label: improve power-of formats
  *  c392bb17f - use better warning colors in all places
  *  3fea472d9 - [workhseet] adding the changes on CartesianPlot.cpp
    that were forgotten in 7e0fb88.
  *  708217eff - Improve background color for syntax errors. Also
    consider light/dark theme
  *  7e0fb889a - [worksheet] don't apply the current theme if the
    objects are being moved (change drawing order), otherwise user's
    settings are overwritten.
  *  db7b07736 - [worksheet] save the alignment in TextLabel.
  *  d95f0f877 - [box plot] allow to modify the appearance of the
    whisker cap separately from the whisker line.
  *  363e3e72e - [spreadsheet] when navigating between the different
    columns in StatisticsDialog, don't change the current tab  in the
    statistics widget, the user should continue with the same
    visualization  for the different column.
  *  7670959a0 - Don't notify the curves about the column removal when
    the parent spreadsheet is just being moved (move up/down in the
    project explorer).
  *  c37de9c13 - axis range: Fix multirange tests by improving previous
  *  da6e1077c - auto scale: fix changing drawing order
  *  125ba1406 - [examples] added a new example project Hertzsprung-
    Russel Diagram.
  *  110d346b3 - Minor fixes: * when notifying about columns being
    remove, no need to do this for hidden columns like result columns in
    XYEquationCurve, etc. * more usage of fixed-property in
    LiveDataSource and InfoElement.
  *  793211447 - [worksheet] fixed the regression with plot objects
    being not updated when the underlying data or some of their
    properties were changed.
  *  4bf0c6053 - Show the used in sub-menu in the context menu of a
    column only if the columns is really used somewhere and react on
    rename requested events also for the project node in the project
  *  454509efb - Introduced a new property fixed in AbstractAspect that
    allows to determine whether the objects can be moved, renamed and
    deleted more easily. Thic commit also fixes the problem with
    residual values in the fit curve and with rough values in smooth
    curve where it was possible to delete the columns for them which we
    don't want to allow.
  *  7093b5d9c - resizable text edit: show fallback grab bar also on
  *  7cc1e18ad - axis: fix drawing axis line when zoomed
  *  3d9a49cc6 - fitting: pseudovoigt model fixed
  *  e28f632b9 - [worksheet] always sort the list of available themes in
    the themes preview widget.
  *  6e873e363 - Properly copy&paste/duplicate equation curves.
  *  243965427 - grab bar: use fallback only on Linux
  *  78836d484 - axis: fix drawing with invisible curves
  *  1c144073a - code cleanup
  *  51e0d0805 - fix typo
  *  1e4fa21ae - axis dock: improve auto scaling
  *  5d814c73a - cartesian plot: better naming for data range
  *  a2e43f019 - Fix compilation
  *  558675904 - axis dock: enable clear button for first tick offset
  *  b99beffcb - cartesian plot dock: Fix truncation of range values
  *  13ca31be4 - axis tick label: use gsl_pow_int and better debugging
  *  db94ab842 - axis tick label: keep any format when changed or loaded
  *  9b57a3239 - [worksheet] hide the move behind and move in front of
    sub-menus in the context menu of a worksheet element if they don't
    have any entries.
  *  1fdc478d3 - Delay the initialization of actions in the project
    explorer to the point where they are really required.
  *  14ab47625 - Add file name in the Save As file dialog.
  *  1af3b1f70 - axis tick label: Fix crash in power of formats
  *  4fd36f50c - axis tick label: Improve scientific format
  *  c2dd8f50d - CAS settings: add warning when no backends are
  *  8188bb532 - Added a version check around KFuzzyMatcher, it's
    available startign with KF 5.79 only.
  *  d3edfdb87 - Fuzzy matching when doing search/filter in the Project
  *  ebf127af1 - [spreadsheet] proper icon for the search action and end
    the search upon Escape key press.
  *  1d6fe2fd4 - [spreadsheet] allow to search in the spreadsheet.
  *  1eb716283 - axis dock: improve tool tip for tick offset button
  *  2aa6b30e7 - axis dock: add auto first tick offset tool button
  *  d4bb2146a - typo
  *  09ed9a2c2 - axis dock: add tool button for first tick offset
  *  cef92e691 - cartesian plot: improve API
  *  1eec8a5ac - cartesian plot: simplify API
  *  bc1ae9554 - [examples] added new example projects for multi-ranges
    and for Tufte's minimal ink design.
  *  a9838c60b - [worksheet] added a new symbol character X.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 19 Nov 2021 17:17:37 +0000

labplot (2.8.2+git8855-1dba2f68e-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 1dba2f68ea4466561e19f0e6c29f9ab0529c6823
  * Date: 1636118157
  * git changelog:
  *  1dba2f68e - parser: Add functions to generate non-uniform random
    numbers of several distributions
  *  cc606768d - Fix previous commit
  *  f615aa72e - liborigin: d942dc63
  *  40a148ecd - liborigin: 904fcc37
  *  73c85a526 - l10n: Add @title:window helpers, capitalization and
    punctuation fixes
  *  f59b64599 - liborigin: ccefb3a5
  *  69cb3dbc5 - changelog
  *  04881574f - [boxplot] hide the symbol for the median.
  *  94231553c - Origin import: fix curve data column import
  *  361d9d121 - disable break point
  *  3fe0006f7 - Origin import: fix column import and debugging
  *  81bd76251 - Minor code style fixes in aspectcommands.h and two more
    examples for the usage of boxplot and histrogram in the SDK.
  *  bd33ec34f - [worksheet] switch off the rug for curves and the auto
    data range type for axes when switching to a non-Tufte theme.
  *  0ec427f65 - axis: add option for tick start offset
  *  fdb99100a - Origin import: better axis label font size, fix empty
    legend title
  *  5e2abffe8 - When removing aspects, emit the aboutToBeRemoved signal
    for column children only so the curves can react. Sending it for all
    aspects causes issues that need to be fixed first. Alsom reduced the
    dependency in multiple classes on macrosXYCurve.h.
  *  a301c27ba - Origin import: fix auto scale of axes
  *  8391feb72 - minor fix
  *  f7d9dc87a - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  d47c30689 - * add DELETE macro * more Origin import debugging *
    disable removing items from worksheet view to fix Origin GRAPH
  *  0b89d9ecd - Minor fixes: * added shortcuts for panning in the plot -
    arrow keys are used to move left, right, etc. * added additional
    null-pointer check in CantorWorksheet so we don't crash when we
    failed to load/find Cantor plugins and the session is not available.
  *  6f6d02a12 - cartesian scales: remove unnecessary checks
  *  2b5367e61 - Improve check macro
  *  f45164816 - Fix warning macro
  *  6c2c24214 - Fix log scales and combining different scales
  *  7912982f2 - Fix typo
  *  414acf48c - Fix crash loading a project
  *  0d7037127 - Fix drawing curves in non-linear scales
  *  d719d57e3 - spreadsheet: fix matio import test
  *  d47b8e4e5 - axis: check ranges for non-linear scales
  *  290006b4b - tests: more multi range tests
  *  e35001691 - code cleanup
  *  6b1981b69 - tests: improve multi range zooming
  *  61895f85f - Fix plot actions
  *  bdf12bcca - [worksheet] made the setting of axis range type (auto,
    auto data, custom) undo/redo-able.
  *  c9cfe6f1a - [worksheet] minor fixes: * react on undo/redo changes
    for theme selection in the plot * when selecting 'Tufte', activate
    the rug plot only for curves with <100 data points
  *  7865839c4 - [worksheet] properly draw the background of the plot
    area (regression).
  *  14e041174 - [worksheet] don't apply theme when the objects are
    being pasted (copy or duplicate action in progres) otherwise we
    overwrite user's custom settings.
  *  bbeb0d982 - Start fixing multi range tests
  *  df2242740 - Fix compilation with MQTT
  *  643f9ebb3 - Minor cmake improvements
  *  32f0f3677 - Fix warnings without netcdf/matio
  *  07e22f251 - Revert Numeric->Double for cartesian plot dock
  *  4ff8307fa - Fix compilation without Matio
  *  beaaf11c8 - Improve MAT import speed and add performance tracing
  *  a5b562e8f - Fix build with MQTT
  *  523765da8 - Refactor using poppler for handling PDFs
  *  0839e75c1 - Better default LaTeX font size
  *  d9b7f91d5 - Switch to PDF for formula preview to improve resolution
  *  3934b9c77 - [examples] all the new example projects will be saved
    in the xz-format. So, it's safe to always assume in ExampleManager
    we're dealign with XZ.
  *  b7a37290e - spreadsheet: fix column designation in append mode
  *  34e76b997 - tests: add multivar MAT import
  *  d5841e3c2 - mat import: Fix crash importing multiple MAT vars
  *  511cc19db - Clenaup: * removed unused function in ProjectExplorer *
    better function name in ExamplesWidget
  *  02b25905b - axis title: Fix drawing bouding box of html text
  *  85da72392 - Notify GuiObserver to bring up the proper dock widget
    and somewhat simplified logic in ProjectExplorer to finalize the
    project load.
  *  176fa9f15 - tests: enable parser test on FreeBSD for testing
  *  f21ff3991 - dock widgets: try improving resizable comment field
  *  b082e7bfc - [examples] added a new example project SOS Morse
  *  7c4f93222 - [worksheet] when copying, duplicating or loading labels
    and images, call retransform() so their positioning relative to the
    parent is properly updated.
  *  02ef6d7db - Code clean up
  *  9eaa7dc5c - resizable text edit: try to improve grab bar
  *  0ed9a42d0 - [axis] Fix loading ticks spacing
  *  ccad79747 - [worksheet] added more shortcuts for the
    navigation/zooming actions.
  *  411826e42 - Also rename Numeric to Double internally
  *  3a05a4044 - column: rename Numeric mode to Double to be more
  *  10bc8f720 - interpolation: catch non strictly increasing x data

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 05 Nov 2021 17:41:45 +0000

labplot (2.8.2+git8788-031533021-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 031533021695b8708c4c07ed78c33b84553afba8
  * Date: 1634127127
  * git changelog:
  *  031533021 - minor fixes
  *  34374a925 - Make poppler optional
  *  fdcb7503a - poppler changelog
  *  5be643792 - [tex renderer] Fix tools check in settings
  *  679e0a149 - [tex renderer] Fix tool checking
  *  569c88970 - [tex renderer] use poppler instead of ImageMagick for
  *  9ffc87aa1 - Improve compatibility
  *  69f172b5b - [worksheet] more fixes in TextLabel: * re-render the
    LaTeX image when the theme is changed to get the new font and
    background colors * use syntax highlighting in LabelWidget also for
    Markdown * when switching from LaTeX with non-valid text to Markdown
    remove the red-highlighting in the text field
  *  4e209cd2f - [worksheet] hide the TextGraphicsItem in TextLabel when
    LaTeX image is shown and added icons for the different text modi in
  *  2016b41a7 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  dcf39b7b4 - Fix compiler warning
  *  66a22d3a2 - [worksheet] disable the item for LaTeX in the combobox
    for available text modi for the text label if no LaTeX is available
    on the system.
  *  4b6937d73 - When adding a new child, call finalizeAdd() prior to
    calling emit childAdded(). This also fixes the crash when adding a
    new axis to the plot.
  *  d4c2da6fb - [parser] use the right type for characters
  *  c42661b21 - [worksheet] switched from QStaticText to
    QGraphicsTextItem in TextLabel to get better support for html. Basic
    markdown syntax is working now, too.
  *  4f03d9534 - minor comments
  *  c1e666074 - Fix stringDataPointers type.
  *  0d8541a99 - [worksheet] removed the enum WorksheetElementName, we
    can utilize AspectType for this purpose.
  *  d1ced2e2a - [interpolation] Also use only valid x range for custom
  *  6b6597f75 - Cleanup in includes.
  *  5fcf802e2 - [interpolation] Fix possible crash with invalid data
  *  d16b0a623 - Added changes that were missed in the previous commit.
  *  7d4cd448e - [worksheet] allow to specify which curves should be
    shown in the plot legend.
  *  c3c126cd6 - [matrix] Catch type mismatch in append mode
  *  0c54496d4 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  47cdbf5b8 - [data sets] use the online description for the datasets
    in the StatLib collection, if available, and some minor cleanups in
    StatLib and Rdatasets collections.
  *  0068894ed - Fix compiler warning
  *  25fd7913b - [Matio] Fix import difference between Matrix and
  *  e83678a0f - Support append in matrix and use it to import multiple
    vars from MAT files
  *  e065d93a9 - When saving the preview pixmap for the project,  save
    only the area surrounding all visible sub-windows instead of saving
    the whole main area.
  *  11a7fd4f3 - [Matio] Prefer Matio filter over HDF5 for MAT 7.4 files
    and clean up
  *  fbf4700d4 - [Matio] Support importing all selected variables
  *  15e6fa8e8 - [Matio] Preview all selected variables
  *  cbda97819 - Use XZ compression as default when saving projects
  *  a44add486 - Added tooltip text for the newly added projects setting
    save calculations and updated the ChangeLog file.
  *  a1d4c279b - Allow to save the project without the results of the
    calculations in the analysis curves to reduce the size of project
  *  9d3307cc1 - [project] Fix previous patch
  *  a2b6a5e71 - [project] Support loading xz compressed lml files
    (besides gz and not compressed)

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 14 Oct 2021 20:36:17 +0000

labplot (2.8.2+git8750-7898511ff-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 7898511ff91a8966fb68bf12bf91b6559bd98da7
  * Date: 1632090429
  * git changelog:
  *  7898511ff - [xycurve] Fix drawing only relevant lines between data
  *  4f04544fc - Initialize the symbol widget also in
  *  c608979f5 - Don't crash when closing a top-level views like
    worksheet,  etc. (regression).
  *  bd35a8ddf - Mark the project as changed on text changes in Note.
  *  e866f0521 - Improved the logic in the project exlorer to handle its
    state (expanded nodes, etc.) on save/load.
  *  49afef680 - [axis dock] clean up
  *  b5c3b496a - [worksheet] properly scale the image element on size
    changes when the keep ration option is not selected.
  *  ae0f11ca1 - Removed obsolete includes and forward declarations in
  *  6ee1cd446 - Cleanup.
  *  2cb2ca762 - Reduced code duplication in AxisDock.cpp.
  *  83f082036 - [worksheet] simplified the data range type settings
    (free, last points, first points) in plot's properties widget.
  *  b983a41cf - [worksheet] react in worksheet dock on use view size
  *  554e32c19 - [worksheet] made the option use view size undo/redo-
  *  356277cbf - [worksheet] when adding a new label or a new image from
    the toolbar and not from the context menu, place them at the center
    of the worksheet.
  *  dfc6348e4 - [worksheet] properly save and load the properties of
    the median symbol in the box plot and activate the range-frame axis
    mode if Tufte theme was selected.
  *  033ecff42 - [axis] Fix missing axis line for some cases
  *  09ff73031 - Removed the dependency on PlotArea in
  *  20dda806c - Moved background related enumerations from PlotArea to
    WorksheetElement to remove the dependencies on PlotArea in several
  *  41a954866 - [sdk] export the APIs for histogram and box plot and
    more includes cleanup.
  *  ed64e747e - [sdk] expose the APIs for XYEquationCurve.
  *  e0ea6e647 - Removed the dependency on PlotDataDialog in XYFitCurve.
  *  5ae1d7ada - Fix the build.
  *  92369d3dd - Export the API symbols for the shared library and more
    forward class declarations.
  *  1661cd684 - Introduced the ability to build a dynamic library
    containing the plotting part of LabPlot only. The idea is to provide
    a component that can be used in other projects. First version, more
    improvements will follow in future.
  *  56b1c0503 - Fix building tests
  *  05b82f6ac - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  5081e4359 - Reduce dependencies
  *  e8657d216 - Removed the dependency on Workbook and Datapicker in
    AbstractPart and further cleanup in the includes.
  *  8e2e761af - Removed the dependency on LiveDataSource and on
    MQTTClient in AbstractAspect.
  *  a00e82cb4 - [spreadsheet] delay the initialization of menus and
    actions in SpreadsheetView until the point when they are really need
    and some minor cleanup.
  *  c3c14ad5b - [matrix] delay the initialization of menus and actions
    in MatrixView until the point when they are really need and some
    minor cleanup in the includes.
  *  511a5623f - typo
  *  07f50c350 - fix file name logic
  *  b45fcb41b - [file dialog] Improve path handling on Windows
  *  26f1d48a4 - [Matio] Fix importing multiple variables in a workbook
  *  378f5e189 - [import dialog] Improve file name handling on Windows
  *  4575ca829 - [Matio] Prepare import of multiple vars and clean up
  *  9806a51f8 - [matio] Make import a lot faster
  *  a2302ae33 - [fit] Use evaluation range as plot range and not more
  *  1bc749b4d - Add license info for 3rdparty kdmactouchbar lib
  *  12c72544e - Add license info for 3rdparty liborigin lib
  *  e100ddbec - Convert newly added example-kdefrontend license headers
    to SPDX
  *  277a7abaa - Convert QT_BEGIN_LICENSE license statements to SPDX
  *  47f89bb51 - Convert CC-BY-3.0 license header to SPDX
  *  cd664e692 - Organize SPDX-FileCopyrightText better
  *  b55198932 - Put contact information in angle brackets
  *  6a2e3f7fb - Convert remaining MIT license headers to SPDX
  *  a1b7bc2e7 - Use 4 spaces instad of tab in license headers
  *  d912fbf08 - Adjust formatting of license headers
  *  3e152b31b - GIT_SILENT Clean up 'by' keyword in SPDX-
  *  2fdf8aff2 - GIT_SILENT Remove .directory file
  *  05784fb65 - Group 'Description' with other info and not license
  *  5cace43b4 - Format license headers & cleanup
  *  c4a22581a - Convert LGPL-3.0-or-later license headers to SPDX
  *  1b05db82b - Convert remaining BSD and GPL-3 license headers to SPDX
  *  4009f94a3 - Remove licensing files that do not reference and data
  *  d70fdb6e2 - Convert license information for datasets
  *  e62c3ed32 - Convert license header oftree.hh to SPDX
  *  0de44ce50 - Manually convert remaining MiT license statements
  *  f856a122d - Put contact information in <> instead of ()
  *  1517e9197 - Put contact information in <> instead of ()
  *  5c808d980 - Update .gitignore
  *  61e60115f - Manually convert remaining GPL-2.0-or-later license
  *  0c1a14006 - kdefrontend/dockwidgets: Convert license headers to
  *  c77558d8a - Remove obsolete COPYING file
  *  2a0dde5b9 - Cleanup
  *  f79419e37 - Convert license headers to SPDX
  *  a991e384a - [worksheet] prevent switching to scientific notation
    for axis labels when openning a project where the format was
    explicitely set to decimal.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Mon, 20 Sep 2021 20:16:17 +0000

labplot (2.8.2+git8681-c635d74d8-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: c635d74d845b6cc2273323491ab03904f72bff4f
  * Date: 1630832631
  * git changelog:
  *  c635d74d8 - GIT_SILENT Update ChangeLog.
  *  717f01799 - Improvements in ColorMaps and Examples Dialogs:
  *  ffb285eda - Fix compile warnings
  *  d03fb39ae - First version of the Examples Dialog - a dilaog showing
    all available example projects that will be delivered with LabPlot
    and that can be openned from the main menu bar via Open Example.
  *  1ca2203d7 - Improve formula picture resolution
  *  f36ee542b - [axis] Fix y axis line for non-logical positions
  *  275b25e6f - [axis] Fix crash
  *  4c71564ce - [axis] unused variables
  *  37ffe13a0 - typo
  *  9b5865a55 - [axis] Fix axis line for non-logical positions
  *  149619eca - [axis] Fix auto data range
  *  b0718f4e7 - [axis] Implement auto data range
  *  9f8c927d7 - Hamburger menu needs framworks >= 5.81
  *  5ddbef48e - Added KHamburgerMenu. It's not shown yet, the reason is
    not clear yet...
  *  184a536f6 - [worksheet] introduced axis range type replacing the
    old auto scale option.
  *  968ee5e1e - [worksheet] when creating new text labels and images
    via the context menu of the plot, place them under the mouse cursor.
    This is similar to how it's done already for labels and images
    placed directly on the worksheet.
  *  f86fd3734 - [datasets] don't download the online version of the
    dataset descripton twice and,  if it's in the hmtl format,  convert
    it to plain tex for the spreadsheet comment field.
  *  1d0b3fd61 - [axis dock] add tooltips for new buttons
  *  f77a5a8af - [worksheet] properly handle the  positioning of
    TextLabel when being child of a worksheet  and not of a plot. This
    also solves the problem with worksheet's text labels jumping to a
    different position when a theme is applied.
  *  6b5159020 - Fix minor typos
  *  5eb6bb010 - Introduced text setting mode in TextLabel to better
    switch between rich-text formatting,  LaTeX and Markdown type-
  *  25bad33ab - Added the search for the Dicsount library for the
    markdown markup language.
  *  12618da0d - Save/load or rug properties in XYCurve and minor fixes
    in Tufte's theme and R dataset defitinition file.
  *  6dd8fffcc - [histogram] introduced half bars line type.
  *  b1bf73f6e - [worksheet] minor fixes
  *  c0753b023 - [worksheet] implemented rug plot.
  *  dfcf86584 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sun, 05 Sep 2021 12:11:10 +0000

labplot (2.8.2+git8654-9348dffe5-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 9348dffe5954aa9c4b595e1dc549b247b5c7eb8c
  * Date: 1629385359
  * git changelog:
  *  9348dffe5 - [box plot] added special handling for the theme Tufte
    so appearance of the box plot is identical with what was advocated
    by Tufte.
  *  e4526aee8 - Added SameStats example again, was deleted by an error
    in the previous commit.
  *  11a48ec94 - New folder for example projects with the first project -
  *  504a4ff63 - When saving the state of the project explorer, which
    nodes are expanded, etc., and the geometries of views, properly take
    care of the sub-folder structure.
  *  37d1c18dc - Properly register signal-slot connections in MainWin
    for workbook's children.
  *  d20b202db - Show the relevant actions in the context menu of
    spreadsheet and matrix also when they are chidlrend of a workbook
    and some general cleanup in AbstractPart.
  *  1fbaa8869 - Properly update the window title bar on undo/redo
  *  054e6b33e - Allow to change the order of objects in the project
    explorer (move up and down) via the context menu.
  *  1568ab964 - axis ticks: improve corner cases
  *  23ae37b21 - Fixed crashes caused by the wrong results in
  *  94b80e29d - Minor fixes: 1. don't create any unwanted entries on
    the undo-stack when selecting a plot 2. use QStringLiteral instead
    of QString for AbstractAspect::typeName()
  *  596863447 - Save the current paths of the data columns if available
    instead of saving the last available column path. This fixes the
    issue when the spreadsheet was renamed and the connection to the new
    column paths was not properly saved and restored.
  *  c949e15b3 - Show only relevant objects in TreeViewComboBox.
  *  abd1aa21d - conflicts
  *  736e653a2 - better debugging
  *  3573076c5 - Simplified the logic for the selection of objects in
    the project explorer and for the propagation of signals.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 19 Aug 2021 20:14:51 +0000

labplot (2.8.2+git8637-abe9428f2-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: abe9428f258430f1a55cffcf394908f0e73c0af3
  * Date: 1627758629
  * git changelog:
  *  abe9428f2 - tests: disable failing multirange until fixed
  *  96dd0b73c - Fix crash when loading project
  *  e65ee620c - cartesian plot dock: clean up
  *  6cb2c67ae - tests: fix multirange
  *  4fc018baf - [worksheet] don't crash when adding a new histogram to
    the plot, regression introduced with the previous branch merge.
  *  07a9c3b09 - fix compile issues
  *  c51d357c4 - Merge commit 'a337167659afe490149b9e8c584c700975060ec8'
  *  7c9ef93b6 - every cSystem must have it's own scales, because
    otherwise double delete occurs
  *  ff5cc8e43 - fix compile issues
  *  a33716765 - GIT_SILENT typo
  *  651616d43 - axis: make showing axis scale and ofset optional
  *  a4d8a3090 - axis: add scale+offset label and clean up
  *  70dd638b3 - Fix auto tick for inverted axes
  *  6fd768e2a - axis: fix ticks and tick label for all directions and
    inverted ranges
  *  5b7377721 - axis: only use auto ticks when changing range and fix
    saving custom tick counts
  *  52f9b53f4 - [box plot] allow to activate jittering for all types of
    marker points (outliers, far out values and data points).
  *  d4a547d18 - [box plot] allow to order the data sets by their mean
    and median values, ascending and descending.
  *  65045ae4b - axis dock: easily set special scalings
  *  f7c3146ec - axis dock: easily set certain offsets
  *  81cc54cac - [box plot] allow to plot the data points with and
    without jittering.
  *  93a152446 - plot dock: use number locale in plot range list
  *  c9531140e - plot dock: keep cursor position in line edits for
    inputing values
  *  db6eaf18c - tests: Fix range extend check
  *  ef96f072d - axis: simplify auto scale
  *  326650c5c - axis: Fine tune automatic range extend
  *  c05b58c3e - tests: disable failing parts of multirange test until
  *  30465ed7d - Fix crash in column statistics (KDE plot)
  *  155fd22ca - axis: improve nice extend and auto ticks

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Mon, 02 Aug 2021 21:52:00 +0300

labplot (2.8.2+git8604-9301d36bc-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 9301d36bc64dcf3462d1fd2fcefb6dce1615f39c
  * Date: 1626640257
  * git changelog:
  *  9301d36bc - tests: Another try fixing linking of multirange test on
  *  067642134 - tests: Try fixing linking of multirange test on Windows
  *  d3d4455b4 - [worksheet] don't crash when adding a new histogram in
    the plot (regression).
  *  8a0ea45d5 - [worksheet] properly initialize the symbol properties
    in the dock widgets for the equation and analysis curves.
  *  065a451cf - Improve axis auto tick label precision calculation
  *  17ff5729b - add missing return
  *  f2059387b - Merge branch 'master' into MultiRange
  *  604c65cb5 - code simplify
  *  8b8b7d6d2 - fix y axis ticks and minor things
  *  f0dec304a - PlotRange is already used otherwise
  *  3b7461f8c - fix debug build
  *  03c705222 - minor fixes
  *  bc7512382 - merge conflicts
  *  bcbbbbb1d - code style and other fixes
  *  d24278022 - [datapicker] when switching to log scales,  change the
    reference point value  from 0.0 to 0.1.
  *  29ba3e6a8 - rename RangeP to (maybe better) PlotRange
  *  8009a4e91 - clean up
  *  bd926a8f7 - [worksheet] when creating new custome point,  reference
    line or info element via the add new entry in plot's context menu,
    position the new elements at the current position of the mouse
  *  ac0a3b264 - test: avoid locale problem of parser in fit
  *  c764e485a - tests: enable tests in Windows compile script
  *  ac677a098 - tests: allow debugging on Windows
  *  44ea5af0a - GIT_SILENT minor comment change
  *  8aa8e8505 - [worksheet] don't draw the grid lines when exporting or
    printing the worksheet or when showing it in the presenter mode.
  *  8527fba49 - Fix typo
  *  820196177 - Add application path to PATH on Windows to find backend
  *  bba7a3d0c - project: use user name for author correctly
  *  bb966143a - minor fixes
  *  a4c5de316 - Fix compiler warning
  *  19110bea4 - string typo fix
  *  de4ddb038 - Replace deprecated methods
  *  9659ec480 - Fix compiler issues and Qt deprecations
  *  97439779e - tests: add hdf5 int import
  *  2e9cb6f0a - tests: add HDF5 test
  *  e5b05387e - hdf5: Improve using start/end row/column
  *  1345a119a - WIP
  *  9b9907868 - fix bugs
  *  3b47d5216 - add new property
  *  56a3f929a - add new property
  *  676f37166 - HDF5: use data type when importing data
  *  f56a9113b - move xRangePrev and yRangePrev into Struct, be make it
    multirange capable
  *  c6d8a5e6e - Properly save the geometry of the visible views.
  *  1660bc207 - make some additional function multirange capable
  *  a7325fa4f - HDF5: preview and import 2d data of strings
  *  114501a18 - HDF5: preview and import 2d data of strings
  *  a5dd308d2 - More Changelog updates
  *  1c41bd94f - Update preview image of gaussian random number
  *  c7cdb11ba - Changelog update
  *  ee61b7bfe - Update tooltip
  *  8ad6857ce - Finalized the implementation of the plot border types
    (draw the lines left, top, etc.) and updated the ChangeLog file.
  *  795ae8033 - [worksheet] introduced the border type which will allow
    the user to define for which side of the plot rectangular to draw
    lines. This is useful when plots are put besides each other and no
    lines should be drawn at the touch point. This is the implementation
    in the UI, the actual drawing of the lines will be added soon.
  *  4053d5e82 - fix minor compiler warnings
  *  8f13dbe69 - worksheet: coding fixes
  *  4c6c950eb - project: fix code and compiler warnings
  *  0f2f2aa02 - check it fixed size pixmap is better for displaying

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 22 Jul 2021 18:25:30 +0300

labplot (2.8.2+git8522-06fb5d97f-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 06fb5d97f4029aa15fb8afb88b8db9b0ec0b138d
  * Date: 1625132378
  * git changelog:
  *  06fb5d97f - simplify previous commit
  *  e3067fda8 - Sort list of random number distributions
  *  c2d2cf9e6 - import: select first variable in matio and hdf5 when
    nothing is selected
  *  29d87e163 - Explain order of random number distribtions
  *  b3d498f3d - show git hash in about dialog
  *  70b7065b4 - matio: test import of cell portion
  *  99fb36419 - matio: support start/end row and col for cell data
  *  2f770b35e - matio: redesign import cell type
  *  5b046eb87 - matio: add empty cell test
  *  2591c8168 - Make code more standards-compliant and portable
  *  5d1b7dfd1 - Don't save the project file name in the project xml.
  *  e56a00773 - matio: test portion of sparse data
  *  a8ca410bd - matio: consider start/end column for sparse data
  *  917dee45f - matio: consider start/end row for sparse data
  *  cfa189518 - matio: add test files
  *  f2450163e - matio: test sparse complex
  *  288caeef3 - matio: import sparse complex data
  *  8e5a833cc - matio: sparse logical test
  *  1bbf71c69 - matio: read all sparse data types
  *  aaf006422 - [worksheet] fixed the resizing of plots with the mouse.
  *  7a8928ca9 - matio: test for portion of struct
  *  59a3cef0c - matio: fix import struct into matrix
  *  ec6e379fa - Enable -DQT_NO_URL_CAST_FROM_STRING and fix compilation
  *  2919386ef - matio: consider start and end column for struct data
  *  6ea54339f - matio: consider start and end row for struct data
  *  43c94b531 - Null-pointer check in the recently added code in
    Worksheet. Should fix the failing project import tests.
  *  a1ff361d7 - matio: test struct import
  *  9baabf1a6 - matio: import struct data
  *  bae9a4b5b - matio: preview all types of struct fields
  *  9dd88de1d - matio: preview complex field in struct as two cols
  *  024476388 - matio: test for start/end row/col
  *  bb2c1ed35 - matio: use start/end row/col for complex data
  *  4dbabda48 - [worksheet] properly handle the resize item on
    selection and layout changes in the worksheet.
  *  72a353a73 - matio: handle start/end row/col correctly for basic
  *  33f07cbc8 - Fix missing locale supprt in evaluating range of fit
  *  db7ba0f99 - Put the add new spreadsheet and put new matrix into a
    new sub-menu Add New of the context menu of Workbook to be
    consistent with other top-level objects.
  *  78ae834c9 - When adding new spreadsheet or matrix to the project,
    add it to workbook also when one of its children is currently
    selected. E.g. a spreadsheet in a workbook is active now and the
    user click on the spreadsheet icon in the toolbar -> we add it to
    the current workbook.
  *  6c5a9bd02 - Adding changes that were forgotten in the previous
  *  969e1b2bc - [worksheet] properly resize the parent container in
  *  4332da82a - color scheme: don't switch theme on Windows (system
    dark theme is usable now)
  *  8dc773502 - [worksheet] initial implementation of the resize of
    plots with the mouse when no worksheet layout is active.
  *  771dcef68 - matio: use given start and end row
  *  f14cb8ad1 - Set the widget style to breeze on windows and macOS
    since it seem to work best with the differen color schemes we allow
    to use.
  *  eeef78232 - color scheme: try fixing problems with initial scheme
    on Windows
  *  356d26e58 - custompoint of the info element has not the plot as
    parent. use the more secure variant to check plot()
  *  8733e6501 - rename function
  *  7a9ecca5d - implement key press reaction also for the logical
  *  d756ffc8a - fix taborder
  *  0fb618877 - invert movement, so key up and the textlabel goes up
  *  f21e04058 - Disable clipping, so the TextLabel can be placed also
    outside of the bounding rect, but the Line will anymore be drawn
  *  b54cbd902 - do not map to parent, because pr is the bounding rect
    of the plot not the parent
  *  31c8fc545 - fix alignment for logical coordinates
  *  6e198a40e - fix label positioning problems
  *  da6079196 - not only the direct parent must be a plot. There must
    only a plot set
  *  e19bde212 - No need to set the cSystem again. It is already done in
    the InfoElement it self
  *  8b9922f0f - fix element info custom point not visible. During
    finalizeAdd the m_plot is cleared to 0x0, because the parent aspect
    of a custompoint inside a Infoelement is not a CartesianPlot, but
    the InfoElement it self. Conflicts:
  *  3e9ee3752 - [worksheet] use a more reasonable pen width to draw the
    hover/selection box.
  *  d317f934d - Don't react on selection changes in the project
    explorer on project load since this is leading to multiple changes
    in the properties explorer. We select the proper object at the very
    end after the project was completely loaded and show the
    corresponding properties widget only once.
  *  e84003be6 - [boxplot] save and load the min and max values of the
    box plot ranges. For other curves like xy-curve and histogram this
    is not needed since this values are determined in
    plot::retransform() directly from the data column. For  the box plot
    the logic is different and additional calculations are required to
    determin the ranges so we save it to properly show the box plot on
    project load.
  *  f9db34aa8 - Properly register signal-slot connections for newly
    added folders and all their children in MainWin.
  *  3f88a0f94 - [worksheet] removed redundant set-calls when change the
    background images files in the relevant classes.
  *  1f7c7e73c - [worksheet] moved the logic for the selection of the
    file for the backround image to a central place in GuiTools.
  *  dd0b2a330 - [worksheet] adjusted ImageElement to the new
    positionioning logic and create the image on the worksheet at the
    position where the context menu was called.
  *  07ae17127 - [boxplot] don't crash when the used data columns are
    deleted in the spreadsheet.
  *  5c811bcd0 - [spreadsheet] undo/redo for removing the heatmap
  *  b98a299f3 - [spreadsheet] undo/redo for setting the heatmap
  *  f98ad9f87 - [boxplot] position the middle of the box plot at the
    values 1, 2, 3, etc. instead of 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc. and set the
    number of major axis  ticks to the number of data sets when creating
    box plots via the plot data dialog. This allows to place the major
    ticks below the box plot. The logic for auto ticks needs to be
    adjusted a bit now.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 02 Jul 2021 19:32:34 +0300

labplot (2.8.2+git8455-aa4d8ec41-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: aa4d8ec4176fb067b9d39153b44f89efd2459aed
  * Date: 1623006858
  * git changelog:
  *  aa4d8ec41 - Minor renamings for the newly added color maps.
  *  306ed4c98 - Added license files for the new color maps.
  *  b7b821959 - Added the ColorCET color maps collection.
  *  d5b2504aa - Added the cmocean color maps collection.
  *  bf8488b3d - Added four more color maps (cividis,,  mako, rocket,
    turbo) from the viridis collection.
  *  40db86ee5 - [spreadsheet] fixed a couple of minor issues around the
    heatmap formatting.
  *  5e5093aa0 - add function to create a more intuitive view of the
    time difference
  *  5a2488adb - implement Datetime for cursor
  *  4546bb815 - Added a new colormap collection 'viridis'.
  *  a4fb4ff26 - [worksheet] minor layout fix in AxisDock.
  *  385f64454 - [worksheet] don't show any tick labels for the first
    axis orthogonal to the orientation of the boxplot.
  *  7a174c926 - [spreadsheet] changed the order of sigma and mu
    parameters for the log-normal distribution in RandomValuesDialog to
    be consistent with the order in other similar distributions.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 11 Jun 2021 15:13:35 +0300

labplot (2.8.2+git8443-48ee28c12-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 48ee28c1233e94952daed896609b7725b2cb82cd
  * Date: 1622190209
  * git changelog:
  *  48ee28c12 - matio: preview given number of lines only
  *  2fd1d334b - matio: set column names for imported complex data of
    basic types
  *  6a7f56238 - matio: preview and import complex data of basic types
  *  b7d9f1a38 - [worksheet] when adding a new TextLabel via the context
    menu on the worksheet, place it at the place where the context menu
    was called. Also, some minor code style fixes in WorksheetElement.
  *  2dfb11806 - matio: preview double complex struct fields
  *  f2035d148 - Wenn new curves are added via the PlotDataDialog,
    always select the plot of the last added curve instead of selecting
    the curve. In most cases this dialog is used to quickly plot the
    data and the user want immediately see the results and we don't want
    to disrupt this with the selection effect drawn for the selected
  *  03c5240d4 - Fixed the build for the case when Cantor libs are not
  *  cfd13a36f - Fixes in the CAS worksheet: * Don't show the column
    properties widget if a CAS variable column was selected. Show the
    properties for the CAS worksheet instead. * Properly remove all
    variable columns when the CAS backend is restarted * Don't allow to
    copy, duplicate and rename CAS variable columns in the context menu
    in the project explorer - the management of these variables is done
    in CAS.
  *  93c840606 - matio: preview struct data
  *  f780ad4b8 - Switched to ResizableTextEdit also in the ProjectDock
    to get a consistent behavior across all dock widgets. Also, removed
    the template handler for the project since it's not really useful
    here and there are no properties that could be templated.
  *  de933d657 - [datapicker] use the new class Symbol also in
    DatapickerCurve to reduce the amount of redundant code.
  *  6aab82e8f - matio: complete previous patch
  *  0a00d9f11 - matio: add more tests and fix sparse import
  *  35962d440 - matio: correctly read matrix data
  *  d6e0381cb - [worksheet] properly apply the mouse move event to all
    plots on the worksheet if the option apply action to all plots is
  *  0527ea055 - [worksheet] better default values in Symbol for the
    different classes using it.
  *  247850c87 - [datapicker] use the new class Symbol also in
    DatapickerImage to reduce the amount of redundant code.
  *  59fc66e04 - Add matio import test
  *  1b1a18551 - column: add mode name method
  *  36e237338 - matio: other types
  *  ceafa7be9 - Minor layout fixes in a couple of properties widgets
    using the new SymbolWidget. Also, removed an obsolete spacer in the
    project properties widget which might adress the unwanted artifact
    seen on windows.
  *  911a5febd - Moved the handling of the description changes (name and
    comment) from the dock widgets to the central class.
  *  00e6867c0 - [worksheet] better layout in xy-curve dock widget.
  *  386d24432 - Made all comment text fields resizable.
  *  2ba6cd91e - cmake: don't link to libzip directly
  *  e848d5a88 - cmake: fix previous patch
  *  f40af0b3a - tests: disable readstat tests when readstat not
  *  d1daf7afd - cmake: link system readstat with iconv also on macOS
  *  1d1e7ad9f - cmake: find and include zip library if found (netcdf
    may be build with it on Windows)
  *  9148e7113 - matio: sparse import improvements
  *  6eee92a21 - matio: Import sparse data
  *  411306d64 - Better appearance for the grab element in
    ResizableTextEdit that is used for comment text fields.
  *  0e951ae3f - [worksheet] fixed some positioning related issues in
    Axis for older projects that were caused by the re-design of this
    logic today.
  *  c1f802943 - Fix readstat test
  *  44d22b6ed - minor warnings fixed
  *  df4a1bdfe - link to zip library with netcdf (try fixing problem on
    Windows build server)
  *  7b5e2ab27 - matio: read all basic cell types
  *  8691ae9ce - [spreasheet] the relevant change was forgotten in the
    previos commit.  Adding it now...
  *  196eea81f - [spreadsheet] adjuste the column width to fit the
    content in case the application settings were changed and the
    spreadsheet header needs to be adjusted according to the new
    settings (show column mode,  etc.).
  *  5cc2396dd - matio: read cell class type
  *  1d9f36982 - plot() is not yet assigned, when the axis was just
    added before. So use the parent element which is also the plot
  *  2d256c482 - if no coordinate system is available, it means no plot
    is yet assigned, so just ignore and wait until adding was finished
  *  45556a83a - use dummy second value in QPointF and use already
    existing mapping functions instead of creating new 1D functions
  *  50525ba1e - fix tabs
  *  ab66ed0d9 - cleanup
  *  165d52fb7 - fix problem that centering axis does not work
  *  ce917e3bd - move position spinboxes next to the combobox
  *  b557a47ef - implement like in transformAnchor
  *  cd4b0f86e - initial commit to refactor axis position
  *  d373d6562 - When showing an non-existing Column in
    TreeViewComboBox,  red-highlight the font color only and not the
    background. This looks better on windows and macOs since overwriting
    the background color breaks the whole style of the combobox.
  *  aed93f8ed - [spreadsheet] no undo/redo for value  labels yes,
    notify the project about changes manually.
  *  02bbd89d5 - [spreadsheet] fixed the removing of value labels and
    some other minor issues around the labels.
  *  ee476feb4 - [spreadsheet] allow to modify the value labels in a
    batch mode by entring the text like 1 = true 0 = false etc.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 28 May 2021 21:07:36 +0300

labplot (2.8.2+git8390-ef399fec2-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: ef399fec2c77275947c331be121dbcd7a3e69f36
  * Date: 1620984775
  * git changelog:
  *  ef399fec2 - cmake: silent warning
  *  a5726bd25 - Allow to change the name and comment properties of
    Folder and Workbook in the properties explorer. Also, renamed Notes
    to Comment in the project properties widget to be consistent with
    the usage in other places.
  *  3d7267d9f - Fix build on Windows
  *  a707a6958 - readstat: Add tests
  *  e4b22c5e9 - cmake: output imorovements
  *  882e6fdda - readstat: clean up
  *  2167bb2a1 - readstat: Fix problem with value labels and clean up
  *  a1922692f - matio: minor fixes
  *  3ba6ccb3b - readstat: Fix bug reading double value labels
  *  7950625a1 - liborigin: 3.0.1 update
  *  86f664bf7 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  f0df9e73d - box plot: minor improvements
  *  43c584dba - [worksheet] always save the column path if available
    and not only when the column pointer is valid.  This is needed for
    the following workflows: plot data ->  delete one of the colums->
    save project and close it -> open it again and re-create the  column
    with the same name as used before. With this fix the column is
    properly restored in the plot.  This logic needs to be  implemented
    everywhere where WRITE_COLUMN is used right now.
  *  a6f95fb51 - Better wording for the import data related actions in
    the main window.
  *  3918819cf - [box plot] made BoxPlot inheriting from Curve to
    reimplement the hovering related functions. This fixes the problem
    with the proper hovering of xy-curves placed on top of a box plot.
    The hovering of box plot itself still needs to be fixed.
  *  a45abe3c4 - typo
  *  708392c58 - Minor fixes: 1. allow to copy&paste notes and
    datapicker objects 2. allow to paste folders on folders 3. activate
    the new project action after a project was openned 4. added dates to
    the recent release in ChangeLog
  *  9bed7c580 - liborigin: Add link to SciDAVis fork
  *  c99a94f85 - update INSTALL
  *  06cefc9dc - cmake: use system liborigin when available
  *  8f41fe799 - typo
  *  027b8e612 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  20ca0c09a - liborigin: Update README
  *  e0f7d0544 - liborigin: Update opj versions
  *  253456b27 - [worksheet] don't crash when duplicating a worksheet
    having a box plot.
  *  18e6ebafb - liborigin: add latest fixes from upstream
  *  f12f7b6af - liborigin: update build
  *  d8c92438f - [box plot] draw box plots in the legend (show the name
    only at the moment) and fixed the missing signal-slot connection for
    the boxplot visibility changes.
  *  9d9e155a9 - [import] fixed the invalid memory access in the origin
  *  2e8921f83 - [worksheet] when mapping a point from logical to scene
    coordinates, check whether the mapped point is visible and react to
    this instead of comparing with QPointF(0,0). This removes artifacts
    like those arising during zooming in the box plot.
  *  e2235c653 - [worksheet] fixed the indentation in TextLabel.
  *  67b44a7ef - Merge remote-tracking branch
  *  da88fdb20 - Improve y auto scaling (Martin)
  *  f97bfc533 - readstat 1.1.6
  *  24a466a11 - readstat: fix Windows build
  *  47bee2f51 - readstat: link on Windows
  *  9cd691419 - readstat: link on Windows too
  *  4b936294a - readstat: help finding lib on Windows
  *  66c401ccf - readstat: disable own version on Windows
  *  6e4f79229 - readstat: enable on Windows for testing
  *  502eeaae4 - rename compatibilityNumber to xmlVersion
  *  bf7a3ffad - [box plot] added a couple of other definitions for the
  *  89c343868 - matio: improve finding on Windows
  *  d8a30def3 - If project version number is smaller than 2.9.0, Change
    some values to have the textlabels again at the same position,
    because the handling is different in 2.9.0
  *  44231ca5f - use static function to access project version, because
    otherwise it is not possible to access from new created elements to
    the version number, because they don't have any Project object as
  *  f63e2d0df - [box plot] allow to specify a factor in % to control
    the box width relativ to its default value.
  *  df693c0a5 - matio: import basic data types
  *  cb68e10b2 - Disable print, export and new project actions if a new
    and empty project was created.
  *  e71af8276 - [worksheet] allow to change x- and y-columns in the
    XYCurve properties widget also when multiple curves are selected in
    the project explorer. Useful when the same column needs to be
    assigned as x or as y for multiple curves.
  *  aefe8be2f - [box plot] properly handle the cases where the adjucent
    values are exactly equal to Turkey's fences.
  *  e68e16732 - forgotten to load horizontal and vertical alignment
  *  6a87d4c41 - fix indentation
  *  0d57d68e3 - matio: preview rank 2 variables of class double
  *  5ede8769b - [spreadsheet] value labels for DateTime column mode.
  *  ad5d90b17 - Fix build
  *  ea8dd8bda - [spreadsheet] save and load value labels in Column.
  *  22b0e1544 - matio: show variable list in import dialog
  *  2739d014e - [spreadsheet] show the available value labels in the
    column properties widget.
  *  57aaba6c0 - matio: show basic file info
  *  b2aff1376 - matio: prepare import and filter
  *  7242ef6c7 - always link libz
  *  2e42bd74c - Fix typo in hdf5 linking
  *  b61e5f124 - Fix typo in readstat libs
  *  e82920ffa - tests: cmake clean up
  *  d27c19b32 - Fix configure without readstat
  *  8d9b14c2b - cmake clean up
  *  370c8f33a - matio: cmake find
  *  cfac65218 - Default to start with new project

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 15 May 2021 08:45:13 +0300

labplot (2.8.2+git8317-5d6cef45a-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 5d6cef45aa161e03b6c99db1d0d3f17f53739180
  * Date: 1619728405
  * git changelog:
  *  5d6cef45a - typo
  *  4aa156c06 - readstat: datetime value labels not supported
  *  fd86103d2 - [worksheet] allow to consume variables from CAS
    worksheets as custom columns in AxisDock (for custom tick positions
    and custom label values).
  *  1d359e410 - readstat: import value labels
  *  8efd27f6c - [spreadsheet] allow to specify labels for the values in
    a column. This initial implementation introduces the basic usage of
    this feature that will be made more complete in the later commits
    (undo/redo, save/load, better handling of DateTime values, batch
    edit mode, etc.)
  *  3b36a9fa3 - Fix crash in correlation and convolution & clean up
  *  c9a155efa - cmake: search for matio library
  *  a9e2b0b89 - axis: nice extend when zooming with mouse to avoid ugly
  *  94ff93032 - axis: improve auto scientific tick label format
  *  3bb807922 - fixuifiles
  *  6db94e560 - [import] many online datasets are using quotes,
    especially R's datasets. Activate the option in ASCII filter to
    remove the quotes to properly import such data.
  *  fcc5e25f6 - [worksheet] better initial settings for the opacity in
    histograms and box plots.
  *  3052f0511 - [box plot] implemented notches.
  *  766e48160 - axis: Fix problems with values near zero and scientific
    format with precision zero
  *  cea7422d0 - [box plot] minor improvements.
  *  3a060a15c - [box plot] implemented jitters and far out values.
  *  e845e4021 - [worksheet] moved some common code from XYCurve and
    BoxPlot to CartesianCoordinateSystem.
  *  66525c993 - [worksheet] switched to using the new Symbol-classes
    also in the box plot. It's possible now to modify the symbol
    properties for mean, outlier, far out and jitter values in the box
    plot independent of each other.
  *  6cf5b990c - [worksheet] moved the settings for the custom label
    column from the tab Labels to the tab Ticks in the axis properties
    widget. Usually, when providing a custom column for the ticks
    position the user will also want to provide custom labels for them.
    So, it makes sense to keep these settings together in the same tab.
  *  0940d66a6 - [worksheet] properly handle the axis tick labels coming
    from a custom text column when the plot range is being changed
    during zooming etc.
  *  429f6523a - [worksheet] used the Symbol and SymbolWidget in the
    code for XYCurve and for Histogram.
  *  175f65093 - readstat: prepare reading value labels etc.
  *  de53420b7 - [worksheet] implemented the symbol specific logic in
    the class Symbol and introduced a new widget SymbolWidget to modify
    the properties of a symbol. This widget will be used everywhere
    where a symbol is available - xy-curve, histogram, custom point,
    boxplot (mean, outliers, jitters), and later probably more.
  *  426594747 - Fix crash when missing y scale due to range being zero
  *  90aa63cbe - [box plot] don't try to draw the symbol for the mean
    value if this point is outside of the currently visible plot region.
    Same for whisker caps. This now removes all ugly artefact in the box
    plot that could arise during zooming in the plot.
  *  3c1a421db - [box plot] properly clip the box of the boxplot on the
    plot boundaries when zooming in the plot.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 30 Apr 2021 23:30:36 +0300

labplot (2.8.2+git8291-389f8ea64-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 389f8ea649d34dd1ef203a97e61d14d86dadda2d
  * Date: 1618436022
  * git changelog:
  *  389f8ea64 - Simplify analysis docks
  *  c72023166 - Use line edits instead of double spinboxes for ranges
    in analysis docks
  *  702b4bf6e - minor fix
  *  b71845fa7 - Hilbert transform: Fix showing auto x range
  *  8d98a74bb - [boxplot] adding the changes in BoxPlotPrivate that
    were forgotten in the previous commit.
  *  d6fe54928 - [boxplot] introduced the option for the variable box
    width. If checked, the box width is made proportional to the square
    root of the number of data points.
  *  c3600aaff - [boxplot] properly place the whisker ends and the
    lowest and upper adjacent values.
  *  e5b05a95e - [spreadsheet] moved the management of the heatmap
    formatting from the spreadsheet model into Column which allows a
    much more easier saving and loading of the formatting properties and
    impelemented save/load of them in the project.
  *  18e3e9f7d - [worksheet] allow to apply the actions for zooming in
    the plot separately for X and for Y for all plots on the worksheet.
  *  614bc577e - [worksheet] use prefix and suffix, if available, also
    for text custom columns used for axis labels.
  *  fcbedc316 - [worksheet] fixed copying and duplicating of boxplots.
  *  d3d4ddba7 - [boxplot] propely recalculate the whiskers when the cap
    size was changed.
  *  be3f2ba35 - Show collapse all and expand all entries and use more
    compact strings in the context menu of the project node in the
    project explorer.
  *  bcc7e1740 - [spreadsheet] show the preview for the currently used
    color map in the heatmap formatting dialog and some minor layout
  *  d851c5217 - Minor code cleanup in MatrixModel and in main().
  *  a772866eb - [spreadsheet] allow to apply the conditional formatting
    in the spreadsheet also to the font color of the cells.
  *  a4abbd177 - Decoupled the handling of the definitios of the color
    maps from their visualization. This will allow to use the color map
    colors independent of the ColorMapsWidget.
  *  09ad50465 - Minor fixes.
  *  a0e369f16 - [worksheet] moved the check whether the multiple
    selected info elements have the same parent from GuiObserver into
  *  b9966f06f - Simplified the initialization of InfoElementDock in
  *  67cbfa103 - [worksheet] suppress a couple of unneeded
    recalculations of the bounding rectangular in Histogram and in
  *  8c275602c - Allow to paste Spreadsheet and Matrix into Workbook.
  *  512eb0196 - Allow to drop Spreadsheet and Matrix onto Workbook in
    the project explorer and also expand the destination object after
    the drop was finalized so the dropped object is automatically
  *  e2680bce7 - Properly invalidate column properties (statistics,
    etc.) on data changes.
  *  4e5779498 - Minor fixes in the color maps and heatmap formatting
  *  5810e5c49 - [spreadsheet] allow to remove the heatmap formatting in
    the spreadsheet.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 15 Apr 2021 21:21:18 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git8265-966951362-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 966951362a066334c25ca5149840f6ccf2012fa3
  * Date: 1617287973
  * git changelog:
  *  966951362 - new release
  *  52aab6cb3 - readstat: read notes as comment
  *  0cc557048 - Implemented the search and the synchronization between
    the icon and list views in the color maps browser.
  *  3a2a00470 - Icon view mode in the color maps browser.
  *  e7692c018 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  1e6afc2fa - readstat: use start and end column in import
  *  84ea875f8 - [spreadsheet] for the heatmap formatting allow to
    select what to hightlight - the background or the icon of the cells.
  *  50816f959 - readstat: use start and end row in import
  *  9a5375b94 - [spreadsheet] initial implementation of the heatmap
    formatting in the spreadsheet.
  *  f0e920cae - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  c3926cce4 - Fix build without readstat
  *  20fe897ff - readstat: import data
  *  e2d41a06e - [box plot] performance optimizations: 1. no need to
    calculate the outliers when MinMax whiskers type is selected 2.
    avoid drawing outlier symbols falling onto the same scene point
  *  cc3d743d7 - readstat: Fix preview of empty cells
  *  38c2cd3b5 - Fix compilation without readstat
  *  6428f4311 - Implement preview of readstat files
  *  78d9e4ad7 - [worksheet] finalized the implementation of the custom
    column for axis ticks labels.
  *  558b660c9 - Fix linking libiconv
  *  36e5de667 - Added all colormaps from the collection Scientific
    Colour Maps.
  *  a2d0fb7a6 - Link libiconv if necessary
  *  f2df522d4 - Try another linking fix
  *  009a49dd8 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  2ab2581b5 - Try again fixing linking
  *  64760ac8c - try to fix test builds
  *  31f58f740 - Try fixing linking problem with readstat
  *  739bbd373 - [worksheet] better logic in LabelWidget to decide
    whether it should be possible to position a text label via logical
    plot coordinates or not.
  *  4d028f186 - Fix typo
  *  f953a8bcb - Read file info for all formats supported by readstat
  *  dcd6f0c87 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  5be53a66b - Add readstat import filter
  *  3a353342e - Update readstat to 1.1.5
  *  5af556179 - changelog
  *  c8ed59182 - [box plot] switched to the 1.5*IQR whiskers type and
    minor fixes in the theme handling.
  *  a3b95ce32 - Fix square and inverse axes scale
  *  0c0abf336 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  0156a8e4c - Fix sqrt scale and add inverse scale
  *  8217804a1 - [worksheet] added a new theme Tufte following Tufte's
    minimal ink, maximal data philosophy.
  *  f27385597 - [worksheet] added missing slot implementation for the
    custom column changes for axis ticks in the properties widget.
  *  a838f5c0e - [worksheet] add widgets to allow to use a custom column
    for axis labels. The actuall consumption of the custom column still
    needs to be implemented in Axis.
  *  eb152759c - Fix crash in log scale
  *  fc7151799 - Removed some outdated colormaps related code and added
    the first color maps from the collection Scientific Colour Maps
  *  61acfff52 - Spreadsheet export: don't allow selection of FITS
    export if cfitsio is not available.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 01 Apr 2021 19:26:05 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git8222-aea43b38b-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: aea43b38bee0c5f32c6bb7f0d7e4878c807ce081
  * Date: 1616013378
  * git changelog:
  *  aea43b38b - Fix potential memory leak
  *  34da49786 - [spreadsheet] simplified the wording in the Manipulate
    Data part of the context menu.
  *  35aa2e4f7 - Fixed a couple of places where Qt's container could be
    potentially detached in the for-range loops.
  *  26fad12ca - [spreadsheet] removed some unneeded intermediate
    retransforms in the plots shown in the column statistics widget to
    improve the performance on big data and made the dialog more
  *  3f354de65 - Switched from gsl_sort to std::sort also in the column
    statistics widget.
  *  b6c73f22f - [spreadsheet] replaced gsl_sort with std::sort which is
    300% faster and some further minor cleanup in
  *  ac468f4f3 - Fine tune extending/shrinking axes to nice values
  *  58172a001 - [worksheet] removed some more copy&paste code in
  *  b0427a7d6 - [worksheet] removed the old and commented code that
    took the sizes of the error bars into account when doing the auto-
    scaling in the plot.
  *  9fb292ef8 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  5df201460 - Improve auto axis when zooming
  *  2132d5700 - Fix precision of axis tick label for big numbers
  *  269f491d5 - Improve axis auto range and add tests
  *  eed3cafa8 - [spreadsheet] initial code for the conditional
    formatting in the spreadsheet.
  *  1efda5f41 - Fix crash adding new axes
  *  c8ff57279 - Allow to copy&paste histograms and box plot and also
    show the waiting cursor when the objects are being copied.
  *  f9927e8d3 - [spreadsheet] hide the freeze/unfreeze column action
    instead of disabling it for non-first columns in the spreadsheet.
  *  2bd49a99c - Added the Diverging Color Maps for Scientific
  *  c48fb65d0 - Fix saving of plot padding and avoid checking for old
  *  896f2ebbd - Improve auto number of axes ticks
  *  c6a4cc20b - [spreadsheet] don't limit the number of rows shown in
    the column properties widget to 16777215. The column can have more
  *  faea8e30e - [spreadsheet] delay checking whether the current
    selection has some masked and unmasked cells to enable/disable the
    corresponding action in the context menu to a later point when this
    sub-menu for the selection is really opened. This improves the
    performance for big selections in the spreadsheet.
  *  e8c412fae - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  a5a3bbd69 - Minor fixes.
  *  d891aa495 - Don't show FITS meta data editor menu if cfitsio it's
    not available
  *  634123c40 - Use auto number of axis ticks
  *  8338bef53 - Implement auto tick count for axes
  *  e2d6349be - [spreadsheet] show the pdf-normalized histogram in the
    KDE plot in the column statistics dialog.
  *  896d7f88b - [histogram] count density and probability density
  *  661c77ce1 - [worksheet] extended the logic in previous commit also
    to BoxPlots.
  *  bece2e8a0 - [worksheet] when adding new curve like objects to the
    plot (xy-curve, histogram, etc.) and assigning the color index from
    the current theme, determine the index for children of all types and
    not within one type only. I.e., if a xy-curve was added and a
    histogram after this, the histogram should already get the second
    color from the palette.
  *  27c041510 - [histogram] implemented the normalization of the
    histogram. The normalization type Count is the usual normalization
    with the height of each bar being equal to the number of elements in
    the bin. The normalization type Probability normalizes the height by
    the total number of elements in all bins (the area below the
    histogram envelope is equal to 1). Other normalizations will be
    implemented later.
  *  da416ac08 - [worksheet] use Text instead of Text Label in the
    context menu of the plot to be consisted with the wording used in
    other areas.
  *  f6caf843e - [worksheet] fixed the regression where the label
    positioning was possible via coordinates for axis title label.
  *  1d3f2b0bd - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  8e6b2b018 - Worksheet export to more image formats
  *  3c32aa99f - First version of the Color Maps Browser. This dialog
    will be used later to select a color map for different purposes in
    the application like for the conditional formatting in the
    spreadsheet, for heatmaps, etc. In the initial version all color
    maps from the CollowBrewer collection are included.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 18 Mar 2021 23:58:45 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git8185-5a3eab2ca-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 5a3eab2caf05f8e0a57359776a7853c7eeafa0ae
  * Date: 1614735370
  * git changelog:
  *  5a3eab2ca - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  3a780f53f - Off by one typo
  *  1c2413b14 - typo
  *  a9369dba8 - use std namespace
  *  2c6642280 - Use std::isnan
  *  90ea8f97f - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  0bafa3e8a - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  980de5de4 - Hilbert transform curve with dock and implementation
    including tests
  *  441667522 - Update splash image
  *  35db54570 - [spreadsheet] properly resize the internal data
    containers created for the Q-Q plot in the statistics dialog.
  *  ab069ad3b - Make datetimeedits wrap
  *  0ca1c1a9f - Add missing save and load of datetime format
  *  68828f183 - [spreadsheet] make the plots in the column statistics
    widget non-interactive and switched to the default color theme for
    all plots in this dialog.
  *  05c5e5923 - Improve range display
  *  db4590df7 - [spreadhsheet] allow to plot box plots via the Plot
  *  330289fef - User QJsonValueRef instead of auto& in the range-based
    for-loops in ImportDatasetWidget.cpp to avoid copies of containers
    because the range of type 'QJsonArray' does not return a reference
    (clang warning).
  *  0740051bf - [spreashdeet] implemented KDE plot in the column
    statistics widget.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 04 Mar 2021 23:15:40 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git8168-692d18ef0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 692d18ef0b542bfe3a9c5786a1cfedc3c9cbe48a
  * Date: 1613820077
  * git changelog:
  *  692d18ef0 - [box plot] fixes: 1. don't show whisker types that are
    not implemented yet 2. update the color of the lines in the
    comboboxes on load in the properties widget 3. fixed the
    transformation of the position of the mean symbol
  *  b23ccaf47 - Updated ChangeLog for 2.8.2.
  *  c83c1421d - [spreadsheet] simpliefied the wording for the actions
    to make the difference between remove cells and clear cell content
    more clear.
  *  1365ddfd8 - [spreadsheet] when selecting a column in the project
    explorer, make sure it becomes visible in the spreadsheet by
    scrolling horizontaly to its position.
  *  a34c77b3c - [worksheet] 1.  adjust the range format (numeric vs.
    datetime) also when the the column of the first curve is changed and
    not only when a new curve is added 2.  simplified the naming of the
    initial axes for the default plot types (box blot with four axes,
  *  2643b60f6 - Fix crash due to function argument mismatch
  *  908283f18 - [box plot] implemented the horizontal orientation.
  *  64de0418f - Respect start column when importing column names from
    ASCII file
  *  bc6257efa - Less debugging
  *  79b904509 - Fix ASCII import when start column > 1
  *  b02d55547 - [spreadsheet] when removing or inserting rows in the
    spreadsheet, update the vertical header _after_ the new row count
    was determined. This will solve issues in the spreadsheet when a
    wrong number of rows was displayed in the spreadsheet after the user
    has modified this number in the properties explorer.
  *  ac2a7949b - Read until the end of the current element in XML in
    case we failed to load it because of the missing CAS support and
    continue reading the project after this.
  *  cc5561541 - Improved the logic in the XML parser to better
    differentiate between failed because of the missing CAS and failed
    because of the broken XML.
  *  14af0c2f6 - [spreadsheet] don't skip int and big int columns when
    showing the statistics dialog for the spreadsheet.
  *  b00907833 - [spreadsheet] added the reference line connecting (x1,
    y1) = (-0.6745, Q1) and (x2, y2) = (0.6745, Q2) in the Q-Q plot in
    the column statistics dialog.
  *  1aa01a328 - Minor improvements of the previous commit for the
    notification about the missing CAS support.
  *  fd988f923 - Improve auto scaling of ranges by rounding
  *  a49de598f - In case the project to be opened has some CAS content
    (octave, maxima, etc. worksheet) and the current LabPlot
    installation either competely lacks the support for CAS or the
    required plugins are missing, notify the user about it and warn
    about the potential data looses if the project is opened, modified
    and saved.
  *  c61986d3f - Add missing non-linear scale implementations and clean
  *  9ddcc96f9 - More log scale checks
  *  c3929d2db - Use ';' in range notation to avoid clash with decimal
    or group separator
  *  8e5dc7aad - log scale check and changelog
  *  73a0686f7 - [worksheet] don't allow to set axis label's position
    via plot's logical coordinates.
  *  f99fed2cf - More axis scale improvements and clean up
  *  a98dac14a - axis scale clean up
  *  8297b89d5 - Add new file
  *  e90ddf9d0 - Simplify scale usage
  *  71fc60be2 - Fix scale in docks
  *  fdd362ca1 - Simplify scale types
  *  ebe140960 - Better scale naming
  *  4bab15fb2 - minor warnings fixed
  *  0c5cd9fd2 - fix memory problem in project import test
  *  d49bfc844 - Don't crash when closing the statistics column dialog
    and properly repaint the box plot.
  *  df560dd60 - fix possible memory problem
  *  753a2f597 - [spreadsheet] Q-Q plot im Column Statistics Dialog.
  *  a6a858ac2 - finally fix memory leak
  *  e583f2809 - another try fixing memory leak
  *  e5b94c352 - another try fixing memory leak
  *  57432a40a - try fixing memory leak
  *  3421f00b0 - Fix regression in origin project import
  *  3eb89d094 - [worksheet] repaint the histogram if only the pixmap
    was changed (filling enabled/disabled, etc.) so the effect is
    immediately visible and simplified logic in xy-curve and histogram
    to draw the symbols.
  *  957edf5d9 - [box plot] for the mean symbol use the mean value, not
    the median.
  *  fa8547edd - [import] show the correct number of rows after the
    import for the currently selected spreadsheet in the project
  *  8acc6da2c - [import] don't generate any preview in the import
    dialog when the options together with the preview widget are hidden.
    This is helpful when the user is browsing through the content of a
    big file and the generation of the preview is very expensive (e.g.
    big JSON-structures, etc.).
  *  0ef92abc8 - [box plot] improved the handling for deleted data
  *  b1d93d791 - [worksheet] don't skip the inivisble data points when
    calculation the drop lines, we still need to determing the parts of
    the drop lines falling inth the current plot region.
  *  de1af5a5d - Fix auto scale usage (crash in xy-equation curve)
  *  bf9686d0b - better number default settings
  *  512090644 - reorder axis tick label format options
  *  a880226e4 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  89dc2cb7a - Fix typo in export spreadsheet dialog
  *  8d8e80872 - Fix LaTeX export of large tables (MR 16)
  *  70398871a - fix typos
  *  54c9b3433 - Fix crash in box plot
  *  4b46a2656 - nsl: Error handling
  *  06599a8fe - Fix regression
  *  19e55e61c - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  7518f40e5 - Fix page clippling and loading plot range form old
  *  222b79bca - [box plot] react on column changes
  *  3e0d20db1 - Minor fixes: 1. don't change the current selection in
    the project explorer during undo/redo 2. improved the handling of
    the initial read of the WindowState settings section 3. don't show
    any error messages for the empty files name when the import dialog
    is opened for the first time 4. properly enable/disable the
    histogram filling related widgets in the histogram properties widget
  *  b16af7668 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  8136c73c3 - [ascii import] when importing into the spreadsheet in
    the Append or Prepend mode,  ensure the uniqueness of the column
    names to avoid name collisions  of the new with the already existing
    columns in the spreadsheet.
  *  22d161c6a - undoable range settings
  *  98e25fd1b - fix loading plot range index
  *  467822dc3 - merge fix
  *  6e5313f48 - Fix autoscaling when deleting curves

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 20 Feb 2021 16:22:55 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git7981-93da2c213-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 93da2c2134e3ff0dc966d7c381364f22c85adbd9
  * Date: 1612385397
  * git changelog:
  *  93da2c213 - [boxplot] restore the pointers to the saved data
    columns on project load.
  *  7ea2e535d - [boxplot] generelized to multiple data columns
    (datasets) per boxplot.
  *  c4a151148 - Updated the ChangeLog file for 2.8.2.
  *  bdb3e5378 - [boxplot] decoupled the calculatins of of the box plot
    geometry from the actual drawing of rects, lines and symbols and
    minor changes in BoxPlotDock.
  *  00053a063 - [boxplot] draw only the unique outlier points. This is
    helpful for datasets with many repeating values for the outliers.
  *  2c4eb96a0 - [spreadsheet] added BoxPlot to the column statistics
    dialog. The original commit for this was incomplete.
  *  47ada8c4e - Use the canonical URL for addresses
  *  e22141781 - Fix the windows build.
  *  512be321e - [boxplot] add missing changes in the ui file.
  *  450773921 - [boxplot] allow to add multiple data columns for the
    boxplot, the UI-part of the implementation right now.
  *  1974effdb - [spreadsheet] added BoxPlot to the column statistics
  *  cadcec22e - [boxplot] more code to show, load and save the boxplot
  *  d3193110f - Added the changes that were forgotten in the previous
  *  645373e30 - [box plot] symbols for outliers and for the mean value.
  *  e590a0cd3 - Moved the drawing of the combobox items for the
    different Symbol styles to a central place in GuiTools.
  *  52e8db1a5 - [box plot] median line.
  *  d55393660 - [box plot] added whisker properties.
  *  785119b4b - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  f92f41064 - Simplified the logic to notify about the availability
    of Columns in TreeViewComboBox and moved it out of XYCurveDoc to
    TreeViewComboBox so it's also easily accessible for Histograms, etc.
    Checking the availability of columns is working now also in
    Histograms properly.
  *  1f934b891 - [worksheet] added missing changes in Histogram.cpp for
    datetime data and also fixes save/load of datetime range properties
    in the plot.
  *  82843a9c8 - [worksheet] DateTime support in Histograms.
  *  3e8b1b7e5 - [worksheet] convert the plot range format to datetime
    also when the first histogram for datetime data was added.
  *  fdb641f7a - [histogram] properly restore the saved values column in
    the histogram and also save the values formatting properties.
  *  164380729 - [spreadsheet] extended the statistics dialog by showing
    more information in addition to the descriptive statistics we have
    right now - histogram, boxplot, etc.  At the moment only the
    histogram is implemented and we'll additional content step by step.
  *  3b90d3e03 - If the deleted columns are being restored, restore the
    column pointers also in the histograms.
  *  e39878ae5 - When deleting an aspect, emit the about to be removed
    signal also for all its children. This allows to remove the bad hack
    in XYCurve to be aware of deleted columns when the parent
    spreadsheet is being deleted. This is also more generic now and
    applies for other curves like the histogram, too. So, the histogram
    is now also properly reacting of spreadsheet or workbook deletions.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 04 Feb 2021 23:52:10 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git7955-446332bd1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 446332bd114ce7cf80bec73618e66814f3b06748
  * Date: 1611217355
  * git changelog:
  *  446332bd1 - Refactored the logic to update the column dependencies
    on column name changes to avoid code duplication and made this logic
    more complete by taking also the value columns in the curves into
  *  7e9a70a6f - Fixed a wrong signal-slot connection in CartesianPlot.
  *  8620a45de - [import] further reduced the number of objects in the
    XML file to be parsed when doing the preview of a project to be
    imported. We pre-load only those objects that are relevant to check
    the dependencies across the project.
  *  b747394ee - Fixed issues introduced with the previous commit: 1.
    fixed compile error when building without HDF5 lib 2. removed
    unnecessary test file
  *  d29aec661 - [import] #ifdef the different file formats in
    AbstractFileFilter::fileType() so we don't try to parse for example
    a netCDF file when the application was compiled without any support
    for netCDF.
  *  af2cd0359 - [import] show the last recently imported projects in a
    combobox also in ImportProjectDialog.
  *  8ed763170 - [worksheet] minor fixes: 1. react on TextChanged
    instead on ReturnPressed in HistogramDock. 2. removed unneeded
    member in ReferenceLine. 3. new signal-slot syntax in
  *  f7f970045 - [worksheet] draw the text for the cuve values via
    QPainter::drawText() and not via QPainter::drawPath() in oder to get
    the text exported as text in SVG and not as a polygon.
  *  3177e2517 - GIT_SILENT Changelog
  *  48310f0bd - [worksheet] save/load the values format in xy-curve and
    react on text change for values prefix and suffix and not on return
    pressed event.
  *  b14ba6fa6 - [worksheet] minor fixes and improvements in some
  *  f39f2ab1d - Initial code for BoxPlot.
  *  43e55f58c - Removed the setPrinting() override in Historgram and
  *  6165f15eb - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  209a635f7 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  8cb743866 - When creating new histograms via the plot data dialog,
    set the title text of the y-axis to Frequency and some refactoring
    in PlotDataDialog.cpp to have more re-use of the common code.
  *  113b6fd56 - [worksheet] we need to reverse the horiz. and vert.
    layout icons from the breeze theme since the reverse order is better
    fitting into what we're doing in the worksheet layout with this. The
    icons were changed already in the main toolbar and we need to change
    them also in the worksheet properties widget where the layout type
    can also be modified.
  *  3f93b1c7e - [worksheet] moved the function isPrinting() to the base
    class since the implementation is the same for  all worksheet
  *  821908b70 - [worksheet] when changing plot area padding, generate
    one single entry on the undo stack in case the symmetric padding is
  *  5a5a56cb3 - [worksheet] improved the calculation of the bounding
    box of the plot when the selection box has to be drawn. Still not
    optimal, will be replaced by a different solution later.
  *  96dab170e - [worksheet] use the appropriate color from the current
    theme also for the lines of the different mouse cursor modes like
    zoom&select and crosshair to avoid situations where we're drawing
    black lines on the black plot area.
  *  97b55ab5e - [spreadsheet] removed the Binary format in the export
    dialog since it's not supported yet.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 21 Jan 2021 22:41:21 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git7933-436f8fd7c-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 436f8fd7ca7fe885ae52cff88a7a9ecb5d3d9634
  * Date: 1609948361
  * git changelog:
  *  436f8fd7c - [spreadsheet] minor layout fix in the export
    spreadsheet dialog.
  *  b3bc9a083 - [worksheet] minor fixes: 1.  show the full context menu
    of the worksheet in the view including the base actions like rename,
    delete,  copy&paste,  etc.  so the user is able to perform them
    directly in the view,  too. 2. properly handle the copy&paste of the
    info elements
  *  a9bc9e720 - [worksheet] apply theming also for the reference lines.
  *  28329a300 - Allow to copy&paste custom points,  reference lines and
    info elements and some cleanup in CustomPoint.
  *  b2b99980b - Silence some compiler warnings in macros. h and more
    cleanup in InfoElement.cpp.
  *  82fc3c1dc - Allow to copy&paste analysis curves.
  *  fb09b7baa - React on copy/paste/duplicate shortcuts also in the
    worksheet view.
  *  e5e991b39 - Show an error message in a message widget in the
    project explorer in case the copied object cannot be pasted in the
    currently selected object (because of the incompatible types).
  *  4d75f8164 - React on shortcuts for copy,  paste and duplicate user
    actions in the project explorer.
  *  f39904181 - Show in the context menu the name of the object that
    can be pasted.
  *  cbf03949a - Allow to duplicate objects in the project explorer
    (fast copy&paste under the same parent).
  *  9427b143a - Make copy&paste undo/redo-able in one single step and
    added code changes in Project.cpp that should have been part of the
    previous commit already.
  *  7abc94383 - Simplified the initialization of the legend and added a
    special logic for copy&paste of a legend to ensure there is only one
    single legend object present per plot.
  *  559677cf2 - More complete implementation of copy&paste in the
    project explorer.
  *  09d7230a8 - Fixed the invalid XML generated for copy&paste (the
    root element was missing) and restore the pointers after the object
    was pasted.
  *  7b6ce31c3 - [worksheet] more for the implementation of the label
    positioning via the logical coordinates.
  *  c1fba943c - Fix typo
  *  75e64d4b6 - [worksheet] more code to enable the positioning of text
    labels via logical coordinates.
  *  211775127 - [worksheet] properly update InfoElement's label on
    position changes.
  *  badd91bc0 - Fixing the build...
  *  fd5782d19 - [worksheet] simplified the save/load logic in
  *  1006a9dc5 - GIT_SILENT Updated ChangeLog.
  *  b91157e97 - [worksheet] support for DateTime in CustomPoint
    properties widget and more usage of READ-macros in
  *  54e86f4ef - [worksheet] new curve symbols heart and lightning.
  *  be42a5d55 - [worksheet] for custom points being children of an
    InfoElement, the position is changed via the parent settings ->
    disable the positioning in CustomPointDock.
  *  1dca79e79 - [worksheet] if binding to logical coordinates is
    selected in the label widget, hide all widgets used for absolute
  *  fb1b5818c - Added the preparational code for the copy&paste
    functionality in the project explorer.
  *  3374e95d7 - [worksheet] don't add axis ticks' lines to the axis
    path if the line stily for ticks is no line.
  *  cb71de515 - [worksheet] improvements in the ExportWorksheetDialog:
    1. export the whole worksheet if export selection was selected but
    there is no selection instead of exporting an empty image which
    results in an error. 2. don't ask the user twice whether the
    selected target file should be overwritten.
  *  9783c6563 - [worksheet] better looking preview image for themes
    showing more features (text labels, curve symbols and legend).
  *  ab16fc84b - Added new themes Monokai, ggplot grey and ggplot dark.
  *  a247a27c2 - Better wording for the title string of the properties
    explorer set in GuiObserver.
  *  587621a80 - [worksheet] supress more unwanted entries on the undo
    stack caused in InfoElement.
  *  1c60ba310 - [worksheet] don't put visibility changes of info
    element's labels onto the undo-stack and removed some dead code in

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Wed, 06 Jan 2021 22:48:52 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git7899-97a4ee0ca-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 97a4ee0ca6659a7d504c16a68f55275ad2f5a499
  * Date: 1608830269
  * git changelog:
  *  97a4ee0ca - [worksheet] fixes and improvements in CustomPointDock:
    1. react on text changes and not on return pressed in text fields 2.
    properly handle the locale in text fields 3. use white color for
    symbol icons on dark themes 4. new signal-slot syntax
  *  09a50dc84 - [worksheet] show all available symbol styles for the
    custom point (last possible enum value was missed).
  *  d526f72dc - [worksheet] removed additional memeber x and y in
    InfoElement::MarkerPoints_T since these values can also be obtained
    via the custom point which is also a member of this struct.
  *  a33309bcc - [worksheet] properly update the placeholders in
    InfoElement's label when curves are added/removed and use the proper
    data time format for the y-values in case DateTime is in use.
  *  41dde6c67 - [worksheet] added again the return value deleted by an
    error in the previous commit.
  *  3003905b5 - [worksheet] use the proper column mode dependent
    valueAt*() in info element when determining the nearest possible
    data point.
  *  07eeefbe7 - [worksheet] initial support for DateTime in the info
  *  53cfe4ecf - [worksheet] performance improvements in
  *  bc97cbdc9 - [worksheet] don't print any plot artifacts associated
    with the different mouse cursor modes (zoom&select, crosshair and
    cursor lines), more robust handling of the mouse cursor shapes when
    switching between the different modes and some minor optimizations
    and cleanup in the code.
  *  113edc507 - [worksheet] implemented the crosshair cursor mode in
    the plot.
  *  87f22b05b - [spreadsheet] allow to freeze the first column in the
  *  fa867f44a - [worksheet] don't allow any context menu for custom
    points of an info element (everything is controlled via the parent)
    and use curve names to name the points.
  *  d509b1482 - Simplified the logic in AbstractAspect to determine
    when to allow the entries delete and rename in the context menu.
  *  701f5ee31 - [axis] Improve tick label auto precision
  *  7111dde90 - [json filter] the icons labplot-json-object and labplot-
    json-array are not part of the breeze icon theme (yet) and with this
    they are not shown in the ImportFileDilog in the preview window for
    JSON files on Windows and macOS. To overcome this we draw the icons
    directly with QPainter when initialization the preview for JSON.
  *  fd36fe9f2 - [json filter] automatically use the JSON-filter for HAR
    files in the ImportFileDialog.
  *  f27358a3e - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  d39191037 - [axis label] improve notations
  *  bdf69fa64 - [axis label] Fix auto rounding of small numbers
  *  915e17e1c - [axis label] Switch to scientific format also for very
    small values (TODO: auto precision fails for scientific formats)
  *  e152cf98a - Support real scientific notation of axes label besides
    scientific E notation
  *  436bf6f08 - Add link to windows store in AppStream
  *  43818527d - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  2ca8a3961 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  b2c963ce7 - [worksheet] removed the dialog used to create the info
    element to be more consistent with the creation of all other objects
    on the worksheet - the user has to do all the settings directly in
    the dock widget.
  *  6f1752002 - [worksheet] update the connect to curve combobox in
    InfoElementDock when new curves are selected/deselected in the list
    widget for all available curves.
  *  e9ac66222 - [worksheet] don't crash when adding a new info element
    for a curve that doesn't have any data set yet and properly load the
    saved QPen settings in InfoElement::load().
  *  8da67bb11 - [settings] Added number options
  *  6ffcc73c5 - [worksheet] properly enable/disable the ok-button in
    the export worksheet dialog when switching between export to file
    and export to clipboard.
  *  5143c708f - [worksheet] for the InfoElement, show it's title
    directly in the dock widget and not as a child.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 24 Dec 2020 23:39:01 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git7869-73120f7ef-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 73120f7ef1ee93086895583d7fa6227884c95233
  * Date: 1607636335
  * git changelog:
  *  73120f7ef - Added missing changes on InfoElementPrivate.h.
  *  17a5bb16f - [worksheet] improvements in InfoElement: 1. added all
    properties for lines that we also have in other areas 2. add new
    tabs in the dock widget for the label and for the lines 3. reworked
    the logic in save/load.
  *  5f5b1fa5a - GIT_SILENT Add KUserFeedback to INSTALL
  *  1a70ca84e - [worksheet] in the datetime combobox for axis labels
    react also on text changes and not only on index changes.
  *  3b159a1c1 - Fix clang warnings
  *  809a8d4a5 - [worksheet] don't crash when loading a project with a
    saved info element.
  *  8aa5c5497 - [worksheet] properly handle the locale for the info
    element position in the dock widget and retransform the info element
    if the label text was changed.
  *  d19dc044d - [worksheet] in the InfoElementDock use LineEdit instead
    of SpinBox for better positioning of double values.
  *  8d3066cbc - fix style
  *  7fab22c5b - textwrapper must also set
  *  e25631bbb - rename arguments, so it is more readable
  *  bab3096c8 - rename placeholder to allowPlaceholder, because it
    matches better its usage
  *  b6174fcc5 - [worksheet] improved the layout and the variable naming
    in InfoElementDock.
  *  556c334a2 - [worksheet] don't allow to hide a TextLabel if it's a
    child of an InfoElement and hide the InfoElement in the worksheet
    view if no curves are selected.
  *  6d9b724d6 - [worksheet] improvements in InfoElement: 1. when
    selecting new curves and adding new symbols, don't jump to the newly
    added CustomPoint objects in the project explorer, stay at the
    InfoElement 2. hide the info element label in the project explorer
    if no curves are selected 3. better wording for some 18n-able
  *  0f553e9fc - [worksheet] if the theme is reset to the default one,
    use the black color for the legend text color instead of white since
    the default background color is already white.
  *  ef9662e47 - [Range] Fix inverted range used in plot
  *  cdc93039c - [worksheet] react on name and comment changes in
    InfoElement and somre more code style fixes.
  *  b3ae19ba6 - Fix minor typos
  *  14bffc7a7 - add position spinbox to dock
  *  3cb5f08ce - add option to set position from the dock
  *  e82c52dc6 - do not end before the last row
  *  0a5c07ce5 - [cartesian] code cleanup
  *  3d2f3aec8 - [worksheet] fixes in InfoElement: 1. don't crash when
    loading a saved info element 2. apply the color theme also for info
    element's children (text label and custom points)
  *  fa2be37dd - Fix compilation
  *  2bac71349 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  febd13992 - [axis] use range instead of start/end
  *  4ce9d944e - Fix some marker issues
  *  7b3541087 - clean up
  *  4f9eb9c39 - clean up cartesian plot

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 11 Dec 2020 21:00:19 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git7839-0bc95b1b8-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 0bc95b1b810fe24ce3502f44997968ca8b22b3bb
  * Date: 1606344695
  * git changelog:
  *  0bc95b1b8 - Use double consistently
  *  c1dcac647 - [worksheet] simplified the UX in the properties panel
    for the info element - for points to be shown on curves, use on
    single list widget with items having check boxes instead of two
    current list widgets.
  *  a9ef93e03 - Fix numeric limits
  *  14cc4ac00 - readstat: use default build command
  *  ba3aae28a - Add missing dependency to readstat library (fix build
    with Qt Creator)
  *  f9d7e14ba - Don't crash when the rc file was not found.
  *  3fc867fc5 - gsl: minor improvement
  *  f9cd81e4a - gsl: add Mathieu functions
  *  4e179d38a - gsl: add missing Ln
  *  044378c6b - Update Hermite polynomials and functions for GSL 2.6
  *  953e369e9 - [worksheet] improved layout in InfoElementDock.
  *  601fde47f - [worksheet] use the colors from the current theme for
    the info element lines.
  *  4a16646f1 - GIT_SILENT clean up
  *  1c834ebbe - Moved liborigin to src/3rdparty
  *  f4e64f1af - Improve status bar and memory info bar
  *  443fbde00 - Support semicolon as function argument separator in
    parser to improve support for locale with comma decimal separator
  *  188133063 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  33b22d2f7 - [fit] Fix custom model equation validation
  *  43227e3d1 - Update appdata for flathub
  *  c9020caae - [CAS] fixed the regression introduced after the python2
    backend was deprecated in Cantor. There is no Python 3 and Python 2
    backend names anymore, there is only Python now.
  *  6e54c8753 - Fixed the compiler warning in InfoElement about the
    function override.
  *  93125ad99 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  a1c0c0d3b - ReadStat: Fix possible build problem
  *  6c47004bc - fixuifiles
  *  7a9241786 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  71afe611a - parser: explicitly reset error count in parser
  *  62bf94e02 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  ad27fe233 - Bump version to 2.9.0
  *  bf0d1fb8b - More KDE like behavior for the entries in the Settings
    menu: 1. added the Show menubar action 2. use KStandardAction also
    for Show statusbar. No need to create it on our own and handle the
    save and load of its status. This action is now in the Settings menu
    and not in View anymore.
  *  5f075c67f - Fix another compilation issue
  *  cd5c373dc - Fix compilation with Qt < 5.13 and code style
  *  5bdb45a70 - Enable ReadStat per default
  *  e203a13cc - Established the coordinate binding (got lost during the
    merge of the MR) and more cleanup of the unused variables in the
    info element code.
  *  f06bb6bda - Cleanup in the recently added info element files.
  *  eaf0e78e1 - Fix the build.
  *  122e57ae8 - otherwise there is an infinity loop. This does not
    occur previously, because the Custom point of the Marker is one step
    below all other elements

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Thu, 26 Nov 2020 20:59:06 +0300

labplot (2.8.0+git7803-d0573f64a-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: d0573f64a0edc64b2167a9ce86f2064b8f781299
  * Date: 1605038347
  * git changelog:
  *  d0573f64a - GIT_SILENT Updated Changelog.
  *  e5a934870 - Fix full screen mode on macOS
  *  373fc93e1 - Fix full screen action
  *  0cfbf73a9 - [textlabel] Fix regression
  *  680dc4605 - Opimize drawing text label
  *  f7683f04a - GIT_SILENT Add icons for Windows store
  *  4840579c4 - Add option for reproducable builds
  *  7d170193a - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  30c06bad1 - Don't crash when doing drag&drop between different main
  *  d6f0b31b5 - Fix changing font of text label for newer Qt versions
  *  437a3e547 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  27bdb848f - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  7efdf6aa9 - Code style
  *  00fc63b46 - Fix datetime add/substract operations
  *  9193bd86c - Fix add/substract datetime values
  *  ce3b45b1f - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  8d78da661 - Typo
  *  61edd3e60 - [spreadsheet] when pasting values into the spreadsheet,
    convert to the proper column mode also if the whole target column
    was selected, i.e. clicked on the header.
  *  644d51fc7 - Use qint64 instead of quint64 in AddSubtractValueDialog
    when converting from the Unix epoch to milliseconds.
  *  3976d0c8f - Replace old syntax in all standard actions
  *  3e9519f00 - [spreadsheet] unified the handling of the column
    context menu generated in the view and and in the project explorer.
    This also fixes a regression where it was not possible anymore to
    add/subtract values in a datetime column.
  *  f119ace69 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  53aa1ced7 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  3082e81d1 - Improve standard actions and fix missing Preferences
    menu on macOS
  *  dd2af1987 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  ced921c05 - Minor improvement
  *  7b1bf1faf - Put double comparison into NSL
  *  5f1678bc8 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  8bfda6a8e - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  eee041498 - In the previous commit a signal was removed in
    ProjectExplorer::load() to avoid calling the update of windows
    visibility multiple times in MainWin. This caused a regression with
    the views not being shown after the project load. To address both
    problems - show views and avoid multiple update visibility calls - a
    new signal is introduced and the update of the visibility is done
    only once after the project was loaded.
  *  8a6de1100 - Merge branch 'master' of
  *  77a95ebba - GIT_SILENT Minor changes
  *  791eb64b5 - When loading the project, handle the current aspect
    changed signal only once after the project was completely loaded and
    some minor refactoring in MainWin.
  *  039edb1b5 - Handle the change of the windows visibily settings.
  *  b1b228734 - When openning a project, set the project file name for
    all supported formats and not for the navive format only.
  *  fab541817 - [worksheet] avoid potential division by zero and one
    more index==-1 case.
  *  7c399a879 - Remove sub-window shadow remnants when closing the
  *  95cd6ca15 - More handling of the index == -1 cases in the
    comboboxes in Axis and Worksheet dock widgets.
  *  57dc9d83b - GIT_SILENT improve build scripts
  *  e30684b88 - Fix build on FreeBSD
  *  ebcbf6124 - [AbstractCoordinateSystem] Replace legacy round()
  *  f549042fe - [spreadsheet] when loading columns, don't call the
    setters for the numeric formats and digits if the saved values are
    equal to the default values of Column. This removes some overhead
    during the project load.
  *  4879c2d10 - In the event filter in ProjectExplorer only react on
    mouse events in the tree view to avoid wrong casts. The issue is
    reported by UBSAN.
  *  c745baf3e - When populating a comboboxe with pen and brush styles
    via GuiTools, the items in the combobox get deleted first and the
    current index is -1. Don't react on -1 in the corresponding slots
    otherwise we convert -1 to Qt::PenStyle or Qt::BrushStyle which is
    wrong. This issue is reported by UBSAN.
  *  1e831a259 - Updated the version in the splash screen and in the
    Changelog file to 2.8.1.
  *  d502b1aa6 - [worksheet] user the icon for xy-curve also for
    convolution and correlation curves since we don't have any dedicated
    icons for them yet and some minor layout improvements in the
    convolution dock widget.
  *  93449579a - [mqtt] properly set the status of the widgets
    (enabled/disabled) in the last will message widget.
  *  5d2261a8c - Use qPrintable()
  *  264db0764 - Fix crash importing JSON (regression)

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 13 Nov 2020 01:15:40 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7754-75cbee6f1-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 75cbee6f1ad40a9a9ec08498b9b59ca3eded23b9
  * Date: 1602830169
  * git changelog:
  *  75cbee6f1 - [ascii import] save the timestamp option only if it's
    visible, i.e. live source is used. Use the default setting in the
    ascii filter (false) otherwise for non-live source.
  *  5cc7f3222 - Properly propagate the "create timestamp column" option
    to the filters used in the MQTT topics and some minor cleanup in
    ImportFileWidget to avoid unneeded casting between int and enum
  *  593bda498 - Fix build without MQTT and indentation
  *  fd6973da6 - [mqtt] when switching from mqtt to another source type
    in the import dialog,  make sure we disconnect from the current
    broker, if connected, in order not to get any notification anymore.
  *  5921520f2 - [mqtt] reduced the number of dynamic casts in
  *  7b3084655 - Change the project author in an undo/redo-able wave and
    also set the project to "Changed" if the author is modified.
  *  962a14448 - Minor improvement
  *  340ff7a0a - [mqtt] explicitely disconned the subscriptions to be
    unsubsribed from in order not to recieve updates for them anymore
    and some further code cleanup.
  *  5075a5ff5 - New signal-slot syntax in the analysis curve dock
  *  5b6d3c43e - GIT_SILENT Changelog
  *  e94992321 - Fix size of dock widgets when changing between docks
  *  755bf52b8 - [mqtt] more cleanup in the mqtt code.
  *  b6d162e54 - [mqtt] moved some pure MQTT relevant code out of the
    ascii filter.
  *  53997d94c - [live data] properly handle the timestamp column for
    live file data sources.
  *  bd91f8085 - [live data] properly show the pause reading status in
    the LiveDataDock when switching between different live data sources
    and some minor UI improvements in the dock widget.
  *  15cd0810a - [tests] Make tests run faster
  *  2c0edbabc - [worksheet] allow to copy the plot cursor cordinates.
  *  662d88483 - Fix focus in save template
  *  76433fb2f - [live data] set the aspect comment pointing to the file
    name for file and local socket data sources only, no need to do this
    for other sources like MQTT, etc.
  *  20dcb8d1d - [live data] don't crash when removing MQTT
    subscribtions in the project explorer, properly pause the reading
    from the broker prior to removing from the project.
  *  401595131 - Minor code fixes
  *  0e70770a1 - [live import] in case a wrong host for the MQTT broker
    was specified, the error QMqttClient::TransportInvalid occurs.
    Better handling and error message in ImportFileWidget for this case.
  *  de121f034 - Ignore hint for trailing return types
  *  632c50354 - Fix more issues found by clang-tidy
  *  bc350886f - More code style improvements
  *  a5ed05a79 - [build] clazy script update
  *  2ba5b69dd - Code style improvements
  *  23c78ece6 - [import] use message widget instead of the message box
    also for the MQTT error messages and minor layout improvements in
  *  791feb000 - GIT_SILENT Changelog
  *  80cae9af0 - [live data] properly reset the arrays for the column
    names and modes when doing the preview of the data coming from a
    live device.
  *  8cc136a91 - [axis] Fix color of tick label in HTML mode
  *  6cf0d56ec - Fix drawing lines between datatime data points
  *  f8c069674 - [live import] don't show "use header to name vectors"
    option when reading from non-file sources.
  *  6fb435439 - Updated ChangeLog.
  *  1e236ec16 - [ascii import] more code reuse and unification in
  *  ba32a167a - Fix compiler warnings
  *  d4b9b5b63 - [ascii import] further unification in the Ascii filter:
    use a common function to set the values in the data container when
    reading from files, live devices and from MQTT topics.
  *  9f9a68074 - [ascii import] unified the parsing of column values for
    the preview of files, devices and MQTT messages.
  *  94109d486 - [parser] Finish extending function list with argument

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 16 Oct 2020 14:05:23 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7715-d949e182a-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: d949e182ad9fa750816ace9b2ea4d2e6080b7630
  * Date: 1601673344
  * git changelog:
  *  d949e182a - Use new function argument functions
  *  f3542c932 - Helper functions to expose function argument string
  *  eee509398 - Minor edit
  *  fdd6551f8 - [parser] Extend function list with argument count (to
    be continued)
  *  884dbe91f - [parser] Fix crash in parser when used locale is not
  *  57e1522a2 - Fix compiler warnings on non-MSVC systems
  *  356d9eec1 - [worksheet] fixed the positioning of the filling
    rectangular for axis labels if a background color was selected. This
    finalizes the fix for Bug 426440. Background and font colors still
    need to be fixes for axis labels where html is used (powers of 10,
  *  fb9373e36 - [parser] Disable locale test on FreeBSD (to be fixed)
  *  d35d6a892 - [parser] Enable debugging on FreeBSD for failing test
  *  ae2004d47 - Fix Windows build
  *  374db360a - Try fixing Windows build
  *  8e18da21b - [parser] Add test for parser
  *  10fbd6109 - [parser] Extend operators and default return on error
  *  420550ef6 - Header cleanup
  *  a741c1a68 - Bump version to 2.8.1
  *  4a7d5f847 - Minor cleanup
  *  96450d93e - [parser] Fix locale on Windows
  *  1e4e1ef55 - Enable using locale in parser to detect numbers
  *  9e8788161 - [parser] Prepare supporting locale
  *  755ed516e - GIT_SILENT Changelog
  *  0e8fb2535 - [parser] Disable debugging again
  *  b1f2e7531 - [parser] Add remove_symbol() and proper remove
    variables in ExpressionParser::isValid()
  *  7476d6235 - [parser] Fix parser function usage and disable
  *  7a402c3b9 - [parser] Code cleanup
  *  497f7165c - [nsl] Remaining missing castings
  *  09043806e - [nsl] Another missing casting
  *  d3bf3583f - [nsl] Add missing casting
  *  28dc15c90 - [parser] Fix bug in assign_variable and minor edits
  *  fcd01cdd9 - Minor edit
  *  5f73d5557 - [parser] Better debugging and minor improvements
  *  5cc05cf21 - Allow to change the background color for axis labels.
    Initial commit, the positioning of the fill rectangular with the
    backround color to be be fixed still.
  *  7fc691505 - Don't try to update spreadshets on spreadsheet settings
    changes if there is no project yet available.
  *  9db976f25 - Refactor ExpressionParser
  *  0caa1f9cf - [json] fixed the preview for json files and more usage
    of macros in JsonFilter::load().
  *  583bd43b6 - [import] adjested the failing ascii and json tests to
    the new logic for the auto-detection of datetime formats.
  *  a8199ee57 - Use default =operator in Range
  *  b4f44e1a1 - Add stepSize() to Range
  *  f8762d8fe - Minor editing
  *  cbf4bd2bb - Fix build
  *  0a1cb21da - Clean up and improve documentation in
  *  59534171c - Fixing the build.
  *  d01998bf6 - [live data] improved the error handling for MQTT data
  *  2e3f0889d - [live data] show the error messages in KMessageBox also
    for file/pipe sources.
  *  68785dc8e - Fix minor typo
  *  611c92dc2 - [live data] show the problems with connecting to the
    network socket in a message widget in the import dialog so the
    problem is directly clear and visible to the user.
  *  627616e8a - [live data] unified the naming convention for columns
    created for MQTT and network sockets, as well as the indexing in the
    index column.
  *  aec712ca2 - [spreadsheet] better auto-detection of datetime format
    for values pasted in the spreadsheet.
  *  bb0164d16 - Default ReadStat support disabled until needed
  *  0790ec77e - [live data] allow to add the timestamp column for all
    live sources, not only for MQTT.
  *  13d87ea0f - [3rdparty] Fix compilation for paths with spaces
  *  d281221bc - [cmake] Try fixing install path with spaces
  *  a3370d11f - [3rdparty] Build ReadStat if not available
  *  d938b9b47 - [cmake] Find ReadStat library
  *  30c1fc231 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  db6760584 - [cantor] 20.08 will not get the new interface
  *  4255438c9 - [cantor] 20.08.1 still uses old code & minor formating
  *  2ede3988a - Removed the Socrate data set collection. The URLs don't
    work anymore and the page is going offline soon.
  *  d8f896357 - Updated SLOC statistics for 2.8 and added new file

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 03 Oct 2020 01:23:01 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7657-7e27a6d4e-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 7e27a6d4e5e96bdc610b97e3753162ff816065f3
  * Date: 1599678357
  * git changelog:
  *  7e27a6d4e - [macOS] Fix selction of toolbar items
  *  cb55b075e - [import] use QFINDTESTDATA in all import tests.
  *  87b292a2b - [import] use QFINDDATA in json tests to find the test
  *  a5618b6f8 - [cantor] set the current path in the CAS-session to the
    path of the project file.
  *  f040e29b1 - Added some debug output to JsonFilterTest to understand
    the current test failures on CI.
  *  235ebeeab - Save and restore the status of the visible columns in
    the project explorer.
  *  2ef7c2c5d - [cantor] Show version in cmake
  *  ad2d74e7b - [cantor] Fix problem with version 20.08
  *  25d74faf3 - [fit] Save user specified eval range
  *  d7355422b - Fix using KCONFIGWIDGETS_VERSION
  *  995dd5377 - When notifying the user about wron file name entered in
    the text field (background picture for the worksheet background,
    etc.), we changed the background color of the LineEdit to red. This
    doesn't look nicely on windows and on mac. With this commit only the
    font color is set to red.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 12 Sep 2020 23:11:49 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7646-23ad5e48f-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 23ad5e48f3b91c2738f01407f674ed7bc8a6ac1c
  * Date: 1598270924
  * git changelog:
  *  23ad5e48f - [worksheet] added a safety check in
    AxisPrivate::upperLabelsPrecision() for the case when no tick labels
    are available. This avoids crashes with some project files during
    the project load. The reason for absent tick labels at this stage
    still to be understood.
  *  0365171e0 - [import] in the options widgets for the import from
    ASCII files and from SQL databases allow to save custom datetime
    formats specified by the user. Reported in BUG 425337.
  *  b2a685ec9 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  2df9703d2 - Save and show the last used SQL query for every
    connection in the database import dialow.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 28 Aug 2020 08:28:28 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7642-790960a8f-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 790960a8f9b336fad62a6e649e29a2c2d8a667b1
  * Date: 1597131691
  * git changelog:
  *  790960a8f - Removed the "show memory usage" from the settings
  *  d00c904ba - [worksheet] if we have double values for axis tick
    labels, we don't want to show them as integers, keep at least one
    float digit.
  *  947380736 - Moved the option to show or hide the memory usage from
    the application settings to the main menu "View".
  *  67978e765 - Save and restore the position of the dock widgets
    (project and properties explorers).
  *  d43360756 - Fix attribute name
  *  fcf1787c2 - [worksheet] improved the calculation of the plot ranges
    with auto-scale option active: 1. don't take the size of the error
    bar caps into account, the current algorithm is not complete and
    it's ok if we ignore the caps and plot them on top of the axes. 2.
    when calculating mi and max values of a curve, ignore the values in
    the error columns if the error type is NoError.
  *  85e083a2d - Removed the actions to toggle the properties and
    project explorers from the rc-file. This is done now manually in the
  *  c0a19b8be - [worksheet] properly handle asymmetric error bars for y-
  *  9c9d9b8c2 - Moved the actions to show/hide project and properties
    explorers to the main menu "View" and added also an action to
    show/hide the status bar.
  *  68b444118 - [import] minor improvements in the ImportFileWidget: 1.
    showing the content of the file can be expensive, show the wait
    cursor here. 2. clear the privous content of the model in
    JsonOptionsWidget when a new JSON file is loaded.
  *  f6819f91f - [json import] further fixes and optimizations: 1.
    create QJsonModel in JsonFilter when executing the tests since no
    model is available in this case. 2. use the already available full
    JSON document in the prepare step when the root element is selected,
    no need to re-create it again.
  *  95072f26d - minor fixes
  *  1df3dc04b - [json import] create the QJsonModel only once and use
    it in JsonFilter and in JsonOptionWidget to reduce the memory
  *  1661b51ff - [worksheet] don't draw the caps of the error bars when
    the length of the error bars itself is zero.
  *  dfa907867 - [worksheet] allow to choose a column in a workbook
    spreadsheet as a custom column for the position of axis ticks.
  *  677ef400d - [worksheet] fix the mouss press event in Axis. This
    fixes the regression with axis being not selectable via mouse click.
  *  670f5e959 - [fit] Check if chi is zero instead of chi^2 to avoid
    precision problems
  *  e37cefcd9 - [fit] Improve cases when chi^2 gets zero
  *  8ec710c68 - [axis] fix crash fitting data with zero y range
  *  790f9f06b - [fit] Improve Debugging and fix showing data x range
  *  c8683edd5 - [locale] Show actually used language in about dialog
    when changed in 'switch application language'
  *  6b6fb4a6a - [json import] further optimizations in QJsonModel.
  *  ca1780ec3 - [json import] performance optimizations in QJsonModel.
  *  178a44fad - [json import] use only comma and point characters
    instead of different languages for the decimal separator and added
    the missing changes from the previous commit that broke the build.
  *  52e42917c - [json import] avoid copying internal JSON structures
    where reading data or generating the preview. Much faster import.
  *  b1f0789a1 - [json import] take the number of lines for the preview
    specified by the user also for JSON files.
  *  cbd71a551 - [fit] Calculate and show correlation matrix
  *  65c9a8844 - [macOS] install datasets
  *  e07716b73 - Fix compilation with older Cantor installed
  *  59c78fa6e - No need to check for Cantor presence in
    CantorWorksheet.cpp. This is already done in CMakeListst.txt.
  *  ee32369c0 - Cleanup
  *  63ce7336c - Make Qt5SerialPort optional
  *  7b7d1f98c - Fix missing cantor message and missing QFile include
  *  33f454618 - [cantor] Set minimum version to 19.12
  *  58e973189 - [cas] properly set the python backend name when
    openning Cantor projects (native or Jupyter).
  *  f302ab617 - [worksheet] don't crash when a zero size for the image
    element was provided.
  *  3f6231251 - [cas] react on requests to show the panel for the
    integrated help in Cantor.
  *  54a190aad - Added missing signal-slot connection for changing the
    visibility in the analysis curves dock widgets.
  *  9544ffd5a - [locale] Only set automatic when default
  *  8ca10f860 - [cantor] header fixes
  *  506cbc4f5 - [cas] new signal-slot syntax in CantorWorksheetDock.
  *  da5f20635 - Added missing changes in CantorWorksheet.cpp.
  *  9a7207370 - [cas] adopted to the recent changes in Cantor where the
    panel plugin handler is not part of the KPart-component and needs to
    be created separately.
  *  e0ad3ee3c - [xycurve] Improve debugging
  *  103d81e87 - Fix typo
  *  6ec3fe8f6 - Avoid compiler warnings using newer Qt
  *  c5014a924 - Fix a few Qt 5.15 deprecation warnings
  *  dfb5bc832 - Allow to change the visibility of worksheet elements
    with the blank key.
  *  09f7ba9cd - [locale] simplify setting locale on filter
  *  29243f35f - Moved the common locale specific code in the filter
    classes to the base class.
  *  50141c1b7 - [spreadsheet] update the locale on locale setting
  *  3ace91b64 - Locale updates in Datapicker widgets.
  *  5e22cb8bd - [worksheet] further improvements in the handling of
    locale setting changes: 1. initialize the locale in the constructors
    of dock widgets and update it later on setting changes. No need to
    set the locale every time the the selection in the project explorer
    is happening - settings are changed less frequently than the
    selection in the project explorer.
  *  659eb2a8c - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  e91fd94b6 - [locale] fix generate equidistant values
  *  4dafee795 - [worksheet] drag the plot axis to change the visible
    data region.
  *  37eede8ec - [debug] clean up
  *  b20872ffa - [locale] more fixes in spreadsheet
  *  50059f9ee - Avoid plot range changes when making the plot invisible
    and visible again.
  *  5f168a585 - Avoid the selection change in the project explorer when
    making plots invisible.
  *  6a51387c8 - Properly update the locale in QLineEdit widgets in Plot
    and Axis properties widgets.
  *  3ace9550f - [locale] start using number locale in spreadsheet
  *  4d8b5e24d - [locale] avoid missing group separator of C locale and
    problems related
  *  1962d6727 - [settings] don't crash changing settings without a
  *  35061007b - Capital letters in the spreadsheet settings page and
    better TAB-ordering in the histogram properties widget.
  *  cb91006d6 - [worksheet] allow to zoom along the axis with the mouse
    wheel if the axis is under the mouse, no need to select it anymore.
  *  876a35001 - Automatically update locale dependent widgets in Axis,
    Curve and Label properties widgets on settings changes.
  *  50827d7b3 - Don't crash when copying the fit results.
  *  51b6b612f - Automatically update locale dependent widgets in
    Worksheet and Plot properties widgets on settings changes. Needs to
    be done similarly for all other properties widgets.
  *  65d9e0e04 - Update the spreadsheets on header settings changes
    directly without restarting the application.
  *  0ffcaa2c3 - fixuifiles
  *  3d752fb8e - Only save the settings in the different pages of the
    settings dialog if there were any changes done there.
  *  a98bdcae0 - Settings page for Spreadsheet to allow the user to
    modify the appearance of the spreadsheet header (show column type
    and plot designation or not).
  *  977489b91 - Removed the additional if-statement in
    SettingsGeneralPage::decimalSeparatorLocale() since this case is
    also handled later in the switch-case statement. This caused the
    selection "Comma" being not saved properly.
  *  802cbb532 - [locale] show arabic decimal separator
  *  2bb5ea08c - [locale] Improve number locale settings and usage
  *  b65f506aa - [locale] show current number locale in about dialog
  *  dc16327eb - [locale] Add automatic option for number locale
  *  6bd96bf50 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  7e2b89adf - [mac os] updated kdmactouchbar to a newer version to
    make the code compile with Qt 5.15.
  *  ee9c34666 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  a495f557c - [locale] Number locale in random values dialog
  *  fafa93f61 - [locale] Use number locale in most dialogs
  *  260ce708c - Switched from QMap to std::unordered_map in the
    calculation of the column statistics.
  *  40b12032a - Don't block the UI when showing the statics for big
    columns in the Statistics Dialog.
  *  a38645dac - [locale] Use number locale in double spin boxes of all
  *  5384d04fa - [locale] use number locale in more double spin boxes
  *  bf2efb37c - [locale] Use locale in spin boxes of cartesian plot box
  *  4098be089 - [locale] Use general decimal separator for axis tick
  *  0b8318301 - [locale] Number locale fixes
  *  1d3e2d428 - [locale] use number locale from settings
  *  c2ec5abdc - [locale] use number locale in axis dock
  *  4c541beb2 - [settings] Add decimal separator selection
  *  9da04c544 - Changed the order of "Export" and "Import" actions in
    the project toolbar to be more consistent with the order in the main
    menu and also with the order for "Open" and "Save" actions.
  *  a46f3fb96 - [about] Extend locale info
  *  bbcbf98ce - [sql import] fixed showing the data type in the preview
  *  49a001aac - [spreadsheet] instead of asking the user to provide the
    locale in the export dialog, ask explicitly for the decimal
    separator (point or comma).
  *  14fc2f1b8 - [spreadsheet] properly determin the last row to export
    if we export a spreadsheet with integer column(s).
  *  a2a6e9714 - [sql import] instead of asking the user to provide the
    locale, ask  explicitly for the decimal separator (point or comma).
  *  bf4e9fbc8 - [ascii import] instead of asking the user to provide
    the locale, ask explictely for the decimal separator (point or
  *  708a25d07 - [locale] matrix, etc. and analysis docks
  *  ef98d4d91 - Improved the wording for newly created objects in the
    plot data dialog.
  *  e0e46e862 - [locale] axis and histogram dock
  *  f9866b4e9 - [locale] fit dock and plot dock fixes
  *  928e7506c - [locale] Fix in fit parameter widget
  *  45309a1f4 - typo
  *  c6c8bc1c4 - GIT_SILENT changelog
  *  81f8b5fca - Fix locale of line edits in fit options widget and
    related improvements
  *  0b274be2f - [backend] Improve Range class
  *  4de64b345 - [plot] Fix using system locale in range line edits
  *  0617ab9e3 - [about] show system locale
  *  3f01893f8 - Better calculation of the fixed side of ThemesWidget.
  *  105908783 - [test] help MSVC to deduce correct type
  *  39b896c5e - CID 202495
  *  4f2ff300e - Range.h
  *  4c0119f2b - Add Range class and use in fit
  *  7151383b6 - [coverity] CID: 211328, 211326, 21330.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 15 Aug 2020 22:41:39 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7525-d0b0eaa46-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: d0b0eaa466e21a26167e40ff8641955ab281b657
  * Date: 1593759478
  * git changelog:
  *  d0b0eaa46 - [worksheet] implemented a better logic to handle the
    selection and deselection of items in the worksheet view when
    objects are set to visible or unvisible in the properties widget.
  *  6e74ec553 - [fit] handle zero eval range
  *  fd33b51ff - [fit] avoid error message when progress in below
    machine precision (perfect parameter fit)
  *  902e55b26 - [fit] avoid error when fitting with all parameter fixed
  *  a29d0e76e - [fit] Fix naming in result display
  *  8427b89af - Add build timestamp in about dialog
  *  28b16ef3d - [worksheet] fixed the loading of the default colors for
    the text label.
  *  866ff0c7b - [tests] fix NSL tests for percentile smoothing
  *  e7fa6088a - [tests] Add percentile smooth test
  *  eaf1bd51f - [Smooth] switch to method 7 as default to be consistent
    with median smoothing
  *  ee99aec3b - [worksheet] when changing the visibility of the axis,
    also change it for the grid item.
  *  20f534417 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  1264d1d7c - [worksheet] always draw the plot legend on top of other
    plot objects.
  *  a0e9a69e2 - doc: remove CLI chapter from user documentation
  *  dfdb60b76 - doc: remove download/build instructions
  *  2b12b7900 - When creating a new worksheet with many plots in the
    plot data dialog it can happen the place available for the data in
    the plot is small and the result created here doesn't look nice. To
    avoid this and as a quick a dirty workaround, we increase the size
    of the worksheet so the plots have a certain minimal size.
  *  d23ea2945 - [worksheet] save the layout type as part of the
  *  4402d2e0d - [worksheet] properly reset the container for the
    visible curve points when doing retransform.
  *  bd533e95b - In the preview widget for themes in the settings dialog
    allow to show multiple theme icons in a row to better use the
    available space. Limit to one column in the preview for the theme
    widgets shown in context menus only.
  *  8f99e4b70 - Properly reset to the default worksheet theme in the
    settings dialog.
  *  871aa1034 - Properly load the last opened project if this option is
  *  5e2d23474 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  c1d9fa350 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  68630e3b5 - Improved the determination of the unique name for
    aspects. This should also fix the failing tests.
  *  6859a72c4 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  6428f85f3 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  5cb99b0b6 - [fit] fix regression loading fit results
  *  528ae4627 - [cmake] remove duplicate line
  *  f9923ccd0 - Add system info to about dialog
  *  cc7842ab7 - Add "Changed" to  the title bar already after the very
    first change.
  *  3360ba161 - Introduce an option to determine what should be shown
    in the title bar - file path, file name or project name.
    Furthermore, fixed the regression with the window mode being not
    applied after the settings were changed.
  *  9e557c33b - [xycurve] code cleanup
  *  f0ce69177 - When determining the unique name for the newly added
    aspect, ignore the digit characters in the names of other children
    names that are part of the original name. Look for the combination
    of space+digit that is added to the names to ensure the uniquness.
  *  b1d9ea19e - Properly reset to the default values in the settings
  *  36a3606cc - [worksheet] added missing double validators in the text
    fields for plot ranges in the plot properties widget.
  *  4687f849d - [xycurve] further code improvements
  *  5b5e65994 - [xycurve] fix previous commit
  *  56b38cb5b - [fit] show warning/errors only after recalculate was
  *  68f522ffc - [xycurve] Improve plotting for many data points
  *  60073a536 - [xycurve] more code improvements
  *  b7ee403dd - [xycurve] code improvements
  *  370c15d65 - [fit] close the message widget showing the message from
    the previous fit if the current fit was successful.
  *  20cef2e85 - [fit] show fit warnings and errors more prominently in
    a message widget.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 03 Jul 2020 10:43:27 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7481-1a47853a6-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 1a47853a678dadd68f8f634c2fcb2e1c23562e2e
  * Date: 1592657844
  * git changelog:
  *  1a47853a6 - [histrogram] improved the handling in the histogram
    properties widget for text field where numeric values are entered.
  *  3b782adb6 - [cartesian] simplify code
  *  438b50a42 - Improve using basic math functions
  *  874938891 - Improved the handling of the focus in the project
  *  56a05bf58 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  65b74da26 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  507b1614a - [xycurve] code style
  *  b6502d30c - [histogram] fixed setting the auto bin range option and
    the update of the bin ranges in the properties widget.
  *  259eb5ca8 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  2e4b2a41d - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  ec044d25b - [histogram] fixed the positioning of the drop lines
    also for the horizontal orientation.
  *  5fa71f84d - [histogram] fixed the positioning of the drop lines.
  *  5305e0d1d - [spreadsheet test] improve code style
  *  2ab788c3d - [fit] CI is the same for all parameter
  *  865e2f764 - [spreadsheet] deactivated the shortcut INS for the
    action "insert row below" since it's colliding with the logic in the
    event filter to handle the addition of new columns.
  *  687bc8829 - [xycurve] minor improvements in plotting
  *  e87621eb0 - [histogram] react on mouse press and hover events only
    if the actual shape of the histogram is intersected and not its
    bounding rectangular.
  *  08695d8c5 - [spreadsheet] resize the newly added columns to fit the
  *  5ba663ffe - [spreadsheet] resize header sections to fit the content
    if column names or plot designation was changed.
  *  57200bb33 - [worksheet] improved the wording for some actions in
    the worksheet and plot toolbars to save space in case the text is
    shown alongside the icons.
  *  71a26f74c - [histogram] improved the algorithms for the calculation
    of the filling polygon for zoomed histograms. This should fix all
    glitches with the polygon not being calculated/closed correctly when
    the user zooms or moves the histogram.
  *  3450562e1 - [xycurve] code style and avoid rounding problems
  *  ecc31cb0c - [fit] more digits for confidence interval
  *  ad9925fc8 - [spreadsheet] deactivated "fill selection with" actions
    in the context menu - this feature is not complete and doesn't fit
    to our current column-based workflows.
  *  b59bdeb4a - [spreadsheet] faster clearing of the cell content if
    the whole column is selected - clear the column directly instead of
    iterating over the row values.
  *  830474556 - [spreadsheet] minor improvements and debugging
  *  afbb10a7b - [coverity] CID 202495.
  *  7244fbeb6 - [coverity] CID 185453.
  *  6bf6c66a1 - Added missing null-pointer member initializations.
  *  244ea3ce0 - Re-set the focus in the project explorer after an
    object was selected there (focus is set to the properties widget
    after this) so we can react of key events.
  *  0b0ebfc6f - [histogram] don't crash if the min value of the bin
    range is bigger or equal to the max value.
  *  18ef3df12 - [spreadsheet] allow to add a new column by pressing INS
    key if a column is currently selected in the spreadsheet.
  *  07d2d2c53 - [fit] fix model selection for context fitting
  *  3b6c4e8d0 - [fit] use double value for confidence interval
  *  626c3d965 - More deprecated warnings fixed
  *  c590e659e - QFlags::Zero is deprecated in Qt 5.15.0, use default
  *  c6340685e - [spreadsheet] deactivate the "Clear masks" action for
    the spreadsheet if there are no masked cells in the spreadsheet.
  *  659192327 - Don't show any scrollbars in the plot data dialog if
    one single column was selected for the histogram.
  *  d073c3ed5 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  47473da88 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  c5040a4e1 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  43a960873 - [spreadsheet] when using "go to cell" use one single
    dialog to provide the coordinates instead of two input dialogs.
  *  774145d68 - [spreadsheet] minor wording improvements for the
    actions in the spreadsheet context menu.
  *  712a8f819 - [spreadsheet] fixed the log10 power transformation.
  *  477aff269 - [spreadsheet] INSERT key shortcut to add a new row
    below the current row.
  *  474ea2d98 - [fit test] Fix F value accuracy
  *  92a54da3a - [fit] Correct F test and fit tests
  *  c065ae7e4 - [fit] Fix F test
  *  12c4a945b - GIT_SILENT typo
  *  84dcfb827 - Update all available template handlers in all
    properties widgets when changing the tool button style (icon only,
    text only, etc.).
  *  52f2d02a9 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  a2afe5186 - [spreadsheet] don't crash if columns of different
    column modes were selected and the mode is changed. Don't allow such
    changes at all if columns of different modes are selected.
  *  ef58d455a - static casts in connect can be replaced with QOverload
  *  2c7a440f9 - [fit] Add configurable confidence interval
  *  851ab78d1 - Implemented context menu in the tempate handle to
    change the position of the text on the tool buttons (icon only, text
    only, etc.).
  *  3b547749b - [fit] split confidence interval in result table
  *  e83141a19 - [fit] CTRL+C copies only the last cell in the selection
    in the result tables. We want to copy the whole selection. Install
    event filters to handle CTRL+C key events properly.
  *  6c7f5af9b - [fit] when copying the results to the clipboard, copy
    the header of the parameters table if we copy everything in this

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 20 Jun 2020 17:55:29 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7422-54febcd61-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 54febcd61d34754bf5f13a6f67540315a4457731
  * Date: 1591391435
  * git changelog:
  *  54febcd61 - [fit] fixed copying of the fit results to the
  *  5bce29d58 - [spreadsheet] deactivated "normalize selection"
    functionality. It's not complete and not useful.
  *  d2c5de528 - Properly handle the derived XYAnalysisCurve classes in
  *  bd3e89ff2 - [MQTT] minor fixes
  *  acf8dec6a - Avoid warning in release build
  *  c8d67282d - XYCurve enum part 2
  *  42b7d0de1 - Properly invalidate and calculate the column statistics
    if masking was changed.
  *  4444186b6 - XYCurve enum
  *  59feaebe5 - [analysis] in the comboboxes for curve data sources
    allow to select analysis curves as data sources for analysis curves
    (e.g. to do a smooth of a smooth, etc.).
  *  add5dfcfe - More enum changes
  *  2a809f18a - CartesianPlot enum
  *  8564b049b - [fit] improve loading from project
  *  7b87cf22a - PlotDataDialog::PlotType
  *  f2281a98d - Fix usage of Orientation enum
  *  35ccdaa32 - Axis enums
  *  423c6edbf - Axis enum class
  *  c749a63f7 - Use Qt::Orientation
  *  cd148ff1a - Fix previous commit
  *  e011e6d48 - Fix compiling
  *  387c4632e - [spreasheet] simplified the logic in ColumnDock for the
    handling of format widgets for different column modes. The code is
    more closer now to a similar logic in XYCurveDock or value labels
    format. This change also allows to change the datetime format in the
    combo box directly by modifying the text and wihout hitting RETURN.
  *  d126301ca - Add missing member
  *  ac2de9f12 - Avoid infinite resize event FitParametersWidget.
  *  f13e5ec4e - [spreadsheet] avoid unwanted changes in Column during
    the initialization in ColumnDock.
  *  2e55d7c82 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  0ece9ed83 - WorksheetView and DatapickerImage View enum class
  *  d5e9b4ab2 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  0fe338755 - GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)
  *  da061daa9 - [fit dock] Minor ui changes
  *  2dec19032 - [fit] use two columns only for the goodness of the fit
    to save place in the properties widget.
  *  55d722032 - [worksheet] new signal-slot syntax in
  *  0e3d593b4 - Fixed the broken layout in CartesianPlotDock that make
    the properties explorer expanding to big sizes.
  *  7a36e74ea - [fit] similar to the previous commit, also fix the
    minimum size of the table in FitsParameterWidget.
  *  f461683f5 - [fit] in the fit parameters widget show the vertrical
    scrollbar if we have more than 5 rows and limit the max size to 5
  *  73e13ecd6 - [fit] propertly calculate the size of the table widget
    FitParametersWidget on size changes.
  *  705dd0921 - [worksheet] fixed the reset to the default theme for
    axis line properties.
  *  66708dde1 - [worksheet] fixes in CartesianPlotLegend: 1. fixed the
    save/load of border corner radius property 2. fixed the reset to the
    default theme 3. more usage of macros in load() from xml.
  *  8b968210d - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  e3d6d29d8 - WorksheetView enum class
  *  bc74d004c - Use Qt enum
  *  056d7d258 - Several enum class changes
  *  591da9cb1 - In the fit parametes widget set the size of the table
    to the minimum possible.
  *  dc9d1a03d - In the properties explorer hide widgets for line
    properties that are not relevant for analysis curves.
  *  f1e8a0f48 - use QRandomGenerator in Qt >= 5.10
  *  42afb20ae - [spreadsheet] improve sorting single columns and add
    tests for it
  *  f878fd9f7 - SVN_SILENT made messages (.desktop file) - always
    resolve ours
  *  dfab0c88a - [worksheet] fixed the usage of the enum Qt::Orientation
    and react on text changes and not on return press in
  *  de1d49c06 - [tests] use portable qrand()
  *  4ceed9ab4 - [tests] fix unknown random()
  *  b58c479e6 - [spreadsheet] improve sorting speed and add performance
  *  c18044571 - [worksheet] better initial values for the axis grid
    settings and simplified logic to initialize the default plot types.
    This also fixes the problem with the reset to the default theme and
    the grid lines not taking the proper properties.
  *  a613935b6 - CartesianPlot enum class
  *  647e0d694 - [worksheet] introduced the property "default" for axes.
    This property will be used in the code to decide whether we have one
    of the default axes created when a plot is created or one of the
    axes manually added by the user.
  *  838f4ae7f - [spreadsheet] added "cube" to Tukey's power ladders and
    reversed the order of action in the menu for power transformations.
  *  72098539b - [fit dock] enable horizontal stretch of last section
  *  a9c188c39 - [fit dock] improve expanding goodness table
  *  264ffecde - [spreadsheet] implemented Tukey's ladder of powers
    tranformation in the spreadsheet.
  *  c612e6c4b - [worksheet] layout improvements in xy fit properties
  *  cce12a35c - When switching between the different properties
    widgets, scroll up to the top so the user always sees the settings
    of the currently selected widget.
  *  b10d94bca - [workshete] don't use the backing store image of the
    plot when exporting to a file, draw directly with the painter. This
    fixes the problem with non-rasterized results when doing the export
    to vector graphics formats SVG and PDF.
  *  a6345d02d - CartesianPlot enum fixes
  *  8e04ced0b - XYAnalysisCurve enum class
  *  15076e2f1 - XYInterpolationCurve enum class
  *  a7cffd520 - Replace enum with Qt::Orientation
  *  8a82787dd - [worksheet] properly handle the position wrapper when
    changing properties of multiple selected labels in one step. Modify
    only the relevant part of the wrapper for every single label.
  *  8e916498d - Fixed couple of minor inconsistency issues in UI.
  *  f4db60212 - [tests] add datetime sorting in spreadsheet
  *  db22aa755 - Minor layout fix in LabelWidget.
  *  acfdf0601 - Drag&drop of workbook children in the project explorer
    doesn't work at the moment. Disalow this for now.
  *  f013c1207 - [spreadsheet] Improve sorting with empty/invalid values
  *  9035ded8c - [worksheet] show the line styles in the combo box for
    the plot cursor line.
  *  353210d87 - [spreadsheet] fix corner cases when sorting
  *  2afd14590 - GIT_SILENT Extend code style
  *  7f70be34a - Fix composing file paths for Windows
  *  a294abc2d - Minor improvements in dock widgets.
  *  520c8ad14 - [spreadsheet] use Count instead of Size in the
    statistics dialog to be more consistent with the usage of this word
    in other places in the spreadsheet.
  *  cd76287f5 - [worksheet] show the properties explorer by double-
    clicking on a worksheet element if it's not shown currently.
  *  5ca176ec7 - [test] sorting spreadsheet columns
  *  5d2395328 - Typo
  *  16927a0a8 - [windows] fix saving LastOpenDir
  *  70d23f7da - Improved the logic in the plot data dialog to set the
    current object in the project explorer after the curves are created:
    * if more than two curves are produced, select the parent plot of
    the last added curve in the project explorer * if a custom fit is
    being done, select the last created fit curve independent of the
    number of created curves
  *  940e70397 - [fit] consistent submenu name
  *  c62027e92 - Symbol and CoordinateSystem enums
  *  f36ee3251 - Root filter enums
  *  229b87c5a - Fix test for previous commit
  *  1fd9a27a6 - enum class in AbstractFileFilter
  *  c1bab50c2 - [spreadsheet] improve export path
  *  9dbc2ba19 - [spreadsheet] when updating the column data defined via
    a formula, avoid circular dependencies. The current column cannot be
    part of the variable columns.
  *  498332907 - Filter enum class changes
  *  5b097ecf1 - Debugging and minor fixes
  *  03d2b0df5 - [spreadsheet] when loading Column, read the autoUpdate
    attribute only if available. Older project files created with <2.8
    don't have it.
  *  b77086596 - [enum class] PlotArea.h

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sat, 06 Jun 2020 10:12:59 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7327-49e131d54-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 49e131d5427e199328b2c906dacd220f189a0145
  * Date: 1590347643
  * git changelog:
  *  49e131d54 - [spreadsheet] use smart pointer when sorting
  *  2bc4a27d5 - [spreasheet] improve sorting
  *  3523e3bb3 - [spreadsheet] add a new row when hitting RETURN in the
    current last row in the spreadsheet.
  *  6841add18 - [spreadsheet] fix copy-paste bug
  *  99b834a71 - [spreadsheet]  use KConfig instead of KConfigShared in
    Spreadsheet::init(). The later seems to require the restart for new
    values to become re-read and active.
  *  9b8457d7c - Allow to delete objects in the project exlorer via the
    DEL key.
  *  ad1905ca2 - [worksheet] re-added the null-pointer check in
    CartesianPlot::childAdded() that was removed in
  *  c9555e6fb - [fit] use default precision for R^2 and R_adj^2
  *  fd6e8c49c - [fit] improved start parameter A for gaussian and
  *  ac864f940 - [worksheet] 1. consistently apply the theme settigs
    also for for histogram filling and for the color of curve values
    labels. 2. simplified the logic for applying the theme settings for
    newly added objects in the plot.
  *  f639a7ebd - merge clean up
  *  ff6b9d9d7 - More enum class clean up
  *  0f7e9f5c1 - Fix build with MQTT enabled
  *  c2c8e8611 - Fix build with MQTT enabled
  *  89e8ac3aa - [worksheet] theme reset in Histogram.
  *  354912b30 - Minor layout improvements in "drop values" and "random
    values" dialogs.
  *  1f77f8ee0 - Fixing the build with MQTT enabled.
  *  a2923a2e8 - More enum class clean up
  *  3b46c5c7e - [worksheet] properly handle the numeric and datetime
    formats in case a custom column is used for value labels in xy-curve
    and in histogram.
  *  2162dccdf - enum class TextLabel::Type and TextLabel::BorderShape
  *  ac893c932 - [histogram] properly show/hide the values format
    related widgets in the histogram properties dock widget.
  *  4755fad08 - enum class Matrix::HeaderFormat
  *  006718f65 - Fix the build with MQTT enabled.
  *  5b215ba7b - enum class WorksheetPrivate::TreeModelColumn
  *  a45d9c2f5 - enum class SpreadsheetModel::CustomDataRole
  *  accfd8d76 - enum class PluginLoader::PluginStatus
  *  1cdb8a677 - Fix tests for previous commit
  *  61778c21d - enum class AbstractColumn::ColumnMode
  *  4676a801b - [xycurve] improve basic math functions
  *  cebf657ad - enum class AbstractColumn::Properties
  *  183875fcd - [worksheet] don't crash when changing the values type
    in XYCurve with no data source columns set yet.
  *  26e8a2c39 - [spreadsheet] properly update the widgets in the column
    dock related to the column mode (precision, etc.) on column mode
  *  6da9a5a03 - minor change
  *  020316cd1 - Added the entry "All supported files" to the open file
    dialog and remember the last selected filter in this dialog.
  *  39899b9a4 - [fit] fix setting model degree limits when using a
    curve as data source
  *  2a320c7c7 - [worksheet] allow to change the position/order of plots
    also for worksheets having an active layout.
  *  7abb6852b - [histogram] allow to use smooth rough data as the
    source for the histogram.
  *  a1f24278e - Simplified the logic for handling the key events in
    Matrix and Spreadsheet views - handle the key events directly
    instead of registering/unregistering shortcuts. This also solve the
    problem with spreadsheet and matrix not reacting on delete/backspace
    keys when being child of a workbook.
  *  c56626e65 - [fit] limit degree for Fourier fit depending on
    available data points
  *  2ad85a971 - [analysis] Simplify getting valid data
  *  478d31545 - [fit] simplify getting available data
  *  f9e3ba394 - * add availableRowCount() for Column to get number of
    valid and non-masked rows * [fit] limit polynomial order (degree) by
    number of available data points
  *  ee0180832 - [fit] Fix problem with manual specified zero evaluation
  *  c6ebba63d - Allow to delete the selected cells in spreadsheet and
    in matrix via the backspace key.
  *  463857700 - [worksheet] theme reset in XYCurve and Axis.
  *  980d997fb - [fit] Fix switching between different fits
  *  8855deeeb - [fit] Fix parameter detection for custom model
  *  67d8739ed - [worksheet] simplified the handling of theme properties
    in worksheet and plot area.
  *  e46788bc9 - [worksheet] selection of the theme "Default" should
    really reset the properties to the default ones. Implemented this
    logic for worksheet and plot area. This also needs to be done for
    all other children of the plot now.
  *  4e9e3c2de - [analysis] data reduction with DateTime x-data.
  *  c21921221 - Fix build with JSON test
  *  4ab5ac2bd - Fixed the build with enabled MQTT.
  *  e750af0fd - enum class PlotDesignation
  *  48b196fc3 - enum -> enum class
  *  d5d4e2e5a - [spreadsheet] when doing the revers of values in the
    column, determine the last row containing a valid value and ignore
    all following rows. This works for numeric columns only at the
  *  24a5903c9 - [spreadsheet] reverse values also for integer and big
    integer columns.
  *  0956aa359 - [spreasheet] when selecting a column in the
    spreadsheet, properly deselect all its parents to avoid multiple
    selection in the project explorer.
  *  b8b747852 - GIT_SILENT coding style
  *  90a75f559 - use strongly typed enum
  *  1fd02d495 - [spreadsheet] properly drop/mask values also for
    integer and big integer columns.
  *  598bad414 - Update Generic Name (T12810)
  *  b8d47623f - GIT_SILENT minor change
  *  67ae94229 - Use enum with switch-case instead of int if-else
    comparisons in DropValuesDialog and proper padding for the class
  *  6ea5b06d0 - [worksheet] improved the handling of the offset for
    axis tick labels (absolute distance to the axis line + tick length).
  *  89a96dcd8 - [fit] Fix crash when fit fails
  *  931569ecc - [analysis] properly initialize the pointer to the rough
    data vector in XYSoothCurve so we don't crash when recalculating the
    already saved smooth and rough data.
  *  16a7a31c9 - [worksheet] added additional handling for export of
    worksheet to png.
  *  e2b58e66b - Fix the windows build.
  *  3d3cc78b7 - [spreadsheet] minor fixes in DropValuesDialog: 1. fixed
    the wording 2. save and load the last used operator and properly
    show the relevant widgets on dialog open.
  *  c973b7449 - Minor layout fix in XYSmoothCurveDock.
  *  f8a6dc9c0 - [analysis] calculate and expose the rough values as the
    result of a smooth (data = smooth + rough).
  *  3eab84d65 - In PlotDataDialog call CartesianPlot::dataChanged()
    instead of CartesianPlot::scaleAuto() to cope with cases where the
    min and max values of the new curves to be added are equal to the
    current plot ranges, otherwise no curve retransform is called and
    the curves are not shown.
  *  ad7fbeebb - Don't allow to click the Ok-button and to close the
    export dialogs if the specified directory is not existing.
  *  85764f236 - Fix previous commit: no isnan for integer; they are
    always valid
  *  b59699f82 - [smooth] Fix maximum number of points for datetime data
  *  5ce3f2d80 - [spreadsheet] notify the user if wrong export path was
    provided in the export dialog.
  *  1234717a8 - Fix compilation
  *  1eac5e149 - [spreadsheet] show the trimian also in the statistics

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Sun, 24 May 2020 23:21:44 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7248-f77924bf6-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: f77924bf69b01be955be359b4f7ff731b5a75729
  * Date: 1589320003
  * git changelog:
  *  f77924bf6 - Fix compilation with clang
  *  d0d28faaa - [column] Calculate pow() more efficiently
  *  512a90a17 - [spreadsheet] fixed the normalization of the standard
    deviation and added Turkey's trimean to the column statistics.
  *  c51999644 - [spreadsheet] properly invalidate the column statistics
    and other properties when data changes are undone/redone.
  *  f330cfc85 - Revert "[spreadsheet] removed unneeded header refreshes
    in SpreadsheetView as"
  *  2d2e33409 - [windows] try to fix color-scheme installation
  *  35e312546 - [analysis] improved the layout for padding values in
  *  34c17d91c - [spreadsheet] added the missing "Rescale to [a,b]"
    normalization method in the context menu again.

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Wed, 13 May 2020 19:35:08 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7240-1688a5424-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile
  * URL:
  * Branch: master
  * Commit: 1688a54244eaba15c59626036f8f274e657a6f22
  * Date: 1589182059

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Mon, 11 May 2020 12:56:05 +0300

labplot (2.7.0+git7188-6a547031c-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Compile

 -- Alexander Pozdnyakov <censored>  Fri, 01 May 2020 15:38:52 +0300

labplot (2.7.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 4.4.1, no changes required.
  * Add the configuration for the CI on salsa.
  * Add the libkf5kio-dev build dependency for the new upstream version.
  * Bump the debhelper compatibility to 12:
    - switch the debhelper build dependency to debhelper-compat 12
    - remove debian/compat

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Mon, 28 Oct 2019 07:54:36 +0100

labplot (2.6.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Update the build dependencies according to the upstream build system:
    - bump qtbase5-dev to >= 5.6.0
    - add libkf5crash-dev, libkf5parts-dev, libkf5service-dev, zlib1g-dev, and
    - remove libkf5kdelibs4support-dev, and libkf5kio-dev
  * Update install files.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 4.4.0, no changes required.
  * Update copyright.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Thu, 11 Jul 2019 06:21:34 +0200

labplot (2.5.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Make the testsuite non-fatal, since at least one of the tests fails on
    almost all the architectures different than amd64.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Sat, 23 Jun 2018 19:18:33 +0200

labplot (2.5.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Switch Vcs-* fields to
  * Bump the debhelper compatibility to 11:
    - bump the debhelper build dependency to 11~
    - bump compat to 11
    - remove --parallel for dh, as now done by default
  * Switch from dh_install to dh_missing for --fail-missing.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 4.1.4, no changes required.
  * Update watch file, no more "-kf5" variant is needed (it is the only one).
  * Update the build dependencies according to the upstream build system:
    - add libqt5serialport5-dev, libkf5syntaxhighlighting-dev, bison, and
    - bump cmake to >= 3.2.0
    - bump the KF5 build dependencies to >= 5.16.0
  * Make sure the test suite can run:
    - add the xauth, and xvfb build dependencies
    - run dh_auto_test using xvfb-run
  * Ship the upstream examples.
  * Update copyright.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Sat, 23 Jun 2018 09:59:56 +0200

labplot (2.4.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
  * Update the build dependencies:
    - bump cmake to 3.2.0
    - explicitly add more frameworks packages: libkf5completion-dev,
      libkf5config-dev, libkf5configwidgets-dev, libkf5coreaddons-dev,
      libkf5doctools-dev, libkf5iconthemes-dev, libkf5newstuff-dev,
      and libkf5textwidgets-dev
    - add libcfitsio-dev, for new features
    - explicitly add gettext, and pkg-config
  * Update the patches:
    - upstream_cmake-do-not-hardcode-libdir-for-hdf5.patch: drop, fixed
  * Update install files.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Sun, 18 Jun 2017 09:04:00 +0200

labplot (2.3.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Backport upstream commit 3b69133fcf5a62f46d33a1e3adc8e44c854517d7 to fix
    the HDF5 detection on architecture different than amd64; patch
  * Add the libhdf5-dev build dependency, explicit and which should now work
    fine on any architecture.
  * Replace the deprecated kio-dev build dependency with libkf5kio-dev.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Sun, 02 Oct 2016 12:18:23 +0200

labplot (2.3.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release:
    - fix build with newer libstdc++ (Closes: #830454)
  * Update Vcs-* fields.
  * Update the patches:
    - upstream_Include-cmath-for-std-isfinite.patch: drop, backported from
  * Add the libfftw3-dev build dependency, used by the new version.
  * Update copyright.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Tue, 26 Jul 2016 07:27:31 +0200

labplot (2.2.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Re-add back to Debian.
  * Backport upstream commit e3b55c7f8ff492e2db27794af53a8ad36fcc3c79 to fix
    build; patch upstream_Include-cmath-for-std-isfinite.patch.

 -- Pino Toscano <censored>  Sat, 21 May 2016 07:51:45 +0200